Women's Health and Sex Work

Women's Health and Sex Work

Kegels and Yoni Eggs

If only I could tell you all about the wonders of a woman's body with absolute certainty and scientific fact. 

Unfortunately, the US only recently mandated that women be included in all health research as of the late 90s, which has caused a lack in understanding how a woman's body changes and responds to various illness and medications versus a male body. Only recently have woman been so inclined to invest in their health in ways that even some doctors have said is unnecessary or even farse.

Let me be the one to tell you that there are many new and amazing ways women can care for their bodies that  lt only affect their health, but also... Their sex lives😊 I love a little exercise known as Kegels. This small, yet effective exercise is mean to strengthen the vaginal walls inside a woman's body, allowing her more control over many of her pelvic muscles.

This strengthening tequnique extends to sexual pleasure. Even feel a woman grasp your length with only her vagina? That is all thanks to the vagin wall muscles. Not only can she grip you harder, but those muscles are responsible for her orgasms as well. The stronger those muscles, the stronger she orgasms. AND the stronger you can feel her orgasm.

Kegels can be assisted with a special device called Yoni eggs. These babies come in all sizes but their purpose is to strengthen those muscles even more than a basic kegel can. As someone who feared a "loose" pussy, I can vouch for this device and say my orgasms are sometimes paralizing with pleasure!

I want to venture into more women's health topics some day soon, but I though this knowledge would be a great starting point for anyone looking to intensify their sex life!💕💋