Borrowed Sister Socks 👣 $15

Borrowed Sister Socks 👣 $15

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$ 15

These socks have a stinky story you’ll wanna hear 👣 Gather round all my dirty feet & sock lovers .... I have a younger sister who is always “borrowing” my stuff! 👀 Clothes, makeup, you name it. At least she asked this time right?? Famous for never doing laundry, my sister asked to borrow some of my socks. After she wore them to my sons baseball tournament & dinner afterwards, I told her I’d wash them 😈 But here they are! Worn by my sexy brunette sister & now this blonde sister has them on at work! 🔥 I’ll wear them 3 days total or until someone orders them 🥵 Save them from laundry day! ** Vacuum sealed, shipped discreetly to you with tracking 🌟 Sexy proof of wear pics included if you desire. Add ons available at $5 such as extra days, just ask. **

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Price: 15 USD

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