Glittery festive stockings I will go out and dance in these and then ship them to you! Sounds great? Let me know. I will dance all night long. That means 24hrs and fun night all included in these glittery stockings. Do you wish extras? 🌟 longer wear: 24hrs + CA$15 ✨ extra sweaty workout: + CA$10 ⭐ pee stain: + CA$15 🪐 period stain: + CA$15, 🎇 or let me surprise you... Shipping within Canada included in the price, if you live in the US, it is + CA$5. Pricing for international shipping upon request. Didn't you find what you were looking for? Do you prefer a different style? Message me what you desire and I will get it for you. Accept payment via Buy Me a Coffee (more to come). Thanks for shopping in Karisovna store!! Sweet delivery is coming to you! 9 views | Posted Oct 21, 2023
$20 CAD