What’s hotter than sex? Not having it.

What’s hotter than sex? Not having it.

Can I Hold Your Key?

It’s after midnight and my phone goes off with a Wire notification. I already know who it’ll be from at this hour and sure enough, I’m right. He says to pardon his naïveté on the subject, but is my listing for key holding real? I can’t help but laugh, a year ago I probably would’ve asked the same question! I never seemed to be able to fully understand chastity. Well, not when I was an outsider looking in, anyway.

When I first began keyholding, I didn’t think much of it. From what I could tell, it wasn’t much more than literally holding on to the key to someone’s chastity cage (read: exactly what you think it is, a little cage that prevents erections)… how hard could that be? I put up my listing and had a few bites with short term, pre-arranged bouts of chastity for a few subs here and there. It was fun having that control, even for a short period of time. But I still didn’t feel that… spark! In almost all of my “specialties”, I still feel some bit of adrenaline from the process and just can’t continue if I’m not feeling it. What’s the point? I decided to stick with it and see if I couldn’t find my niche in this kink.

While I continued exploring chastity, I continued to have one buyer keep coming back for more tasks and other sub related services. He was easy to talk to and we hit it off, falling into our respective roles naturally. So when, after a few months, he asked me to hold his key, I suddenly felt like I got it. I actually felt excited when he said he wanted to see how long he could stay locked up! 

About a week later, I got the keys in a small, manilla envelope. I couldn’t help but giggle a little as I opened them, I was so excited!! My Alpha watched me from across the room and asked me what the keys were for. I told him, they’re to the lock of a chastity cage. He doesn’t get to get hard until I say. He doesn’t even get to stand up to pee until I say so! I send a quick Snap of the keys. They’re here!!!!  He tells me he could feel his heart beating through his chest when he handed the padded envelope across the counter.

Now it’s been weeks, and the first few were a little rough, I’ll admit. But time has flown by and I still feel a little tingle when I think about how much longer we’ll be able to go together! When there is enough trust there, it opens the door for people to be more open and push their boundaries. I am now actually lucky enough to hold the keys for two subs, both long-term. It’s become such a turn on to be in control over something so intimate and know that every time they start to get turned on, I’m the first thing they’ll think of! What could be more erotic? 

What’s hotter than sex? Not having it.2