Nov 02, 2021
Cat and Mouse

Cat and Mouse

Will June take the bait??

It was a new beginning, a fresh start, a blank canvas so to speak. After working several dead end jobs that resulted in many late nights in bars and pubs I felt like I've found the one that will turn my life around. This personal assistant position pays three times what I was making as a secretary for a law firm that I worked at for two years. When the recruiter called me up to offer me the position she told me what the pay was and I nearly choked on my bagel and schmear. My kitten heels clicked me back into the present like a sweet staccato against the wet pavement of yet another dreary Monday. My cheeks bloomed from anticipation for my first day but also because of the chilly wind biting away at the warmth of my bundled body. I quickly found myself tapping down the winding alleyways leading to the main street where the high rise behemoth of a building sits as a beacon of steel, glass, and hope.

I waltzed through one of the reflective double doors right up to security with a bubbly expression on my face.

“Hi I'm June Jenkins, it's my first day and–” the security guard held his weathered hand up and looked at me with droopy eyes.

“For Mr. Murphy, right?” he looked at me like I was a puppy who had been abandoned on the side of the road. I nodded slowly trying to keep my plastered smile as genuine as possible.

“Floor one hundred and twenty one, ask for Monica.” he paused, “And good luck, honey.”

Good luck? I thought to myself hoping that this wasn't a huge mistake. I hadn't met my boss yet but the gal from HR did tell me he had been through quite a few assistants. I held my breath as I paced to the elevator reminding myself that I needed the money. I punched the button marked '121' and exhaled loudly after it lit up and the doors closed. A few people came and left on my ascent to one of the top floors and my stomach lurched at every stop. In this moment I realized how much I hate elevators, I especially hated the thought of being over one hundred stories up in the air suspended by a few cables. 

The doors slid open to my floor and I finally felt like I could breathe again. I stepped out onto the white and grey marble and walked briskly up to the front desk. 

“Hi can I help you?” the young front desk secretary looked up expectantly at me under her impossibly long eyelashes.

“Yes-” I cleared my throat and smiled broadly, “Yes I'm June, they told me to ask for Monica when I got up here.”

“Oh!” she sputtered as a look of realization passed over her face and then a look of sympathy before returning back to her polite and professional expression.

“Yes we've been expecting you. Monica's office is just right around this corner let me take you.” She stood up and walked in front of me swaying her hips in a way that made the zipper on her lower back dance with delight. I averted my eyes toward a huge floor to ceiling glass office with a man in suspenders screaming into his phone. He slammed down the receiver and threw a bundle of papers against the wall creating a shower of documents behind his dark mahogany desk.

The secretary stopped and turned to me flashing a sad smile as she ushered me into a small office where a thin almost ghost-like woman sat perched behind a computer monitor.

“Have a seat wont you please, Miss Jenkins?” her eyebrow cocked above her cherry red pointed reading glasses. She started making a small pile of different documents, grabbed a pen, and slid them in front of me.

“This is your employee handbook and general guidelines of what we expect from you as an employee at Murphy Incorporated. Also since you'll be the CEO's personal assistant you must sign an NDA before you can begin, will that be okay?” I nodded and began skimming over the documents.

“Mr. Murphy expects you to be here every morning by 8:00 a.m. sharp with his specific coffee order from Einstein's Bagels just down the street,” she handed me a post it note with instructions and looked up at me over her glasses, “it is very important that you start the day right because Mr. Murphy can be much harder to work for when he's in a bad mood.”

“I understand, 8-o-clock sharp.” I accentuated the 'p' at the end to let her know I was paying attention. I took a moment to glance over the main bullet points and initialed by each X and signed over the dotted line at the end. We stood up, shook hands, and began heading out of her office towards the ill-tempered man who was having a fit earlier. I could feel a lump in my throat that I couldn't swallow as we neared the glass room. He ran his hand through his dark brown tousled hair and turned to face us as Monica opened the door. 

My mouth ran dry and panic began bubbling up in my stomach making me feel sick. I don't know if it was the familiar cologne that filled the room or his ice blue eyes that burned for me two weeks ago but the realization of who this man, my new boss, was hit me like a semi going two hundred miles per hour with no breaks. I couldn't form any words and my brain was telling me to run and never look back but my legs were jelly and my feet were glued to the floor. 

“Miss Jenkins I see you are already slacking since I still don't have my coffee. What a terrible first impression you're making.” He snapped at me as I tried to find words, any words, to respond to this man but all I could think about was that one night last month when I took him home to my studio. Stripping out of our stale clothes in a flurry as if our lives depended on it. His skin on my skin as sweat formed a slippery sheen between us. The way he rolled my name off his tongue like it was the finest wine he had ever tasted while he licked and kissed my slick folds for the first time. A scarlet blush threatened to creep its way up my neck and through my pale cheeks. 

He has to remember.. I opened my mouth to speak but was interrupted by the door closing loudly behind me. 

“Jesus Christ Jackson aren't you a fucking gentleman.” A short, lean man with blonde hair and stubble to match strode in and slapped a to-go cup down on Jackson's desk with a smirk planted on his lips. He shook his head and turned to face me with his hand outstretched. I instinctively shook it and smiled politely at him hoping to escape the realization I just made. 

 “I'm Mike Murphy,” he smiled at me making the freckles around his eyes dance as if they were greeting me too, “don't mind Jackson, he wasn't hugged enough as a child.”

Jackson rolled his eyes and snorted, “Michael, don't you have some intern, or anything with a pulse really, to grace with your company?” I watched his mouth as he spoke remembering how smooth and strong they felt between my thighs and over my nipples. The way his teeth teased me until I begged for him to fuck me. I begged him to have his way with me after only a few minutes of him breathing hot air on my prickled skin while he lazily licked me into a fever. I cleared my throat and he looked at me with the fire from our first encounter and the apex between my thighs shuddered.

“Why are you still here Miss Jenkins?” Jackson spat out my name like it was bitter to the taste, “Go pick up my paperwork from floor one hundred.” I narrowed my eyes at him knowing he must remember me and gulped. “Yes sir,” I said in the most sickly sweet tone I could muster “I'll be right back.” and with that I left.

My body finally gave my brain what it wanted: flight. I made my way through the rows of cubicles thinking about his hard cock pressed so deep inside me I could almost feel it in my lungs now. The way he filled me up and pulled out leaving me emptier than I was before, like I needed his dick to be inside me to live a fuller life. The way he tasted on my tongue when I sucked him off – salty and sweet and earthy, oh my.

I can't be doing this! He's my BOSS! I screamed at myself internally trying to push out the memory of our fantastic “sex-capade” and remain professional so I can keep the pooling in my panties to a minimum. I reached the elevator and stepped inside leaning my back against the cold metal walls and I closed my eyes.

I breathed in and out clearing my thoughts trying to only think of the glorious paycheck that awaited me at the end of this corporate tunnel. The doors closed and then reopened only for me to find tall, dark, and brooding standing over me like a shadow you wanted to shine a light on. 

“I thought I might show you how to work a printer since you seemed distracted earlier.” he narrowed his eyes at me playing cat and mouse and I took the bait.

“I am perfectly fine operating a printer by myself Mr. Murphy,” I spat out his name like he did mine, “Plus, you must have better things to do than harass your new assistant.” I jutted my chin out in defiance yet my body ached for him to stay with me, to touch me. 

The elevator doors closed and silence filled in the space between us. A slow devilish smile spread across his lips and he swiftly pressed a button on the wall that halted the elevator, suspending us between floor 115 and 114. I turned to him in shock and fear about give him a piece of my mind when his lips crashed into mine silencing me. His long fingers wrapped their way into my chignon bun and pulled hard undoing all the work I had put into it this morning. I opened my mouth to protest and he took the opportunity to explore it with his thick tongue filling me in a different way. I panted into the kiss losing myself entirely in that moment. I snaked my arms around his neck asking for more. He pulled my skirt up and I wrapped my legs around him so he could slam me into the wall. The elevator rocked on impact and I let out a small yelp. He pulled away from me and put his hand firmly over my lips with a warning look in his eye.

“What a fucking surprise,” he groaned out between breaths, “that my one memorable fuck finds her way into my lap again.” He slowly ran his hand from the back of my knee to my nearly bare ass and my eyes widened, “Under my payroll no less!” he threw his head back and laughed like madman and met his eyes with mine again. 

“If you're game for it, June..” he purred my name, “I'd like to fuck you so hard you'll think of me every time you sit down in that leather office chair for a week.” 

 I looked up at him with innocence in my eyes, “It seems like I won't be the only one thinking about it.”

As if almost immediately I heard my stockings tear at the crotch and his finger was tasting my soaked slit like it had longed for me for weeks. I arched my back at his touch and begged for him to shove himself inside me. He growled and stuck two fingers inside my sweet pussy and curled his fingers around my g-spot.

“Jackson I want you to fuck me.” I begged and he responded by sticking a third finger inside of me sending shivers down my spine and pressure in my belly. He pinned me in place against the wall while he finger fucked me. His gaze demanded my attention, never breaking contact for a second, claiming what was his.

“Say my name again,” he panted. 

“Jackson..” I purred feeling a hot ball of energy climbing lower and lower getting ready to burst, “Oh Jackson... Mmm Mr. Murphy.” he seemed to like that because he moved his thumb to my clit rubbing me in circles. I could feel a buzzing in my ears and the heat from my building orgasm was nearly at the surface. 

 “I'm getting close Jax,” my voice was almost slurred as if I had become drunk from his touch. 

“You'll cum when I say you can cum.” He growled at me removing his hand from my sex. I was about to object when he bent down and pulled both of my thighs up so I was straddling his face and broad shoulders. He stood up so quickly I nearly hit my head on the roof of the elevator as he plunged his tongue deep inside me. 

“Oh!” I exclaimed followed by an, “Oh myyy...

He ate me as if I were his last meal before his execution, expertly rubbing my sensitive bud with his rough hand and fucking me with his mouth. I began to see stars as the burning warmth spread all over my body, a familiar blanket I welcomed with quickening pants. One of my heels fell and hit the floor with a clang and he made the loudest slurping noise in response. My legs began to shake and I was ready to explode. 

“Please let me cum,” I begged looking down at him through the twin peaks hidden under my blouse. 

“Let me cum, Mr. Murphy.” He corrected me, playing with his food. 

“Please,” I cried as he moved his mouth to my clit giving it a nice long lap before sucking it hard, “Oh God! Please! Please Mr. Murphy let me cum!” I shouted not caring if all the floors heard my plea. My legs were shaking and my sex was on fire. 

“Cum for me June.” It was all he had to say and the flood gates were wide open. I came harder than I had in my life and when he lowered me to the floor and wiped his mouth I could hardly stand. 

He pushed the button and the elevator hummed to a start before I had collected my breath. I raked my fingers through my hair and straightened my skirt. I was absolutely soaked, my panties were still shoved to the side of my swollen lips, and my panty hose were shredded. 

'Floor 110'

He watched me with a half smile on his lips loving that I was squirming. A true predator licking its lips before the hunt. I slipped out of my tattered hose, balled it up, and stuffed it in his inside jacket pocket.

'Floor 102'

“Mr. Murphy I had an excellent time chatting with you but if you'll excuse me I have work to do.” I held my head high as if he were a blip on my radar and when the doors slid open I walked out and over to the copy machine glancing back at his incredulous face as the elevator doors glided closed.

Fuck me. 

To be continued...

Cat and Mouse