A Summer of Mutual Satisfaction

A Summer of Mutual Satisfaction

By CelticLover

Living alone for a while now as a single man in his late fifties, my sex life could sure use some spicing up, I said to myself as I unlocked the door to my apartment, grocery bags in the other hand. Hi Jerry! I hear my young neighbor Kate say, as she walks up the stairs behind me. We both lived beside of each other on the second floor of our complex. You been out shopping Kate, I say cheered by her sudden appearance. Yes, Jeff has been home today watching the kids. Momma's day out she says with a smile. Kate was a lovely girl. Her face and features rather delicate. She dressed rather plainly, but underneath the exterior of her simple style I could tell she had a nice figure. Fit and thin I would say, especially for a mother of two small children. Small bust size, not much there to sag. Well, I always know what a relief it was when my wife got a break raising ours, I said sympathetically. Jeff is usually working most days Kate, how'd he manage the day off? I said. He's been down with a bad cold last few days, so I decided to slip out, she replies. Tell him I hope he feels better, I manage as I enter my apartment. I will Jerry, you enjoy your evening. We'll have to do lunch again sometime, she manages going into her home.

We had been sharing some time in the afternoons the last few weeks as her kids napped, we took turns making and sharing lunch. Walking in, I turned on the TV, watched a bit of news, ate a half a sub I had picked up and reclined in my chair to listen to a bit of music. It was getting dark outside now, I could see the sun dimming outside my balcony doors. The AC felt good inside. I started to think about Kate. I met her about six months ago. We have started talking more frequently these last few weeks. I had no desire to get involved with a married woman, certainly not one about half my age. Hey, I had daughters older than her. None the less, I am a man. She is an attractive woman. My mind started drifting a bit as I yawned. I napped for a while then came back to reality. At the complex we had a laundry in the basement. I tried to go late at night when no one else was around. I better do a few loads before I fall asleep, I said to myself sitting up. It's 10:30 PM now. I had been dozing for a few hours. I had missed my day washing last week. Good thing was they had two washers and two dryers and if I was lucky, I could commandeer them all at once.

Upon entering, I was indeed in luck. No one here but me, I mused. Filling both washers, I sat down for the half or so hour wait. Just before they finished in walked Kate with a large basket of laundry. Girl! What are you doing here this hour? I said somewhat surprised at her appearance. Let me clarify: Her appearance at this time was unusual, thus surprising. But her nightie was the real surprise! It was white, semi-sheer and very short. I couldn't sleep, she said breathing a bit hard from the descent on the stairs. I thought I would put these in and run back up while they washed, she managed. Well I've got both machines going, gonna be a few minutes yet, I said. I couldn't help staring at her nipples poking through the thin fabric. She noticed me gawking at her, and she mumbled something about not being dressed appropriately...I said, Hey Kate, I'll put yours in as soon as mine come out. She said, Thanks and turned around to make her way up the stairs to her place. Seeing her ass through the sheer cloth was so exciting to me! She looked so damn sexy, I thought.

I couldn't help noticing her laundry basket she left. Mostly whites, towels and as I poked through it...her panties! I pulled them out and examined them closely...slightly moist, some light discharge in the crotch area. I drew them to my nose and lightly inhaled. Niceeee! Yellow smooth bikini style. I inhaled some more! Oh! She smelled so sweet, a hint of sweat. Delicious, I said to myself as the buzzers went off, indicating my loads were done. I put her panty down, quickly stuffed mine into both dryers and loaded hers into the washer....seeing another pretty pink satin pair and I grabbed it as well. So I have the wash filling up, my clothes drying, I lean against the door to ensure no one enters.

With her two scented panties in hand, I free my now rigid cock. I sniff each pair of her ambrosia. My mind recalls her luscious body tonight in the nightie. I could see her panties clearly as she exited the wash room. Dark blue fullbacks. Her ass was full and shapely. I furiously moved my hard shaft up and down as I breathed in her essence. Her tits were so nice as I focused on her body and fragrance. It felt amazing! I was getting close to coming. I could feel it welling up. I stopped for a moment. I took in all of her perfume that I could get from her crotch stain. The other pair I licked at the moisture frantically as I wrapped my cock in the pink satin fullback pair and resumed wanking. Oh my! The scent and sensation was overwhelming as I pumped away... my mind thinking of her. What I would do to her juicy pussy. I would bend her lovely frame over this chair, lift her nightie and rip her panties off all the same time. I continued wanking into the silky delights. Panties off her, I would grab both of her tiny hips and enter her pussy to the hilt and fuck the living daylights out of her! My loins were on fire now as I stroked away thinking about Kate. I couldn't hold back any longer. I had her gusset in my mouth tasting her as my load built up. The pressure in my loins reaching the point of no return. And with my mind fucking her I groaned and shuttered as I shot my hot come directly into her panties, spasming, emptying all of my pent up load!

Just then my cell phone rings. A bit shaky, trying to compose myself, I just let it ring. I lifted the lid to the washer and threw in the panties I had just licked and come into. I zipped up my trousers after tucking Mr. Johnson back in. And took a few deep breaths. Looking at my phone it was Kate who had called. I hit the dial button and....Kate answered...I just got your load in (and mine too, wink, wink) it will be half an hour. Mine are drying, now and when they are done, I'll put yours in, I said. Thank you Jerry, she replied. My pleasure, I said suppressing a laugh. How about we have lunch tomorrow Jerry? Jeff goes back to work, I'll swing by when I put the kids down for a nap. Sounds like a plan to me, I said. After filling the dryer with her now washed laundry, I took mine up the stairs to put away and get a good nights sleep.


Around noon the next day, I wondered if I had just dreamed of last night, when a knock at the front door made me realize it wasn't after all. As I opened the door there was Kate holding a casserole dish in both hands. Tuna noodle with cheese, she announces. I heard you say the other day you liked it Jerry, she cheerfully exclaims. I do! I said surprised. What is the occasion, I ask. Thank you for putting my wash in last night...Oh, girl, no problem. I know, but a perfect excuse to make this and have lunch with you, she said smiling. I enjoy our chats Jerry. We went into the kitchen, sat down, ate her amazing lunch as we chatted for a while. I put away the now washed plates and utensils and she said, keep the rest for later, I'll get the dish when you are finished. You know Jeff and I haven't been getting along well for a year at least, and you have been company for me. At least you treat me well. She says. Well, honey you deserve to be treated well at all times. I said. Jeff spends a lot of time away from home and, well I get lonely. She informs. He is a hard working man, I counter. She pauses, He's been cheating on me after work, I caught him last year and he admitted to it. she says. Maybe you two can go to counseling, I offer. We are right now, I do think it is helping, but...But what? I say. Our sex life is non existent. We don't do anything. I get horny. She says matter of factly. Well that is normal, I reply. I love him and I think he loves me but....But you haven't gotten over the infidelity, I note. Yes! She says. That and I think of how much prettier the other woman was and that I don't measure up. She says, tears welling up. Look Kate...You are a beautiful woman! A great mother and wife, life deals us all a load of manure at times. You will get beyond this, I assured her. You think? Yes!

You think I'm beautiful? she says looking down. You are spectacular! A total babe! I enthuse. She looked up smiling. Honey, when you came into the laundry room wearing that little nightie...I almost fell over! I said. HaHa, I saw the way you were staring at me. She notes. I couldn't help myself. Sorry, I say. Jeff doesn't look at me anymore. She ruefully says. Well, what do you do Jerry? She asks. What do you mean I say sheepishly. For sex silly! I mean you are a man, I hardly see you go out. How do you find satisfaction? She quips. Well....I masturbate, I say rather humiliated. Well that's what I've been doing of late, she sighs. I laugh heartily! Why are you laughing? She says somewhat surprised. Because you are so gorgeous! I laugh again rather loudly. She has a puzzled look on her face. I'm sorry dear, I say...Listen, can you keep a secret? Yes, she says.

OK, What is your biggest turn on? Like, What gets you off? I say. A smile crosses her lips. I like where this is going, she muses. But if I tell you...You have to tell me yours. Deal, I answer. I like to tease in public. Wear short skirts and bend over, go braless. Sometimes I masturbate in public places, cars, restaurants, where others might see. I'm a voyeur. I like to watch and be watched. Like coming to the laundry last night in my sheer negligee. I knew you were there because I was up and heard you leave. I spied you through the peep hole and saw you with the laundry. I got dressed in my negligee and followed you on down. I wanted to see if I could attract your attention. she confesses. Damn girl! I said. You got ALL of my attention! Well, she says, I came back up, got in my shower after calling you and used the shower head on my pussy thinking of you as I had an amazing orgasm! Am I a slut or what? Jerry? Hey, you look stunned, did I take our talk too far? She says somewhat concerned. No baby. I have to confess to you...After you left, I found your panties and wanked off to them, I said sheepishly. No WAY! She enthuses. You really did? She laughs. My face now red from my embarrassing confession. I did Kate. And I had a massive orgasm thinking of you. I visualized your tits and nipples through the sheer cloth. My eyes took in your blue panties and how nice your ass looked as you exited the room. I was shaking with desire baby!

How amazingly naughty of you! We both laughed. Now Kate, I don't want to get in trouble with you or your husband. I'll say this to you Jerry, neither do I. But I do like our ability to talk frankly and openly about anything, including sex. I've never met a man who talks like you do. I am wet right now after you telling me that! She gushes. Well you had me going too, I reply. A smile crosses my lips. What are you grinning about? she asks. You like showing your body and being watched? Right? I state. Yes! She replies. I like looking at you and sniffing your panties too, I remark. Let's indulge each other. I say. How? What do you have in mind Jerry? She asks. Let's move into the living room. I suggest taking our drinks with us. I can't stay much longer...my kids will be waking up any minute. A quickie for us both, I say. What is under your sundress? I ask. Just my same ol' blue panties from last night. She answers. Give them to me I tell her.

Kate smiles, bends down as she pulls them off and hands them to me. I take them in my hands and in front of her put the gusset to my nose and breath in her feminine essence. Am I too strong? I-I probably should have put another pair on....I breathed in more of her lovely nectar. I love your scent Kate! I manage to say...You are delicious dear. My cock now hard, needed freeing from my trousers. I unzipped my pants and unbuckled my belt and let my trousers and shorts hit the floor. I continued to sniff her delightful undies and wank right in front of her. After a moment, I stopped and said, why don't you take your dress off, lie on the sofa and let me watch you pleasure yourself! Kate pulled her dress over her head and lay down and began to finger her already moist pussy. Kate was beautiful to behold. Thick black framed glasses gave her the secretary vibe, somewhat nerdy. Her perky 34B tits were shapely, firm with medium pink nipples. Her underarms had a bit of stubble, which I find arousing. Her pussy was nice, well trimmed pubes with a beautiful black triangle sitting above her delectable mound. Her legs are thin yet shapely, and that tight rounded ass! Damn!

You like looking at me Jerry? She moaned. I like baby! You are turning me on love! Your pussy is so nice! I'm trying not to come Katie! I love your tits too! Your belly baby!...I want to come! I was so excited at that moment. I like watching you stroke for me! She cried....I'm coming! I had stopped tugging just to watch her. Her fingers worked on her slick clit as her other hand rubbed her now erect nipples. Her tummy now clenching as she furiously rubbed her pearl. I moved in close to see everything. I slowly wrapped her panties around my stiff cock and stroked as she arched her back, legs shaking, Ohhh! Jerry, I'm cominggg! After a few moments, as she subsided, Kate looked at me and said, why have you stopped? I want to finish I said, but could you put your finger in and give me a taste? I resumed wanking and she withdrew two fingers from her dripping wet pussy and put them to my lips. As I licked her juice from her fingers I exploded into her blue panties with a load of my milky white come. We looked and grinned at each other in mutual satisfaction. Me lifting up my pants and pulling them back up, and her throwing the dress back on quickly. I'll wash the panties and return them with the casserole dish, I said. I led her to the door and kissed her cheek. We will do this again Jerry, right? Absolutely Kate! I answer emphatically. That, it turned out was to be a great summer for us!

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