Better safe than sorry

Better safe than sorry

I thought I could trust him/her...

This goes both way sellers and buyers. I'm seeing a lot of this happening recently, and the harsh reality of it is there are a lot of creeps and blackmailing woman and men. Never feel pressured into giving any details your uncomfortable with and don't automatically trust some one you met online. Yes, there are genuine good people, but for your safety keep your guard up! It is easy to forget that we're easy targets. Here are some ways people have been targeted. 

The following using the information given to him or her to their advantage for there own personal gain: 

* Blackmailed 

* Stalkers (any info is like gold for a stalker)

* Sex trafficking (never give out your personal address) Get a p.o box to receive packages

* Pedophilia (NEVER post pics of your children, no matter the circumstance...or even talk about them) 

I know buyers that have been targeted by sellers as well, so this truly goes both ways!  Please stay safe ladies and gentleman. <3