What are points for and how do they work?

SP points system is an index for all activities on the site. Various interactions on the site will gain or reduce point levels (if you delete a comment, for instance). While we do not publish the exact formula for earning point values, members can earn points by:

  1. uploading photos 
  2. creating new listings
  3. marking listings as sold
  4. posting a review
  5. posting status
  6. posting comments
  7. posting articles

In addition, we use points for different levels of member distinction. For sellers, 3 levels: princess, queen, demigod. For buyers: prince, king, demigod. 

Level 1: 1500 - 7000

Level 2: 7001 - 15000

Level 3: 15000 +

And lastly, we have an overall ranking page to show levels of members.