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Schoolgirl Uniform: Ice Play (20mins)

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Wearing a schoolgirl outfit (just shirt and skirt). No bra or panties underneath. I rub ice onto my nipples over my schoolgirl top until my nipples become hard and start poking through. After my nipples are as hard as possible, i take off my top and rub the ice onto my newly exposed skin, creating a lovely wet shiny trail down as I go. Then I rub ice onto nipples to make them wet. Afterwards I expose my belly and rub ice into my bellybutton (allowing ice water to fill and spill out of my bellybutton). Then I run my finger in a circular motion inside my bellybutton. I Pull the waistband of my skirt away and run my fingers and ice along it to make it wet. Then I run ice from my knee up to my inner thigh and touch the ice gently onto my vagina - (all unseen under skirt). Slowly I pull down the rest of my clothes as I run ice down my body until my vagina is exposed. I continue to Rub ice on and around my vagina for a bit. Then I rub ice down my body while I finger my pussy. Getting on all 4's and bent over in doggy - I rub ice onto my anus (in a circular motion), then fingering my pussy. At the end I roll onto my front and rub my pussy juice into my bellybutton and onto my nipples.

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