Quadruple Load 💩 Brownies Baking Vid [19:43]

Quadruple Load 💩 Brownies Baking Vid [19:43]

18 views | Posted May 23, 2020 at 1:11 PM

$ 25

Ever seen FOUR loads of 💩 go into ONE batch of brownies?! 🤯 The brownie requests get wild here! 😋 3 bathroom vids, and the 4th load goes directly in the bowl. I even roll the biggest load into a log and chop it up for EXTRA chunks! This one has it all, bathroom fun (with close-ups!), shit chopping action, and my cute and quirky self chit chattin' with you in the kitchen, cutie pie 😘 Run time is 19:43s, delivered via Google drive file!

baking vids shit vids busy in the kitchen girls cooking

Price: 25 USD

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