Nov 02, 2021
A Stranger on a Train

A Stranger on a Train

An encounter I'd never forget

After a long day and night of traveling across the world to reach one of my dream destinations I can't help but melt into my seat on the train. A young brunette woman sits across from me taking up an additional seat with her luggage and an older man with peppered hair who is next to me suddenly snaps open his phone and loudly greets whoever is on the other end.
I perk up a little when I see a service cart being pushed down the aisle in my direction.
My first coffee in Italy!
As the cart approaches I start to get nervous because its my first time speaking Italian to an actual human being and not my cat. The hostess looks down and me and sweetly asks, "Prego?"
I stumble over my words a little but with a nervous giggle I reply, "Posso avere un cappuccino per favore?" I did it!
She hands me my cup, some packets of sugar, and a biscotti.
I smile up at her, "Grazie." Well at least that wasn't totally embarrassing... I look down at my cup and pour the light brown sugary crystals on top of the thick foam, stir it, and take a deep breath of its tantalizing aroma. Mmm this smells amazing.
Before I can take my first sip my gaze is met by a handsome man standing in the aisle as the cart rolls to the next car. He has dark curly hair and even darker eyes with a hint of amusement. He's looking over at me, smirking and not fazed at all that I just caught him staring. I blush and look out the window.
I drink in my cup of Italian pleasure still looking out the window as we go through a tunnel. All of a sudden the reflection of this man is crystal clear and I get a better look at him without him noticing. He's wearing a brown leather jacket with a blue T-shirt underneath and tan pants that hang on his hips in the most exciting way. I drink him in slowly glancing back at his face. His mouth is soft and his jaw is strong with a hint of 5-o-clock-shadow, my mind goes dirty and at that very second he meets my gaze in the reflection and parts his lips. We're through the tunnel and my mystery man in the window disappears. I look over to where he was and he's vanished.
A deep sultry voice whispers something Italian in my ear that I don't understand. I turn my head towards this voice and it's the man who caught me looking at him but now he's sitting directly behind me.
My face is inches from his and he says, "It's not polite to stare..."
I feel so hot and I can tell my panties are getting wet, I'm not sure what to say!
I look over at him, our faces still dangerously close, and I say, "Maybe you should listen to your own advice."
His smile crinkles up to his eyes and he laughs, "I'm Leo, and you are?"
"I'm Annie," I reply breathless, "Piacere Leo"
Holy shit I can't believe he is this close to me! I can smell the mint on his breath.
"Nice to meet you as well Annie.. Can I ask you a favor? Would you come with me where we can talk more quietly?" He nods at the man next to me arguing loudly on his phone. I can feel something building up inside wanting and needing to be released and my adrenaline kicks in.
"Sure, let's go." I say with a hint of hesitation in my voice, after all he is a stranger on a train...

He takes my hand and electricity bolts up my arm and makes my heart skip a beat. Fuck.
We make our way through the aisle passing through a few different cabins until we reach a small dining area with golden croissants and pastries peeping out at me through the display glass. We sit across from each other and I can feel my nerves bubbling up inside me. His hand is still holding mine as he brings it up to his mouth grazing my knuckles with his lips and tongue.
"I feel an instant connection with you and my god, you're beautiful. Tell me Annie, do you have a wild side?" His lips form a devilish smile as he turns my hand over and nibbles my palm.
"I think we all have a wild side, it just takes the right moment to unlock it. What do you think?" I reply cooly actually pretty impressed with myself.
He stares into my eyes like he's searching for an answer. His lips part and the heat between my thighs turns into a 5 alarm fire needing to be extinguished. He slides over so he's sitting right next to me, "I think this is the right moment."
Before I know it his hand tilts my chin up and he presses his lips up against mine moving them to the rhythm of my heart's quick beat. I bite lightly on his bottom lip and he lets out a quiet moan of approval. His other hand snakes its way up my shirt and I arch my back pressing my now swollen breasts into him. His hands are warm and rough but they feel amazing against my hard, tight nipple. He flicks and teases it with his thumb and I gasp.
I have never been more wet than I am in this moment and the last thing I want is for him to stop.
"Mmm yes Leo," I am putty in his hands.
Our kiss becomes deeper as our tongues explore each other in the most sensual way. I can feel his hand on my thigh slowly creeping up my skirt to my soaking wet thong.
"Is this fine?" he looks at me and his hand stops.
"Don't stop.." is all I manage to whisper and in seconds he is touching me.
He feels my soaked panties with his fingertips and takes a sharp breath in. Pulling them to the side he slips a finger inside me and I lean my head back on the seat with my eyes closed in ecstasy.
"Mmm god you are so wet Annie.." he swirls his finger around and the door between our car and the next opens.
I freeze but he is relaxed as ever as an older man saunters into our secret naughty scene. Leo doesn't hesitate, he puts a second finger inside me but the gentleman passing by has no idea of what's happening under the table cloth. I suck in air, hold my breath, and hope he doesn't see. Once the man passes through the next set of doors Leo lifts me up so I'm straddling his lap and presses his face into my chest. He lifts up my shirt and sucks on my nipples through my see through black lacy bra. I am afraid of getting caught but at the same time I don't care anymore. I grind against him feeling his cock getting rock hard against me. Mmm yes this feels so bad and good at the same time..
He pulls my shirt back down and grabs my face bringing our lips together in a passionate kiss before lifting me up and sitting me on the table in front of him. I lean back and his lips are between my thighs exploring the dampness of my panties, he pulls them to the side and I gasp. I feel him.. I feel his mouth on me and it feels like I'm going to explode. Too soon the train starts to come to a stop and so does our secret moment. He looks down at his jeans and laughs. There is a large wet spot where I was grinding up against him moments ago.
"Mmm I'm sorry," I mutter still trying to catch my breath.
"I think you owe me something for getting my pants wet," he says teasing me.
"What would you like?" I tilt my head to the side trying to predict his next move..
He reaches his hands up my skirt and pulls my panties to my ankles and over my feet. Bringing them close to his face he looks at me and takes a nice long lick, "I would love to finish this but it's my stop." He takes out his phone.
"Do you want to finish this later?" I reply with a very naughty smirk on my face. I'm a damn Goddess!
"Absolutely," he says before even a second goes by, "Here's my phone number, in the mean time I'll hold on to these in case you forget about me." He holds up my black panties and tucks them away in his pocket.
"Oh I wont forget..." I sigh contently before we stand up to go back to our seats. Once I get back to my seat I grab my bag from underneath and look down and my now cold coffee. Leo has already left the train but I can still feel his hard cock pressed up against me... I am euphoric as I step off the train and begin my adventure into Rome...
To be continued...

A Stranger on a Train