ULTIMATE GIRLFRIED EXPERIENCE Have you ever desired to have a beautiful, fun, friendly, tranny girlfriend to call your own? Wouldn't you love waking up to a Tgirls hard clitty poking up through her cute-lil-girly-panties, and her tight-smooth-pink-ass ready for you to unload in? OMG, what a better way to start the day! Wouldn't it be so nice to have naughty messages texted right to your digits and someone that actually cares about how your day at work is going? And after a hard days work, wouldn't you enjoy a big hug and yummy-sweet-deep-kisses wel'cum'ing you home from work every evening? After dinner I know you deserve some fun dessert in the bedroom and of course a yummy-cummy-blowjob before bed! And to complete our naughty day you can help me pick out my outfit for tomorrow followed by a yummy-cummy goodnight kiss! OMG, so much yummy, cummy fun we'll have as GF and BF! Your Tgirl GF - Dani Reserve your experience here! GF EXPERIENCES INCLUDE: ♥ FULL 24 HOUR DAY AS YOUR GF ♥ ♥ GOOD MORNING VIRTUAL KISS ♥ ♥ SEXTING 30 MINUTES PER DAY ♥ ♥ VIRTUAL BEDTIME BLOWJOB ♥ ♥ MORNING WOOD PIC ♥ ♥ PICK OUT MY OUTFIT ♥ ♥ DAILY SURPRISE PICS ♥ ♥ GOODNIGHT KISS ♥ ♥ VIP MEMBERSHIP ♥ ♥ PLEASURE ♥ 11 views | Posted Aug 09, 2021
$39 USD

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