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G/G - Neck Arching and Moaning Pleasure (15mins)

G/G - Neck Arching and Moaning Pleasure (15mins)

***Scene 1: Stretching fully back, Melissa arches her neck back (holding the position for a few seconds then raising back up). Lexi starts kissing and licking Melissa's ribs and abs (Melissa breathing hard as it happens) for a total of 4mins. ***Scene 2: Melissa is now sitting up in the chair, camera angle zooms in, and Lexi is kissing and licking on Melissa's neck. It makes Melissa arch her neck back numerous times, with her eyes closed and mouth wide open, continuing to raise back up for 4 mins. ***Scene 3: While sitting in Lexi's lap, Melissa arches her neck back because she's melting from the vibrator on her private area (while wearing a thong). Melissa is also breathing in and out hard and intensely as she is melting. This repeats for another 4 mins. ***Scene 4: Melissa continues breathing in and out intensely and at a fast pace as Lexi is kissing and licking Melissa's abs. Camera angle has zoomed in once again and this goes for the remaining 3 mins.

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Posted May 31, 4:15 PM