Nov 02, 2021
Because we are worth it

Because we are worth it

Hi! I am Dominique. I have been a panty seller for just over a year, and what a year it has been! I want to share with you some of the things that I have learned on this journey about pricing.

Although we are all independent contractors for various fetish services, with the free will to set our own prices, there is a fundamental truth about setting a "going rate". When I began my panties selling journey I did as much research as I could to find out just how much are these ladies making? I didn't reach out to Sellers and I should have! I kick myself for not doing that. I saw sellers that I admired because they were smart and funny, not to mention -beautiful. I also saw sellers who were aggressive, caddy and using tactics like dragging the price of a standard service down... Then I would see others follow suit when everyone else stopped making money and only the cheaper seller seemed to be the one making all the money... Eventually they would let up and go back to the "going rate". Things go back to normal... Then a new batch of people come in, or strife happens between sellers and suddenly, there is a price drop. So here we go again...

 I have gone months where I do great and then the price shift happens and it's like, wait, what just happened?? The butterfly effect comes to mind... Heard of it? It is what happens when a small localized change in a complex system has a large effect elsewhere. The way sellers price their items should be fair to themselves, other sellers plus the buyer. 

 There are other panties selling sites. I have only been with SP because quite frankly, I love it. I have done my research (because researching is in my nature) on a competing site and the things that go on there! I see so many women working for next to nothing or giving away "free" items...mind you, normally, paid services! My jaw hits the floor, like seriously? Then why are you even doing this? This thing of ours takes time, energy and creativity to do. Selling fantasies is a lot of work! This same competing site while having "a lot" of people, is notorious for "time wasters". In my view, and this is going to sound harsh, those people on that site have no one to blame but themselves for allowing the prices to be dropped so low or items to be given away for "free" that no one makes money and guys waste their time. What is the expression? Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? When I see new sellers coming in from other sites to SP, because they want to escape the madness of "timewasters", some will bring those same tactics here of going cheap to get attention and here goes the price drop again. " I'm new and I just want to get my name out there". No, my darling, you are worth more than the cheap price you are trying to sell at. If you work with that tactic, that is the kind of energy you're going to attract, the ones that don't want to pay you for your time or pay you very little money. We can make money here because if everyone works together and the price stays about the same, give or take $5, then it works out. We start competing on other levels, like talent and scent... where we should be... Not about who can be the cheapest to "get" buyer's or "climb in rank". 

That brings me to another thing. Language. I know the word "FREE" is enticing to some. For some sellers, a way to attract, for the budget-conscious buyer, more bang for their buck. But what you give, is not technically "free". There is an inclusion of the cost of that item into the item that is being "sold". So consider you are not giving away anything for "free" but rather, as a "bonus" gift instead. Saying "BONUS" is still enticing, yet, it shows you're putting value on yourself and your items. "Free kik sessions with order...." Kik sessions are my specialty... However, I have seen a marked drop in doing them with anyone but my regulars lately because there are sellers who use it as a "free" service. Again, time, energy and creativity go into making the fantasy play out on a screen and it eventually leading to a toe-curling, heart-pounding, holy crow- I am still thinking about it a couple of days later, climax. (That is a true story, I've gotten emails a few times stating that... Not to toot my own horn, I'm just saying.) 

We've all griped about this, given points of view and had arguments for pricing. I wanted to go ahead and include a list this time of jumping off points for pricing. Someone who is brand new to selling or even if you are a veteran seller and just want to brush up on going rate pricing, well, here you go. Before I get people upset with me, this is just an illustration of suggested going rates. If you don't want to use them, don't. If they are too low for what you are doing, adjust. This just gives a good idea of where to start for someone who is new or someone who wants a brush up. Obviously, this is not all the services that are provided, there are sellers who provide way more than this list, but again starting here:

Panties minimum $1 per hour 24-hour wear = $24

2 day wear= $35

3 day wear= $45

Add-on's between $5-$10

Kik/Skype sessions minimum $1 per minute. 30 minute sessions between $25 and $30. 1/2 hour sale price $20 -but only on occasion not all the time. 1 hour session minimum $50 to $55. Sale price $45 but only on occasion not all the time.

Nudes = $1 each ( price higher for Customs or HD photos )

Custom videos starting at $2 per minute. You can set a minimum of minutes if you like.

Socks 2 days wear $15  

Knee high stockings 2 days wear $20  

Pantyhose 2 days wear $35

T-shirts 2 days wear $25-$30

All of the above pricing is just a sampling. For the sellers who do Snapchat, I do not do Snapchat just yet, so feel free to include your expertise on this by commenting below. You'll be helping your fellow seller! Also, if anyone has any feedback about girlfriend experience, I do not have any input on that when it comes to pricing as I do not perform that service any longer. 

 Doing this article I feel will help other sellers, the community as a whole and foster better relations with each other. I definitely don't want our beloved Scented Pansy to turn into all the other panties selling sites. I want it to be like, wow, those ladies on SP are really awesome and worth every dollar I spend on them. I will work and do what I have to, to do my part to keep SP as fun and unique as we all are. 

I have emailed ladies in the past offering advice and while most have been gracious, some were offended. I definitely don't want to offend anyone. I am just trying to help. So if I come to you, just know that I am coming to you in peace and only to offer a hand. The more variety we have on this site, the better. 

 In closing, I am available not just for my buyers, but for Sellers as well. We all have the same goals, to have a good time and make money. I believe if we stick with those core values, that energy will be there for our buyers.



Because we are worth it