Used Panties Seller Interview with StixxMarie

Editor's Notes | Aug 03, 2019
  1. How long have you been selling your used panties and what inspired you to begin?

    I started selling my panties in mid-march of 2019. It's only been a few months, and I'm addicted! I got inspired by word of mouth, ya know girls telling stories about "Did you know some girls sell their panties to people." No one actually knew anyone that did it (or at least they didn't admit that the "some girls" were them). I thought about it for some time as if it was an impossible venture, but I finally decided to do real research on it and give it a try!

    Do you do any other type of adult work?

    When I was 18, I had a brief stint of Webcamming as well as exotic dancing. Over the past few years, I have done burlesque costume modeling and paid night club appearances. I wouldn't consider the work over the past few years to be what some would consider "adult", but I suppose everyone has their own definition of risqué.

    What do you enjoy most about selling worn panties?

    I enjoy the empowerment and confidence it gives me. I find pride in my womanhood and body when I am preparing orders. I also enjoy speaking with buyers and learning more about different sexual preferences and fetishes. It has really brought me closer to my sexual side.

    Do you ever get requests that are too extreme for you?

    YES! I think all sellers have come across requests that we decide to deny. I originally thought that selling panties was extreme, but have found there are buyers looking for much for extreme purchases. I do not judge or feel offended if it is something I can not do, but I will refer them to another seller if I have noticed listings for it in the past from someone.

    Any of your friends or family know or is this a secret pursuit for you?

    Everyone knows! Im very proud of it, and I think most people do not judge me for it. I am a fan of woman empowerment, and I encourage my female friends and family to do it too!

    What do you do for fun in your spare time?

    Spare time?! Ha! I have been working two full-time jobs as well as gigs on the side. I am also a student at Penn State, so spare time is not something I get to enjoy recently. However, I am a huge animal lover and enjoy yoga.

    What do you think contributes most to your success in this business?

    My friendly personality and nonjudgemental attitude have helped me a lot. I also think the willingness to show my face has helped me grow my shop in a relatively small time.

    What’s the best advice you could give to new sellers?

    I advise all sellers, new and old, to message buyers first. Chat a little bit with them and have actual conversations. They are not just a dollar sign. I like to view this site as a social media platform rather than a marketplace. Also, get your orders out promptly and communicate with buyers during the process. Let them know when things have shipped, inform them if you had a setback, etc. If you can't make it to the post office, find one with a self-help kiosk, they are usually available 24/7 and you can ship your orders out without needing stamps or trying to guess how much it will cost. It also confirms the address you are shipping to so you won't need to worry about it being undelivered when you don't put a return address (which you should never do!)

    How does Scented Pansy compare to other panty selling sites?

    I have not tried any other panty selling site. I did my research when I chose Scented Pansy, and I do not feel the need to venture off. I get to focus my time on one site rather than spreading it across several, and in my opinion, that has probably benefited me more.

    Anything on your mind that you'd like to express that wasn't addressed in the interview?

    I want to express my gratitude for all the buyers here that are brave enough to join a site like this and let their vulnerabilities show. It takes a lot of courage for most! I also want to thank all of the sellers who I have come in contact with that have offered ideas or solutions to problems I have faced!