A Stranger in a Gelateria

A Stranger in a Gelateria

An unexpected turn of events

The first thing that hits me when I step off the train is a gust of warm wind biting between my thighs where my panties used to be. I clench my legs together and smooth my skirt down hoping nobody has caught a glimpse of my secret nudity. The next thing that hits me is that I’m dripping wet and I have no sense of direction so it’s time to head to my apartment if I want to make it by sun down. I look down at my phone and pop in the euro SIM card that I purchased at the airport wondering to myself why it took me this long to activate it. Oh right.. I was very distracted. 

The dampness between my thighs becomes more noticeable so I pull my luggage off to the side in a dim corner and fetch my handkerchief from the front pocket of my bag. Looking around to make sure no one is spying I rub the red cloth between my legs, grazing my lips allowing it to lap up every creamy delicious drop of my ecstasy from earlier. Touching myself so delicately even for the slightest moment makes me realize I'm still begging for release and my cheeks flush with anticipation. I stash the now wet hanky back in it's pocket and start heading to the metro. 

Once in the cool cavern of tunnels with brightly colored chairs and people waiting impatiently for their tram to arrive I veer off and wait in line to purchase a Roma Pass. The man in front of me has a leather messenger bag and sunglasses perched low on his nose so he can read the text on his Blackberry. He has thick hair, strong thighs, and a chiseled jaw that is smattered with dark facial hair. I look around and everywhere along the metro walls I see stylish men that deserve to be etched into marble like The David and I'm pretty sure I've come to the right city. I giggle to myself quietly and the man in front glimpses at me, his full lips perking up into a smile. He looks like he's about to say something but his phone rings and he answers in promptly.

The line dwindles down and I watch the man in front of me finish his purchase and move towards the B tunnel but not before turning to me and winking. My face turns red and my dampness returns as I delight in watching him walk away. I follow the instructions on the ticket machine and purchase my pass so I can finally get on the metro and make my way to what I will call home for the next five days. I cram myself into the over packed cabin and slide my bag next to me as I hold onto a metal pole for support.

"Next stop: Spanish steps" the automated voice announces and I quickly make my way closer to the doors of my tram. We slow to a stop, the doors fly open, and I jump out with my bags in tow. I'm here!

I'm greeted by a couple playing an electric violin and singing in the walkways hoping to receive a donation or two. I keep moving along with everyone else and clamber on the last escalator before I am above ground again. The automatic doors of the exit remain open as crowds of people flood out onto the cobblestone streets of Rome. I take a deep breath and my senses are overwhelmed in every way. The brightly colored apartment buildings with green vines growing up to the very top, the smell of hazelnuts cooking from a street vendor, and the sweet sound of Italian filling my ears. If only this was home. I pull into the square and find a bench to sit down on while I gather my things and figure out which street to go down.

After what feels like an hour of searching, my white shirt is clinging to my body as it absorbs my sweat and frustration. I should have bought the data plan so I can use GPS! But no, Annie, you're good with a map you said. It will be easy to figure out you said! My inner turmoil is interrupted when I spot a gelato shop with the glorious words "Free WiFi" written on the window. I'm saved! 

I amble over to the front door and swing it open to be greeted by deliciously cool air wrapping itself around me. 

"Bongiorno miss!" the young man greets me his piercing green eyes locking on to mine. My breath catches in my throat.

"Hi... oh uh I mean bongiorno!" my cheeks pink up and he smiles. Are all men in Italy this handsome? I'm done for! 

"How can I help you?" he asks me innocently. I set my bags by a table and walk up to the counter peering down at all of the amazing selections of gelato. Lemon, Pistachio, Raspberry, Tiramisu, Cherry... the list goes on and on. 

"I'd love some Gelato and, well, Wifi because I'm lost." I look up at him through my eyelashes slightly embarrassed to be admitting this. 

"Well you have come to the right place. The wifi password is WheninRoma but I bet I could give you better directions.." he holds his ice cream scooper up and points to three different sized bowls. "What flavor and size would you like?" I look back down at all my choices and I'm not sure which one I'd like to try first.

"They all look so good... how about a medium size with a surprise flavor?" I wink at him and smile sweetly while I type in the password and get connected. I hand him 3 euros and he holds out a bowl with three small scoops of a creamy white gelato and a bright pink spoon.

"Sweet coconut for an even sweeter woman.." he states not breaking eye contact and my mouth goes dry. I swallow my speechlessness and reach out for the bowl. When our fingertips brush each other, a cool shock runs up my elbow to my shoulder grazing my right nipple with its current. Mmm my inner goddess licks her lips.

"So what street are you staying on? I know this city center like the back of my hand and my shift is ending so you're in luck," he unties his apron string from around his neck and hangs it on the hook behind him. For a brief moment I drink in his appearance wondering if I should be telling this man where I live after all he is a stranger in a gelato shop. He's wearing a black t-shirt that hugs every ripple of his muscles and dark jeans that are tight in all the right places. My heart quickens and I can feel a pulsing deep in my belly.

"I'm staying off of.." I pause and reach for my notebook since I lost my train of thought, "Via di Gesu e Maria."

He laughs, "You're kidding me, we must be neighbors! I live on the same street, lets get you there so you can be more comfortable." He gestures to my shirt his cheeks turning bright red. I look down and am horrified to see my soaking wet shirt is not only exposing my black bra but my nipples are standing at full attention just begging to be fondled. I squeak and cross my arms and he grabs my luggage and hands me my purse. 

We take our time and stroll down the well lit streets at a slow pace talking about all the places we've been and where we're from. He asks me how long I'm staying and I can hear a slight twinge of disappointment when I tell him I'm only staying for less than a week. For a few moments we walk silently next to each other and I drink in every detail around me. I see people rowing their boats on the river and the colors in the leaves changing from green to yellow and wish this is a place I could call home. The street lights are old fashioned with charm and iron details so intricate it's hard to believe it's just a lamp on a street in this big vibrant city. My thoughts are interrupted by his fingers lightly caressing the back of my arm to my fingertips.

"This is our street," he says looking down at me as he plays with my fingers. I feel hot and cold at the same time and a shiver escapes from my body. He wraps his hand around mine and pulls me closer. I walk down the street with him now hand in hand and see the number "2889" and point to a faded green door with a beautiful dark iron knocker on it's front. He pulls out a key and laughs, "What a coincidence, we really are neighbors."

"You're joking!" I exclaim taken aback by this extreme coincidence.

He takes the key and puts it in the lock on the green door and right as he's about to turn it the door flies open and my apartment host is standing in the doorway. She is absolutely breath taking. Her long brown hair looks luxuriously soft to touch and she has hazel eyes adorned with the longest eyelashes I have ever seen. She looks down at our joined hands and back up to my face with amusement in her expression. 

"So I see you've met Luca," she raises her eyebrows at him and he gives her the biggest grin. Up until now I realize I haven't even told him my name and he never told me his either, "I'm Serena, you must be Annie. Come in, come in you look so tired, let me show you around" 

"Nice to meet you and thank you so much for hosting me," I smile at her and she grabs my bag from Luca and lightly punches his arm. 

"Only two can fit in the elevator so I'll take the stairs, see you two on the 5th floor." she winks and turns down the hall so me and Luca are left alone. 

"After you, Annie.." he smirks at me and opens the door. Once we're inside it's a little cramped so my chest is touching his and I can feel his breath on my ear. I know he can feel my nipples and I just want to press my face in his chest to hide my blushing cheeks. His hand lightly caresses the back of my arm again and goosebumps prick all over my skin. I try to breathe evenly so he doesn't notice how aroused he's making me just by touching me so lightly. This elevator is so slow! The pressure inside me is building more and more as he presses in closer to me. He places his hand around my waist and looks down at me with longing in his eyes. For a small moment time stops when our eyes meet and I can feel the tension building. I can see him giving in to whatever has been on his mind for the last hour. The only sound I can hear is the light buzzing of the elevator, our slow breathing, and my heart beating out of my chest. 

He wraps his other hand along the side of my face coaxing me to tilt my chin to his and I do. Our lips are inches away from each other, I close my eyes and feel his warm lips press on mine. He is soft, gentle, and sweet as he moves his lips in sync with me. He wraps his hand in my hair and pulls me closer to him intwining our bodies together in just the right way. I want him to touch me and discover that the whole time we've been together I haven't been wearing any panties. I move my hand down his chest and tuck two fingers behind his waistband and I hear him let out a small moan. His skin is prickly like he shaved not too long ago, I slip my fingers out and lightly rub him through his jeans. He is rock hard and fills his jeans but all I want to do is unzip his pants and see what he's working with.

"I knew you had a wild side, Annie.." when he says my name he almost moans it and I feel a throbbing deep inside me become a hunger that needs to be satisfied. I let out a soft moan as he breaks away from me and adjusts himself just in time as the elevator stutters to a stop. The doors fly open and his sister is standing there with her arms folded.

"This elevator is so slow. Let's get you settled, hm?" she helps me out of the elevator and as I step down I can feel my wetness dripping down my thighs so I press my legs together hoping no one will notice. 

She unlocks the front door and ushers me in showing me where all the essentials are and how to work the toilet. After a short talk Serena excuses herself to check in another guest and I'm left alone once more with Luca. He's sitting in a chair by the window with his chin resting in the palm of his hand and I can feel his gaze trying to see past my clothes. 

"Do you want some tea?" I ask him and he doesn't respond he just smiles at me, "Because I want some tea and I wouldn't mind making you some."

He shakes his head and doesn't move his body an inch, still sitting in the same position as if him drinking in the way I look was more than enough. I fight the urge to make him break his silence with moans of pleasure as I think about the elevator and put a kettle of water on the electric stove top. Looking back at him he's still admiring me from a distance and I can't help but laugh at the slight awkward feeling of someone staring at me. I decide to take matters in my own hands and walk over to him with intent. 

"Mind if I sit?" I ask and he starts to get up but I stop him. I lower myself down on to his lap and I can tell he's surprised. My skirt rises up just high enough to expose my thighs but not the fact that I'm panty free. I can feel him growing under me and I let my full weight sink into him. He leans his head back, inhales, and closes his eyes. I lean down to his ear lightly graze his ear lobe with my lips, "Is this okay?"

His eyes open and I can feel his bicep flex under my fingertips, he's holding back. His arms reach around me pulling me tightly up against him and he stands up. I wrap my legs around him and put my arms over his shoulders supporting myself. His eyes darken with passion and turns to push my body up against the wall. With his hips pinning me to the wall I wrap my legs tighter and in one swift movement he pulls off my t-shirt exposing my black lace bra.

"Is this okay?" he asks with his hands exploring my now uncovered shoulders and sides. 

All I can do is nod and I can't contain myself anymore. I rip off his shirt and slide my hands down his chest lightly flicking his nipple and biting my lip. He grabs my hair in a fist and breaks us away from the wall dropping me down on the bed. He kisses my face down to my ear and then to my neck sending goosebumps all the way down to my once again hard nipples. I press my chest to him letting him feel how turned on he's made me and he moves his mouth to them. He kisses and licks between them lightly pressing them on either side of his face as he takes a deep breath. He reaches behind me and undoes the clasp with an experts finesse and my now swollen breasts spring from their cage. He tweaks my right nipple and takes my left into his warm, soft mouth. I moan loudly and he swirls his tongue around and around making me gasp for air. I wrap my legs around him and feel his free hand slide down to explore under my skirt and he freezes.

"You're not wearing panties?" He asks with a bemused smile crinkling his eyes. I shake my head and bite my lip containing fits of giggles that he's discovered my secret. "Mmm oh fuck that's hot." he groans as he flips me and pulls my hips up so I'm laying on my chest with my ass in the air. I moan and press my face into the lace covered throw pillow anticipating what will happen next. I can feel his tongue on the inside of my thigh by my knee tasting the mess that's been slowly creeping past the hem of my skirt. He trails his tongue all the way up to the apex of my thighs and stops short teasing me. I moan loudly to get his attention and I feel a cool finger slip inside me swirling around collecting my cream. His thumb presses up against my clit, rubbing it in circles until I feel the pressure building. A second finger slips inside me and I moan as he moves them in different directions. He pulls me so my knees are on the edge of the bed and he sits on the floor after he takes his fingers out of me. He grabs the tops of my thighs and lowers my ass so that my pussy fills his mouth and he gently sucks. He spreads my lips apart with his hands so that I'm wide open and begins to tongue fuck me. 

"Holy fuck." I get out between gasps, "Oh God... mmm" I moan while his tongue laps up all of my juices and his fingers flick and rub my clit. He really knows what the hell he is doing.. I feel my legs begin to shake and a deep fire lit within becomes more intense with every lick. He moves to my clit with his mouth sucking on it hard and rubbing it with his tongue. He presses his chin into me and sucks me one more time and in a matter of seconds I lose myself, cumming harder than I ever have before. I'm panting and out of breath as my pussy pulses, aching for more. I roll over on my back and he stands up shirtless with his jeans still on and takes the now screeching kettle off the stove. 

He walks back over to the bed and I sit up to kiss his stomach nibbling near his navel over to his side. When he starts to undo his belt I stop him and stand up with him. Gently, I kiss his lips that are sweet and sour from my cum and whisper, "your turn." 

I push him down on the bed and start undoing his belt all while making eye contact with him. Pulling his jeans down over his hips his cock delightfully springs up, pitching a tent in his boxers and I can already tell that it's magnificent. I pull his jeans off and get on the bed so I'm straddling his cock with my still wet pussy and rock my hips back and forth feeling him grow. I trail my fingertips from his face to his chest and bite my lip as I lean down to taste his lips again. They're still soft just like in the elevator but theres more of a hunger to our kiss than before. I trail down his chest kissing his neck on the way, allowing my hands to follow my kisses. I slide off him and pull him by his knees to the edge of the bed so his legs are hanging off and I finally slip off his boxers. His cock is stiff with desire and I can see it pulsing as if it were begging me to have a taste. I tuck my hair behind my ear and look up at him longingly as I put his tip in my mouth. I begin to suck it lightly and hear a moan escape from his parted lips encouraging me to take the whole thing in my mouth. I slowly fill my mouth until he begins to penetrate my throat with his well endowed dick making my gag reflex respond but I don't care. I suck him hard and take him deeper fucking him with my mouth. I let all my spit drip from my mouth to lubricate him even more as I begin to stroke him with my hands. Moving my lips down to his balls I take one in my mouth and swirl it around and then I take in both and massage them with my tongue. His moaning is getting louder and he's the hardest he's been so I keep my hands on him while sucking and flicking his tip until he starts to pulse. 

"Mmm cum for me baby.." I moan as I begin to suck his cock taking him in as deep as I can. He lets out a loud moan and I feel him explode in my mouth. His hot sticky cum fills my tastebuds and I swallow him while our gaze is locked on each other. I spit whatever is left back on him and suck it back up swallowing again and I can tell he isn't finished with me yet. He grabs my shoulders and pulls me up so I'm straddling him again except this time he's inside me. He's still throbbing and already firm again pulling himself in and out of me by lifting my hips and thrusting. I feel myself budding up again ready to be rocked into a sex induced coma. I arch my back and beads of sweat begin pool on my skin and fall on the sheets. He sits up wrapping his strong arms around me and plunges harder and deeper inside me while biting my neck and breathing in my ear. 

"Oh my fuck.." I exclaim before I cum all over him finishing with pure pleasure. My body is spent and I'm happily exhausted but he isn't finished. He pulls out of me and stands us up so I'm facing away from him. He bends me over so my hands are resting on the arms of the chair and I'm full again. He rams his cock in and out of me until I'm shaking and on the verge of cumming again. I feel his cock pulsing inside of me ready for release as he groans loudly and I feel him burst, filling me up all the way. Our breath is ragged and heavy as we collapse on the bed that is soaked with our sweat.

He looks over at me and I look up at him and he caresses my arm from my shoulder to my nipple and down to my fingertips. I giggle and lay on my side. I lean down to his lips and sweetly kiss him and can't contain my smile between kisses. He tucks my hair behind my ear and says, "Would you like some tea, neighbor?"

I grin from ear to ear and laugh, "Yes please, neighbor."

....To be continued.

A Stranger in a Gelateria2