Nov 02, 2021


The bath is hot and steamy. The water wraps around me like a warm blanket. I relax and lean back with my eyes closed. I am not alone. You are there behind me. You gentle caress my skin sending goosebumps and shivers across my body. You start at the base of my neck and begin to follow my curves. You pause for a long moment at my breast as you trace circles around my nipples making me shiver even more. I bite my lower lip and let out a soft moan. Your hands continue to move slowly down my body now. You grab my inner thighs and force my legs apart. And resume tracing my curves. I can feel your hardness pressing against me. Feel your heartbeat and your chest as it rises and falls with each breath you take. You are calm. I press into you further as your fingers find their way inside me. Your breath is caressing the back of my neck. You lean forward just enough to make sure not only that I can hear you, but that your hot breath is within inches of my ear. You begin to tell me how you own me and I must submit to you. My mind is blank. All of my senses alive and super charged.


You edge me several times stopping short of pushing me over the top. You tell me, “Not yet little girl. Not until I say. “ You push me forward until I am on my knees leaning over the edge of the tub. You grab me by the hair, wrapping your other arm around my waist as you enter me. “Scream little girl. Edge closer and moan. Are you a sub?” I look at you and playfully grin. “Yes daddy,” I answer.  There’s the look. “Is that the way you want to play little girl. Very well. Come. Stand up now and go to the bedroom. No don’t dry off. Bad little girls stay wet and cold.” You stand in the doorway just staring thoughtfully at me. “Put that on slowly and come here.” You point at the panties and stockings laying on the bed. “Now little girl. Do it.”  I dress as I’m told and walk over to you. “Come I will show you what I do to bad little girls.” You grab me by the wrist and begin to roughly lead me.


I know I have misspoken and the punishment can be severe. I wonder if I plead if you will show me any kind of mercy. But I am too afraid to speak for fear it will only make things worse.


I stand in the center of the room in nothing more than a pair of panties, stockings and heels 👠. I am blindfolded and my hands are tied behind my back. I cannot see you but I can hear you breathing and sense that you are near.

My heart feels like it is about to explode it is beating so fast. My breath is shallow and fast as well. My mind is racing. Why can’t I learn to behave and keep my mouth shut? The playful side of me just enjoys the taunt too much. To watch as you give me that look. I know what it means.


My body is covered in goose bumps as I stand there trembling. My senses are heightened. My wetness runs down my leg moistening my thighs. My lips quiver in anticipation of what is to come. What will you do to me this time?


I tremble at your power. I know I am helplessly yours. I want nothing more than to please my master. I feel so exposed yet exhilarated. I long for your touch. I know it is only a matter of time before you give it to me.


I whimper softly. I want you to take me to the edge over and over again until we are both spent and then again just for good measure. So that all the next day I purr deep inside. Remembering and wanting more. Barely able to walk. Unable to focus on even performing the simplest tasks