You're Hot and I Want You

You're Hot and I Want You

Respect and Self Worth in the Realm Of Sex Work

Respect. The definition of the word itself is "a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements", or to "admire (someone or something) deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements". It is something we all desire as people, and nothing is a bigger turn on than when someone treats you appropriately.

I've always been pretty honest. I think if I were to be in a Faction, I probably would be in Candor (Divergent fans, anyone?) so hopefully my words do not offend. I will mainly be referencing issues I've faced from my own experiences and observations as a sex worker in this article, and I hope it benefits and encourages all those who have chosen to read my two cents!

I jumped into the realm of sex work when I was having a hard time holding down a job due to unforeseen life circumstances that were (and are) out of my control. I've always made do, I rock and roll with the punches life throws at me. That's just the nature of how life is! You have to go with it. After a lot of research, I began camming on various camsites. I began receiving requests for my panties, and from there I eventually stumbled into panty selling. I must say that panty selling has definitely become my favorite part of this work; I enjoy the entire process. It's exciting; communicating with the buyer, wearing for them, creating a special package. Developing a buyer-seller relationship, learning about them...all of their interests, turn ons, even little personal details about their lives that some have shared with me. While the money is nice, and I appreciate every person who has spent their hard earned dough on me (thank you so much for your support!) it is definitely not all about that. We're all real people here. For all you know, we've passed each other out there in the real world. It's not completely impossible.

That is a fact many people forget. You're a person, and so am I. Buyers and Sellers alike. We're all people who deserve respect, honesty, and fair treatment.

Buyers, I ask politely that you respect us sellers. Most of us love spoiling you, if you treat us right. Do not complain about our prices, or try to get items for free. Do not get angry at us or belittle us because you did not get what you wanted. We are real women, aware of our worth. Creating your items, takes a lot of time, love, and energy. We appreciate you trusting us to create these items for you. I speak for myself here, but every order I take quite seriously, and I'm always full of nervous little butterflies and excitement hoping my buyer enjoys it! If you want free and cheap, you've come to the wrong place. If you've come for an experience, with girls and women eager to please you? Welcome! I personally try to be accommodating in my shop, offering a little something for everyone (I am well aware money can be tight sometimes but a little pleasure and self care is important too!) However, if you're going to complain to me about my dollar nudes and demand I send you free items, please leave. You're doing a disservice to all of us, and we do take note of you good and bad apples. Heads up, fellas...stay sweet.

Sellers...we set both an example, and a standard. Our attitudes, and our actions towards fellow sellers as well as buyers speak volumes. Buyers will not want to be in an environment where the air is tense with competition, passive aggression, or catty behavior. Sex work is a competitive business for sure. We all hope for a sale for various reasons, but we should never get so cutthroat that we are willing to compromise our character and values for a sale. Encourage one another, support one another. Give a helping hand every once in awhile if you can. Know your worth. We were all new once before, eager for our first sale. Selling yourself short, is not the way to go my loves. While we can set our own prices here, I highly suggest you don't sell your panties for $5 dollars. Babes, you're worth so much more and don't let a damn soul tell you otherwise, no matter how aggressive and threatening they become, or how much they may try to mess with your head. Patience is the key to success.

NEVER EVER SCAM A BUYER. That's the quickest and easiest way to end up on everyone's permanent shit list.

Stay classy, folks.... and most importantly, have fun.

With much love and affection,

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