A Winter's Afternoon at the Print Shop

A Winter's Afternoon at the Print Shop

By CelticLover....The Early Years

Back in the day I owned a Printing Co. just outside of Washington DC and had the best sexatary a burgeoning young businessman could have. Jane was her name and she would do anything for me. Jane was also my wife. Jane was all of 5 ft 1" 100lbs soaking wet, long waist length black hair and a body any man would die to have. Jane and I were hot as couples go, I was into her and she would do anything to please. Around the office she was proficient at keeping things under control, calling customers on billing and staying on top of accounts receivables. She knew I was a leg man. After we were married some nine years earlier, I introduced her to the world of high quality lingerie and fashion. She had grown up in humble circumstances, and was a girl who did most of her shopping at Sears & Roebuck. I could see from the first time we met, she was no plain Jane. I would take home to her gifts from the finest department stores in the city. Italian shoes, silk dresses, wool skirts from the finest designers. Just for me she would wear fully fashioned stockings gartered just so I could glimpse the imprint thru her many lovely dresses and skirts she would come to own. Jane grew to love it just as much as I did. Jane looked the office type with her beautiful brown eyes somewhat hidden behind her glasses. She never dressed any way but classy. Never trashy - ever. Respectable, traditional. Her hems were about knee length or just above.

I would move between the shop floor with the presses and folding equipment into the front office where she would be doing her duties or speaking directly with a customer. I would eye her sexy calves from behind and just take it all in. Often she would notice me there and would hike her skirt or dress to give me a glimpse of her stocking tops or bend completely over giving me views that I will never forget! What a glorious sight! Instant hard-on for me. Her legs caressed in nylon were a delight to behold! My mouth would begin to water taking it all in. Her legs had the perfect shape. I loved to feel them in my hands. Sheer ecstasy! I loved her so much! The pleasure she gave me was incalculable. I would come up behind her, wrap my arms around and bury my face into her lovely neck! She smelled heavenly wearing her Arpege perfume. I loved cupping her soft round ass cheeks, lifting her dress to feel her nylon vanity fair panties. I would pull her against my hard cock. When no one was around we would grind against each other in our special, unique sensual dance. We would kiss swirling our tongues together, sucking on each other in turn. I loved her wet sensuous mouth on mine.

Jane would tease me all day for the years we had the business. She would whisper in my ear, Dear I want you to lick my pussy! I want you to make me come...My excitement would build by the end of the day. When the day was over, I would lock up after the employees had gone home. Jane and I would go into my office and so help me - I would literally consume her! It would start with deep wet licking kisses, progressing to me usually stripping her dress or blouse off, removing bra and sucking her small yet firm titties like a hungry infant who was starving. Her nipples were large and just perfect for my mouth. Jane liked her nipples stimulated, she would softly coo to me, Oh Jerry, I want you! Fuck my pussy baby! It would drive me wild with passion! Jane was unlike any other woman I had known. She was instinctually sexy. She knew what she wanted and how to express it. Her sexy, dirty talk drove me over the brink...every time! Fuck me baby she would whisper. You are making me wet love! My pussy needs your tongue right now Jerry! No way I could deny the little girl what she wanted! Before I would even think of gratifying myself...I had to make her come at least three times! I absolutely loved it. She was the most responsive girl to my voice and touch I've ever known. We had a chemistry that is unusual to find in this life. I knew how to please her and she knew how to satisfy me, completely!

I say had...Jane is no longer with me...she suffers from a disease called dementia. She is institutionalized. All I know is having her as my lover for many years was an amazing gift from God to me. We made love nearly every day for two decades! I am grateful, I still have memories to go back to. We shared such passion for each other, her giving and me reciprocating in kind. No selfish behavior on either part. They say the brighter the star burns the quicker it goes out. I wouldn't trade our experiences for anything. No regrets here. Jane was one horny girl. Making love to her for me was akin to turning a fat kid loose in a donut shop. I couldn't get enough of her delicious custard!

One winter day in particular, employees had stayed home because of the approaching snow storm. Jane and I were alone. We had a few customers during the day who had to pick up work we had done for them. In the early afternoon things were slow, book work caught up , I happened to notice her from behind as she stood writing at the front counter. I remember like yesterday the outfit she had on. I notice those type of things. A detail man, that's me. Jane's ass was very visible under the fluorescent lighting in the office. As she was slightly bent forward writing, I could see the garter belt and clips slightly showing thru the fabric. I loved that sight! Jane wore a one piece light green solid jersey cotton dress, thin belt around the waist, hem just above the knees. I moved up behind her cupping her lovely ass cheeks in both hands. she continued to write seemingly unfazed as I kneaded them playfully. I dropped to my knees and lifted her dress to reveal the delights waiting for me beneath. She wore her sheer fullback nylon panties over her garter belt. Her ass was magnificent! I couldn't help but kiss her panty clad cheeks. My cock was already stiff for action!.

Jerry! What are you doing? People can see in! Don't! Not here, not now! she insisted. I'm waiting for Mary from Miltech to come by and pick up their envelope order. She said this morning they need them for a rush mailing they were doing tomorrow. I continued unabated, kissing and motorboating her glorious ass. Jerry...Baby I'm turned on so much, I insisted! Can't you wait a little, she replied. I was groping, feeling handfuls of her yielding flesh and was now standing, kissing her neck as my hands roamed her lovely bosom. She softly said, how about a quickie? Our eyes met. She gave a wicked smile, dropped to her knees behind the front counter, unzipped my pants, freeing my rigid tool.

I could see outside in the picture window over the front counter. The sidewalk was starting to become covered as the snow fell in the dimming light. Tell me if anyone is about to come in, she whispered as she took my cock into her warm mouth. Ohh! My! I exclaimed with pleasure. Feeling her lips wrapped around my cock was exquisite! Jane began working my cock, up and down the shaft. Her tongue was both soft and stiff as she licked and sucked me into ecstasy. Oh baby! BABY! I cried out! I began to pump back and forth in her sensuous wet and warm mouth. I was in heaven as she skillfully brought me to the edge. She released for an instant, stroking my shaft on both sides with her nails lightly, driving me absolutely wild! Come in my mouth, she commanded! Taking me back in, I resumed pumping, holding the back of her head with both hands, her silky black hair felt so good. Her lips wrapped around my manhood felt almost too good! I'm gonna come love, I panted! I just couldn't hold back any longer! Her mouth felt too good... I-I'm ccomingg! At that I shot my load fully into her beautiful mouth. She swallowed it all and stood up, fixed her dress, stockings, panty, clips, all in one motion, an adjustment this female seemed to do intuitively.

She winked at me and smiled. Mary is running late. Jane said matter of factly. She said she would be here by 3:00, it's now almost 4:00 she notes. Well, maybe Mary is stuck in traffic, she manages. It is snowing and accumulating on the roads now. I replied. You've got me horny now Jerry, she quipped, with a mischievous look in her eyes. Well I can fix that love! With that I grabbed her by the hand and led her into the shop and up the stairs. What about Mary, she protested...We'll leave the door open and when she comes in we can holler down - Be right with you! - Jane smiled. I kissed her deeply - I love you girl. I love you too, she replied.

We went into the dark room - The floor had indoor/outdoor carpet. I laid down on my back and instructed her to stand over my face. I said lower yourself into a squat over me. She did. Her panty clad pussy was right in front of my mouth. I kissed her on the gusset. Jane sighed. She was quite moist already. I kissed and deeply inhaled her musky feminine scent. Lifting her slightly I pulled her panties aide and she helped by holding them for me with her finger. I began licking her clit, finding a nice rhythm. She rocked back and forth as I hungrily lapped her delicious nectar. Flicking along the side of her clit. Jane's pussy tasted so good, she always tasted good. Jane took care of herself. I appreciated that about her. I'm getting close love, she whispered. By now my cock had come back to full strength and was throbbing! I licked her until we could no longer maintain our awkward position.

Spilling off of me, turning onto her knees I rolled to the side, lifting her dress up and over her ample backside and slid her panty down and resumed licking her from behind. Much better, I thought. I now had access to her bare ass and vulva from behind. I dove in face first! So delightful! I licked her cheeks, kissing each one repeatedly. I loved her beautiful ass. My finger began working her clit and probing her sweet pussy. I continued lapping her now dripping wet pussy as Jane moaned with pleasure. She was in an absolute state of ecstasy. Her eyes rolling back. Ohhh! OhhhBABY! she blurted out! Make my pussy come baby! I did everything to oblige her! I instructed her to turn over so she was now lying on her back, giving me an amazing view of her gartered waist, lovely belly button and her luscious, milky white thighs peeking out just above her tan stocking tops. Her perfectly trimmed pussy lay open and wet, panties around one ankle now. I took her all in with my eyes' hungry gaze!

I began kissing her right upper thigh, licking, tasting her soft flesh, moving to her other leg as to give equal time to each one. Within moments I once again was savoring the delicious aroma from her excited open and now dripping wet pussy! I licked her delightful slit, entering deeply her now parted lips to fully taste all her goodness was offering me! She sighed, moaned loudly and held my head in place with a free hand. After a few moments, I slowly pulled back, taking each of her nylon clad thighs in my hands, feeling them slowly, deliberately from top to calf, all the way down to her slender ankles. Savoring the delightful feeling of her sexy legs. I then lifted both ankles together up and back towards her, rocking them back towards her head. She grabbed both to hold them in place.

Now her legs above her head, ankles splayed apart, pussy and ass fully exposed to my ravenous mouth. I furiously licked her clit, occasionally penetrating her cunt with my tongue, tasting all of her juices. Jane was breathing hard now. You like that baby? I tease. Y-yes! she pants. I then did something I had never done to her before, but had thought of trying. I licked her asshole, rimming her with my tongue! She moaned deeply...As I switched up between her pussy and asshole. Her hips were now gyrating in a way that let me know she was on the brink. I slid my tongue slowly down off her pussy, stiffened my tongue while I began sliding my free finger over her slippery clit, I put my stiff tongue deep into her asshole, moving it in and out. Fucking her ass with my tongue! Jane cried out loud, Uhhh! Ohhhh! She shook under me. Jerking involuntarily, OOHhh, baby! Lick meee! Fuck meee! she cried. and with a load grunt she convulsed into the biggest and longest orgasm she had ever had! As she trembled and spasmed, I furiously continued to pleasure her soaking wet clit with my finger. She went slowly from intense white hot to a glowing ember.

Then wasting no time. I lifted myself up, picking her up with me. I tell you right here, the little girl could barely stand. Still shaking, I bent her over the developing table, deftly maneuvering myself behind her, lifting her dress up again, I entered her sopping wet pussy from behind! I fucked my woman that afternoon like I had never fucked her before! I could see one stocking strap had come loose, one shoe off, her long straight hair - totally mussed up, her lipstick was all over the sides of her face...I pumped away furiously, in and out, holding her hips tightly. Slamming deeply into her pudding! My mind entered the twilight zone. Pleasure had gripped me throughly. All I felt was my senses being overloaded! Her warm pussy totally satisfying me! Fuck me Jerry! she managed breathlessly. Fuck her I did! Pounding her slippery cunt! I was lost in absolute heaven! I-I'm gonna come girrrl! I yelled. I-I Uhhh!!! Just then the downstairs door opened with a jingle. It was Mary...Hello? Is anyone here? she calls out. I simultaneously exploded into Jane's pussy at that very instant! Releasing spasms of liquid orgasmic pleasure into my love! Ohh! man! I managed as my cock spasmed with intense pleasure!

Damn! I muttered. Pulling out and back, hurriedly, shakily, barely managing to zip up my pants, Jane lying still bent over the table in a stupor, a look of dismay on her disheveled face...M-Mary? I got this dear as I rushed down the stairs! Mary, How are you? I stammered. I'm fine. Getting slick out there now, she says. Where's Jane? Uh, She's not feeling well today, I stammered... She eyed me suspiciously...I spoke with her this morning and she was fine. Mary said warily. Something came on suddenly, I offered, as I noticed the wet spot on my pants. I hurriedly carried the case of #10 envelopes to her car, trying not to get too close...I smelled of ass and pussy, and Mary noticing that was the last thing I needed. Thank you Mary, I managed. I waved as she pulled off.

Her window rolled down, Mary said, You better wipe that pink lipstick off your chin, it's not very becoming a big man like yourself. I could see her grinning. After entering the shop I locked the door, flipped the neon closed sign on, and headed up the stairs to my sweetie. She still looked in a state of shock. Mary is taken care of, I smugly say. You ready for round three baby? I say. She said, after what you did to me! I'm good for now, thanks...I lifted her, took her in my arms and held her tight. I love you Jane. I kissed her...Do you know what you did to me? she whispered. Do you KNOW?!...No...What? I replied sheepishly. You blew my mind! Of course I did, that's what I'm supposed to do love! I laughed. She laughed....We went home....

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