Useful tips on how to sell used panties.

Selling used panties is a great way to make some cash and meet some interesting new friends. You could also make cash on foot fetish stuff selling used socks, ripped stockings and worn shoes. Creampie and milf panties are also panty fetish fan favorites. At Scented Pansy, you're only limited by the bounds of your sexy imagination. In addition to used panties, bras, stockings, we offer sections to sell photosets and videos to broaden your shop potential.

  • Step One

    Make a fun and interesting profile

    Fill out your profile with several images and your unique personal story or an invented persona. Show as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. Many members create a new email address (highly recommended!) to use exclusively for panty selling. This ensures safety and anonymity when interacting with buyers.

  • Step Two

    Upgrade to premium member

    Go to Account/Membership page to upgrade to Premium Seller membership for only $10/month (3 cups of coffee) to unlock premium features such as posting item listings, sales tracking and publishing directly to Twitter.

  • Step Three

    Create a listing

    Create listings for your unique used panties items. Pro tip: listings that have an image that shows the seller wearing the item sells better than an image of the item by itself. Add tags to increase searchability. Consider advertising an 'add-on' request for the item.

  • Step Four

    Track your stats

    Go to your dashboard to track how many sales you've made. You can see is following you and who has visited your profile recently. You can also tweet your listings right from the dashboard.

  • Customer service

    Reach out with any questions

    We're here for you if you need anything or have suggestions for features you would like as a member. Whether it is getting to know the system, payment handling or shipping wet panties, we are here for you. It's why many of our members call us the best panty selling site on the web!

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Are you into used panties pics? You can smell them through the mailer they are so pungent and sweet with young girl aroma. When you walk into her room and find her doing something naughty and think of smelling her ripe peach pie, it can be difficult to restrain your desires. That is why we have come up with a solution for you here on Scented Pansy. She is already getting these panties moist in the afternoon when she plays with her pussy. You might as well shell out some dough and get those babies in your possession. What you do with them is your business, but it should not be hard to figure out what to do. Wrap them around your boner and go to town. Of course all of the models on Scented Pansy are over the age of eighteen. This does not mean that are not super sweet to the nose.

Lots of men young and old like the underwear fetish. Milfs in wet panties often frequent this site and have many items for offer. She might allow you to sniff her grool if you are lucky. Talk nice to her and perhaps buy her something off of her list online. If you are sweet to her, she will be so in return. Fetish underwear make their way into mainstream media from time to time. There are a few publications about cum in panties and this gives us a wind at our backs to have a support system. It gives sellers confidence to do what they want and support themselves when times are trying (such as they are now). If you're into used socks, we have something for that kind of stocking tease too. Do not be shy my friend, you are in good hands. In the meantime, we'll see you on the dark side of the moon you dirty dog.