Nov 02, 2021
A Halloween Party Erotica

A Halloween Party Erotica

Who knew it would take such a naughty turn...

I stood in front of the mirror of my hotel room to look myself over before leaving for the party. I knew I looked good enough to eat but I still felt the butterflies in my stomach slowly creeping up my throat. I was nervous. I adjusted my red cape and felt the silky fabric between my fingers as it fell into place around my bare shoulders. Slowly I began to run my hands over the rest of my costume taking in the slippery caress of the material. I could sense the matching red silk thong slightly biting at the apex between my thighs and my mind wandered to dirtier places. My hands lingered over my breasts and lightly circled around my hard nipples and I could feel my panties dampen. I love to please and touch myself but the thought someone pressed up against me in this supple costume makes my cheeks flush with anticipation. Just then my phone lights up and I see my best friend Jessie’s name appear on the caller ID. I quickly answer and snap out of the wet daydream I was living in.

“Hey you sexy thing! I’m already here, where are you??” I can tell she’s already a few drinks in. 

“Hey Jess, I’m ready! I’m heading out of our room now! It’s at the Ritz right??” I say while fumbling to get my room key and wallet into my black satin clutch.

“Yes girl! Just take a right out of the hotel and it’s only like two blocks! I’ll see you soon, bye!” and with that the line went silent. I took one last look in the mirror, reapplied my lipstick, and with that I was on my way.

Walking in the huge double doors of the venue I was greeted by a shirtless bouncer in a red devil costume asking for my ID with a sly smile. I tucked it away in my purse after he was satisfied and pressed myself into the crowd of half naked women and men pulsing with each other to the beat of the music. This seems like the perfect party for a little naughty fun I thought to myself. Just then I spotted Jessie dancing with a very tan and chiseled man in a Spartan outfit and she looked damn good! Her long black hair was swaying with her movements and she was wearing a sexy black witch costume with a black drink in her hand. She spotted me and deserted her man in waiting before he could even register what had happened. I giggled to myself and bit my lip. 

 “Heeeeyyyy!” She squealed dragging out the word as she pulled me in for a tight hug, “You look hot! We got into the VIP section!”

“Thanks! You look super fine, lady! You could cast a spell on me anytime!” I winked at her and we laughed as she grabbed my hand to pull me up the stairs to the VIP party. 

It was a different atmosphere entirely yet it had the same house music on. There was a neon dance floor with people grinding to the music along with covered beds and booths scattered around the edges. My mind flashed to my moist panties as I thought of all the things that were happening behind the red curtains of the covered mattresses. The music was so loud I could barely hear what Jessie was saying but she handed me two drinks and I understood what she wanted. I downed both drinks so I could catch up to her level of tipsy and bought two more at the bar. We made our way to the center of the dance floor, I drank one more drink and I could feel my stress melt away. These drinks must be strong! 

She began dancing to the music stroking the sides of my arms while I put my hand on her hip to get a little closer. The house music had an intense beat that was easy to roll my hips to and in a matter of seconds she synced hers with mine. I chugged my last drink and slid my other hand to the small of her back toying with the satin ribbons holding her black velvet corset together. My cheeks felt flushed and my belly was full of ice cold electricity as we moved together to the beat. We noticed that we caught the attention of two guys dancing in the crowd dressed as Firemen and Jessie leaned in close to my ear. 

“Lets give them a little show,” I could feel her breath on my neck as she yelled over the music. 

She leaned back and smiled at me then looked over to the Ladder 41 men to make sure they were paying attention. Her hands moved in different directions as we made close eye contact and I knew what was happening next. I bit my lip and felt a light shock of electricity between my thighs as I wrapped my arms around her. She slipped one hand to the hem of my skirt right over my ass and the other to the top of my shoulder. Her hand slowly trailed down until she cupped my breast and ran her thumb over my hard nipple. I moaned and found her mouth with mine placing my hand on the side of her face pulling her in as close as I could. I lightly grazed her bottom lip with the tip of my tongue begging for entrance as I slipped my other hand up to her breast and began to tease. I could feel the vibrations of the music caressing my now soaked panties as if it were begging for entrance as well. I felt the soft skin of her chest over the top of her corset and I pressed my hips into hers. She moaned and I took my opportunity to deepen the kiss. She pinched my nipple as I explored her mouth and she explored mine in a dizzy mixture of passion and alcohol. I lowered my other hand to her barely there leather shorts and gave her plump ass a hard squeeze. She bit my lip and smiled as she snaked her hand under my skirt only to pull my panties to the side and expose how turned on I had become. I could feel the vibrations of her moaning against my lips as she explored under my thong sliding her finger across my sticky, slick skin. I felt like we were the only people there and all I wanted was for her to take off my panties and taste how wet she had made me until someone bumped into me and startled me awake. She had one finger firmly on my clit massaging it in small circles as if she were controlling the music too and before she could fill me with her fingers I broke the kiss and leaned close to her.

My voice was ragged from the depths of my desire. “Jessie.. all these people!” I shouted over the music. 

She broke away and wrapped her arms around my waist, “You’re right, lets take this somewhere a little more private.” 

 As she led me away from the men with their jaws still on the floor I realized that maybe the only attention she was looking for tonight was mine… 

A Halloween Party Erotica