A Stay in an Ocean Town

A Stay in an Ocean Town

To all the special friendships I made on SP

I always admired Nicole for her hard work, skill set, and pleasant personality, she complimented the sales team very well. Nicole was replacing Ron on a business trip with me to a customer outside Genoa, Italy. Ron was transitioning to another business unit and felt it would be a good opportunity for Nicole to meet one of his oldest accounts. I was going to serve as technical support on an issue of failing units. Nicole could put a smile on anyone’s face, just a sweet kind person, and I might add, very easy on the eyes. Both our faces would light up whenever we passed one another, and we always had a story to share. I always thought of her as a dear friend but would be lying if sometimes my feelings for her did not grey outside the circle. I often wondered her true feelings for me. There were times I would feel the weight of her stares during monthly status meetings. We stopped in Chicago to visit one of Ron’s accounts. The next day, a taxi back to O’Hare to catch our international flight. While passing thru the TSA checkpoint, we were collecting our personal items from the bins. At the same time, we both reached for one of the bins and our hands touched.”

“I’m sorry Nicole” I replied.

Chuckling, she replied “Your anxious to get out of Chicago.”

We both laughed. At that moment, a new series of deeper feelings towards Nicole began to slowly surface. As we strolled to our gate, I admired her female form and her memorizing walk.

Things I never notice before, I did now. I notice, after the “touch” she was a little reserved, where as before, a little chatter box, for we both were. That lifted somewhat when she started to comment on some of the passengers who began to arrive at the gate. She swore the one lady was the local weather reporter back home, whom she had a girl crush on. The flight was routine however things still felt a little awkward between us. I could tell by her eyes she was getting sleepy. I notice she began to nod off. While reading about the latest advancements in pain management, I heard her in an inquisitive voice “Anthony.”

“Yeah, Nicole?” There was no reply. I turned and found her looking at me. I said “Nicole, what’s wrong?”

After a slight pause, she said, “Nothing”.

“Are you sure?” I replied.

“Yes, you should try to get some sleep.” She responded.

We landed in Genoa, around 9am, a prearrange taxi took us to our customer near Chiavan. Nicole was amazing on site, she greeted our customers in Italian and quickly had them charmed. Meanwhile, I went on the production floor to identify the cause of the failures. The problem was traced to the way the units were being installed. Our visit ended shortly before 2pm. Our customer treated us to a lavish eight course meal. Nicole and I arrived at our hotel around 6 in the evening. The hotel was a charming courtyard style villa in the Chiavan countryside. Being 10 rooms at the most, ours were situated on the second-floor opposite with our balconies facing. While settling in, I heard her call my name. I opened my balcony doors, and in an English manor accent she said, “Young chap, young chap I say, would you have an extra towel you could toss over.” We both laughed and agreed to meet at the nearby restaurant at 8 that evening.

The restaurant like the hotel fitted in nicely to the quaint colorful ocean village. We picked a table outside, so we could view the ocean and the town. While waiting for the waiter, we discussed our plans for tomorrow, since it would be a free day before returning state side the following day.  While discussing, a shepherd approached leading his lambs thru the cobblestone street.  Nicole, elated, stood and leaned over the fence petting the lambs as they passed. It was hard not to notice her in jeans. She turned to me to see my reaction to the lambs and caught me staring. She slowly sat down, and a silence came over our table. At that moment, I knew, as well as Nicole, whatever happened at the TSA line; whatever was planted, it was alive now and demanding to be fed. And at that moment I knew our friendship, which I adored, would be tested in the coming days.  I regretted that Ron did not accompany us.

The food was divine, the pasta, wine, cheese, course after course, I knew this food experience would stay with me. As I slowly bit into my Spinach and Cheese Tortelloni, Nicole was telling me about a union port strike she read in the local newspaper. I tried very hard to pay attention, but would gravitate back to her appearance. On occasion, she would catch me, among other things, staring at her breast under her satin white blouse. This would cause me to shamefully adjust the cloth napkin on my lap. During the third course, Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus and Chocolate Ravioli, she asked if I was enjoying the food. With a mouth full, I gave a pleasant eye roll and satisfying nod. As the evening progressed, the waiter swapped our remaining dinner ware with Tiramisu on a single glass plate with two forks. Over the murmur of voices, was an ole school record player situated in the corner of the restaurant. Playing mostly older western and regional songs, an Italian song in which Nicole was familiar with began to play.

 “I like this song” Nicole said

With one last bite, she slowly drew the fork from her lips. She arose from her chair. slightly tipsy from the evening wine, her first steps were measured. The row of lights strung from the canopy behind her, pierced her satin blouse showing her form. She was making her way to a lower back patio that overlooked the ocean. During her slow navigation around the tables, she turned to give me a glance. I followed, like her, my first steps were measured as well. The patio view was beautiful, with the moon light beaming off the ocean and the stars above. With the beauty described, it was only a backdrop to Nicole, who was standing, arms folded swaying to the music. I positioned myself behind Nicole and put my hands on her shoulders. Touching her once again triggered a pleasurable impulse. With no rejection from her, I drew her even closer, wrapping my arms around her, I began to move with her. The heat of her body nullified the dropping evening temperatures. With that embrace, for some, it would been just an embrace; but for Nicole and I, our desires, once hidden and guarded were now free. I wanted her, my arousal was feverish.

 “I want you”.  she whispered.

With those words, I finally knew that she wanted me as much as I wanted her. We were so close, I knew she had to feel me in the back. I was so hard with precum oozing out of me like a dripping faucet. I wanted her on the patio under the moon until we both collapse in ecstasy. Even in my mindless state of want, I reminded myself of how exhausted we were from travel, and the bottle of wine we had consumed during dinner. I did not want to take advantage of the situation. Moreover, I needed to know that our want was real. I looked up to the night sky for some type of intervention when ,  from the distance record player, a Spanish pop love song.  I drew her even closer, swaying to the Latin melody, I whispered the Latin verses in her ear.

We continued to sway to the Latin melody.

                In a soft trance-like voice, she said  “ I didn’t know you could speak Spanish”’.

“I don’t, I just know the Spanish annunciations to this song, my college roommate would play his songs”. I replied.

“Awwww, you ruined the moment, you know you could have lied about not speaking Spanish…..oh, oh yeah, I forgot, you once told me lying is a smoke screen for a weak personality. Big words from someone who has been living a lie for the past five years” She responded.

“Nicole, it’s late, we had an exhausting day and we have both been drinking”. I replied.

Continuing in her trance-like voice “oh I’m fine. It was you all this time, wasn’t it?  The chocolates on my desk for Valentines, I would ask if you knew who in the office it could be, and you would say no. You see I began to suspect you two years ago after returning from lunch and finding chocolates on my desk and smelling your aftershave. I must have missed you by seconds. That’s what I wanted to ask you on the plane, I just want to hear it from you, do you ever think about us?”.

“It was me Nicole, it was always me, and yes I do think about us”. I replied in a choked voice.

“Anthony, for five years? Why didn’t you say something”?  She replied.

 “Say what? Eric is a nice guy, you guys brought that lovely home a few years ago, a friendship meant I could always have a part of you in my life”. I replied.

At that moment she unclenched my arms and turned to me and said. “Oh, so a lovely home makes me happy”?

With our heated desires somewhat quelled by the revelations. We started to stroll back to the hotel. We stopped in front of the courtyard.

“I enjoyed the evening”. Nicole said while folding her hair back behind her right ear.

“I want to whisper something in your ear”. Nicole said.

“Stop messing around Nicole” I chuckled.

“No, I’m serious, come here”. Nicole replied.

With a puzzled look, I bent down to get closer.

“That was a beautiful Spanish song on the patio, here are the words” She whispered

“Forget you
I swear I could not
your image goes with me
I cannot erase it

I will keep loving you
and I will continue to crave
see you one more time”

“I didn’t know you knew Spanish” I said in amazement.

A soft smile came to her face.

“You could had lied” I said.

We both smiled, with a kiss on a cheek, we went to our rooms.

I woke around 9am to the sounds of the ocean side village. Little worried that it might be a little awkward between us in lite of the events that transpired last night. I was so embarrassed; but at the same time, I was relieved that our feelings were now known. I walked out onto my balcony to see if I could see any signs that she might be awake. Preparing to send her a text, I heard balcony doors opening, looking up it was Nicole on her balcony.

“Good morning Anthony, you sleep well”. Nicole said is a cheerful voice.

I was happy that so far things appeared normal between us.

“Morning Nicole, yes I had a good sleep, How about you”. I replied.

“Great, I got up around 7:30, and went to the open market, come on over for a light breakfast”.  She said

“Wow! Sounds good, I will be over in 20”. I said.

Whereas my side of the hotel faced the village, her side faced more of the country side with a vineyard in stones throw. Outside each hotel room on the open 2nd floor were flower arrangements atop bronze plant stands. Each stand adorned with magenta ribbon bows. As I walked upstairs, Nicole was found watering her flower arrangements. She was wearing the prettiest blue yoga leggings and a fitted white t shirt embroidered with a kitten.

“This poor thing is parched, I wonder if the others need watering”, She said in a concerning voice.

“I am sure that someone waters them”, I said in a curious tone.

But that was Nicole, having a deep caring for things that were living. Entering her room, she walked in front of me. Checking her ass out I looked up and ever so slightly I seen her looking at my reflection in a framed artwork on the wall. Perhaps she was attempting to determine if my want was still there. Surprising things did not feel awkward between us. There were two small wooden farmers baskets on the table. One basket contained a few apples and a handful of blackberries and strawberries. The other basket contained crackers, cheese and salami. Nicole was explaining to me how each region was known for a specific type of cheese. While she was giving the Italian annunciation to the foods, I was easily distracted by her leggings when she got up to retrieve a small knife. While eating, we talked about possibly renting bikes and exploring the country side. She asks if I would be interested in visiting the del Risorgimento Istituto Mazziniano art Museum in nearby Genoa. She continued to mention there was going to be some type of small orchestra performance at the museum that evening.

“Here, try one of these delicious blackberries”. Nicole said while feeding me one with her fingers.

While biting down I accidently nipped her two fingers.  This mishap instantly sent a pleasure impulse all over my body. Grabbing her forearm so that she could not pull her hand away, I greedily sucked the juices from her finger tips. With deep shallow breaths, and a swollen cock, the primal urges from last night had suddenly resurfaced and with a vengeance.  I somewhat regain my composer, not yet making eye contact with Nicole, I slowly opened my eyes. She too, was in the same state. Her chest expanding with each shallow breath, both our faces in desperation. With one last breath, her facial expression went blank and she he slowly closed her eyes, she had succumbed. The speed at which I arose from my chair caused it to fall back onto the floor. I grabbed her upper arm like a teacher grabbing a naughty pupil and stood her up. I rubbed her thru her blue leggings. She was so warm and moist. I dropped to my knees, pulling her leggings down, I buried my face deep into her pussy and feverously began to slurp her. The taste of blackberries and her juices produce a succulent flavor.  With her legs trembling she grabbed the back of my head and jammed her clit deep into my hungry mouth. Thru the opened balcony doors her moans could be heard in the courtyard. The once chirping birds in the courtyard tress, as if they knew the weight of this timeless ancient ritual, were silenced. Her clit was so hard and with each suck, bringing her closer to climax until my mouth was literally bursting with her juices. It took two full gulps to consume her. At this point, barely able to stand, I carried her and laid her down across the bed. After climax, her limbs lifeless, I carefully remove her shirt exposing her firm beautiful breast. Laying there, she looked like a work of art, a piece that good easily grace the walls of the Musee du Louvre. I gently glided my fingertips along her legs and arms as she recovered from her orgasm. Few minutes passed I got up to pick up the chair and to close the balcony doors. Returning to her after unclothing, I was thinking of a way to extend our stay here for a few additional days, if not a week. I could not imagine the questions and gossip such an action would generate back at the office. I climbed in bed and straddled over her.

“ I cannot keep my eyes off of you, I never known want like this before”. I whispered in her ear.

“You are beautiful Nicole, I always wanted you” I continued in heavy breaths.

Her breaths heavy, suddenly, she wrapped her arms around my back and pulled me to her. With my hands, I grabbed her shoulders and then thrusted my throbbing cock inside her. Spasms shot thru both of our bodies, thrust after thrust, our moans of pleasures eventually giving away to cries of climax. My cock pulsated as I pumped loads of warm cum inside of her. We spent the morning and afternoon captured by our passion.

Late afternoon, we lay in bed, she on her back, me on my side. Admiring her beauty and running my hand along her body with an occasional kiss to her extremely ticklish lower abdomen. I loved the sounds of her giggles and laughter that were quickly absorbed by the two medieval tapestries in her room.

We both slowly drifted off to a nap. The last thing I remember was of her pulling the sheets over us.

I awoke, with Nicole busy in her room. Due to the time, we scratched our plans to visit the museum. Instead, we decided to rent bikes and ride to an outdoor market on the other side of the vineyard. It was magical spending time with her. I got pleasure just from watching her browse the market and conversating with the West African merchants. We shared a delicious African street dish, she called it zanzibar pizza. On the way back we took a short cut and walked our bikes thru the vineyard. It was late evening, with both the setting sun and moon sharing the sky. Walking our bikes single

            file down the row of vines, Nicole stopped.

           “Don’t you love that aroma”. Nicole said while surveying the heavens above.

            Before continuing our walk, she turned back to me and said “You have been quiet this evening.”

           “Just wish we could stay here a few more days” I replied.

            Looking down and looking back up she said “I know.”

            We continued our march thru the vineyard. I had no regrets about the day. I thought about what tomorrow would bring until we came upon an opening with the bike rental in sight.

            “Race you”

The End

Lyrics referenced “Noche a Noche” by Juan Gabriel

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