Nov 02, 2021
Buyer? or just want Free? How to tell and not be Scammed

Buyer? or just want Free? How to tell and not be Scammed


We all had an interaction with That person.

They say they want to buy something, may even pick an item from your shop but they aren't sure so they ask for another photo. You want to make the sale so you say yes and send it. Ummm they like it but its not quite what they want. They want something more shiny so you say "Well I have ___ in my shop. Did you want that?" They respond "Do you have other photos of it?" So you send again! The next thing you know you've sent 20 photos, they aren't buying anything, you've wasted your time while they probably got off to it the whole time. CON MEN! You just got scammed.

Now how do you make it not happen again?

When they start "Hey, can you send me a photo fo the panties your wearing now?" or "Do you have more photos of this item? I may want to buy it but not sure". My response is "Sure, $10 per photo. If you buy it then that $10 goes towards the item. Think of it like an investment." 100% of the time, this will tell you if they are serious or just trying to con you. If they are serious about buying, they shouldn't care to give you a down payment. It goes towards the purchase! If they want free stuff, they will ghost you immedaitely and you have't wasted your time.

This is a strategy used many times in business called "Qualifying the Buyer". You have to Qualify them to see if they are worth your time explaining what your selling. There are several different ways to "Qualify" someone. This is mine and it works 100% of the time. I am happy to say I shut that game down immediately.

When should I give Freebies?

I DO give free stuff but its MY choice.