A bit of an animal😈

A bit of an animal😈

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£ 40

This stinky animal T-shirt has been worn for 24hrs a day for 9 days. That's at work, working out at home and wearing at night in bed..I also suffer from night sweats. So you want to really smell me at my sweetest yet stinkiest then this is the top for you. I don't wear deodorant as I'm allergic to it so you get the smell of me and only me! Snuggle up with me in bed and inhale me on your pillow next to you. I'll be doing one more work out in it when I get home and then it will be vacuum sealed for freshness. Will include 5 photos in t shirt and 4 nudes

milf t-shirt natural scent smelly sweet long wear photos nudes

Price: 40 GBP

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