You're Not Alone

You're Not Alone

Hang On In There

Ok so if you are anything like me you came into this industry thinking you were just selling panties. "WRONG". There is so much more to it than that, as I found out the hard way.

I joined Scented Pansy in Feb 20 thinking I was just going to make a bit of money selling my worn panties, "no harm done right?" I eagerly set up my shop with a few different types of panties and I was quite proud of myself. I've never sold anything online before so I was excited. Shop sorted and Bio written I thought I would scroll through the feed again. This time I saw it with relaxed eyes. O.M.G. I always considered myself to be fairly "streetwise" and fairly open and experienced in sex, if only verbally (i used to have a friend who worked in the adult industry as a sex worker and she used to show me some of the things she got up to at work).

So I'm scrolling through with pure admiration for these girls...I could never do anything like the girls were offering, I never even took my bra off in front of my bf as I hated my boobs and what on earth do all these abbreviations stand for?

I wasn't getting any panty sales mostly because I was a "newbie" and because Covid had just been announced and everyone was wary. I'd just lost my job at the pet store, apparently, I wasn't fit for the job because I have a bad back and waiting for surgery so I thought I've got to do my bf took some lingerie shots of me to sell. 

WOOHOO!! I sold my pics £1 each, hardly breaking the bank I know but it was a sale and I was proud...and I got my first review but then guys started flirting with me, omg my bf will kill me but I was loving it...other people found me attractive still, it was so empowering and I loved it!     Then I started getting requests for nudes...erm, OK....I'll wait until bf's gone to work and I'll take a few shots. SOLD. I was getting the bug for this, then came the ...."Do you do masturbation videos?" "WHAT?" I don't even masturbate...."no, really!" So I had a little purple bullet that the bf had bought for us to experiment with, again I waited until he went to work and I switched to video on my phone and away I went.  The guys loved it and I was getting more turned on by that, then one day "oh fk I've just pi**ed on camera, I had just emptied my bladder before I started though just like I always do. I started reading up on it and "WOW" I've squirted! Feeling relaxed about it but also excited I carried on with my video. I squirted again and again and I have to tell you it felt amazing. I couldn't wait for my bf to get home so I could tell him.

He was pleased for me but not happy at what I was doing it for, he wanted me to leave SP, "You were only meant to be selling panties, Why are you chatting with guys and making fking videos?" My heart dropped...I was loving what I was doing and didn't want to stop, I was finally getting my confidence back after a bad marriage. I did a bit of sulking and he agreed to help me so long as there were no more secrets, After all sex had become out of this world!

We started to look into things a bit more. We'd heard of BDSM and Bondage before but what the hell was ATM (clearly not a cash machine!) DP, Gaping, Pegging? I really should have done my research before joining, I am way out of my depth but in it now and I'm not leaving. I carried on reading as much as I could take in and when I had requests I was honest with the buyer and told them I'm new to the "kink" world and don't know what it means. 99% of the time the guys were great and helped me but I really should have done my homework first before jumping in with both of my tiny feet. So I thought "I can't be the only girl who has done this" and for that reason I have done a "small" list of some of the things you will see and a brief description of their meanings.

BDSM - Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism &     Masochism 
B&D - Bondage & Domination
BD - Bondage & Discipline
Bondage - Rope tying for sexual pleasure
Dominant - One who has power (Dom/Domme)
Submissive - One who gives up power (Sub)
Switch - One who switches between roles
Femdom - Female dominance over male/female
CBT -  Cock & Ball Torture
Cage/Keyholder  - Chastity cage which locks around genitals to prevent sexual pleasure, will usually pay a someone to be a Keyholder to give over sexual rights
Sissy - Someone who wants to be as much of a female as possible..not just dress like one
Crossdresser -  Someone who gains sexual gratification by dressing as a woman
Goddess & Worship - Female dominate who specialises in Goddess worship and Roleplay. Slaves usually Worship certain body parts or perform tasks for the Goddess
SPH - Small Penis Humiliation.. Guys pay for you to laugh and make fun of their penis
Cock Rating - Guy pays you to describe their penis and score out of 10
Pegging - Female wears a strap on penis to penetrate the guy/girl
DP - Double Penetration
Gaping - Anus remaining wide open after penetration
Facial - Ejaculation onto face
Golden Shower - Urinating onto a partners body
Creampie - Cum dripping from vagina/anus after sex
ATM - Ass To Mouth...Can cause illness so use caution
Squirting - Forceful female ejaculation from Urethra
Pussy/Ass Pops - Lollipops inserted into body parts
Gummies - Gummy candy marinated in bodily fluids
Poop/Scat play - Playing or masturbating with poop
Age Play - Roleplay ie, Daddy/Mommy and little girl/boy
Vanilla - Non kink sex
GFE -  Girlfriend experience
Milf - Mother I'd Like to Fk, older/mature female
BB - Baby..Most buyers/sellers express a dislike for this term
Daddy - Most buyers/sellers express a dislike for this term
BBW - Big Beautiful Woman
Voyeur - A person who watches from afar
POV - Point Of View
JOI - Jerk Off Instructions
 JOE - Jerk Off Encouragement 

** Always tell your partner what you plan to do or it will come back and bite you in the ass!    
It may sound scary and I was petrified at first but I have met some amazing people - Some are friends, others are more special and are like a second family that I am in contact with daily.

**However be aware...there are sharks. If you are unsure then contact a well-reviewed seller or just trust your gut instinct.
**If anyone wants your KIK on the first message - walk away they are usually scammers or looking for freebies....not all but a lot.
***If anyone wants to take care of you, spoil you and give you a weekly allowance - Run away and report to Admin. They are usually Sugar Daddy's and scammers. They want you to pay $200 to unlock their money but then they disappear.   If anyone wants to be your real Sugar Daddy he will start by buying from you and getting to know you for a while and then they start to spoil you.

Good Luck & Welcome to SP...             

The best panty selling site by far! XXX  

Pink Jasmine xx


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