What in the world is VIP??

What in the world is VIP??

A few weeks ago, we all log in to SP for our daily dose of playtime and see there’s a new feature: VIP Subscriptions. And with that comes the question many buyers and sellers alike seem to have: what in the world is that?!

VIP subscriptions are simply a safe and secure way to enjoy your favorite sellers content and get access to exclusive deals!  I’ve outlined a few of the most common burning questions I’ve been getting from SP members.

How do I get to a seller’s VIP content?

To get to your favorite girl’s VIP section, there’s no tag to search or anything like that, all you have to do is go to her page! Under the seller’s status are all the options for contacting and spoiling sellers, and one of the options is VIP! Just click the icon and the subscription options will pop up and you’re on your way!

How much does VIP cost?

Each seller’s VIP subscription prices are set by the individual seller and therefore will vary. Subscriptions can be set up & paid monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months, annually, or lifetime access. The prices & plans are offered at the seller’s discretion and may not be available for all seller’s VIP.

How do I pay for VIP?

VIP content can only be paid for in coins. This provides security for both buyers and sellers alike by ensuring payment is received and content is available to the buyer immediately!

I don’t want to pay with coins, can’t I just work it out with the seller privately?

At this time the only way to gain VIP access is by subscribing with coins; sellers cannot grant subscription access any other way.

What do I get with a VIP subscription? 

Each VIP will vary the same way that each G-Drive varies, but the general premise is the same. Sellers add content by creating new listings, except you don’t have to pay again to view the photo or videos. Sellers can include listing for discounted items and services or exclusive items only available to VIP subscribers. 

How each seller manages their content can vary also. Some may post daily while others may add new content weekly. While you are never obligated to renew your subscription, a buyer should still review seller’s VIP ads for specifics on their content and reach out to the seller with any questions prior to subscribing to guarantee all parties get what the want! 

Leave a comment if you’ve got more questions or want to add your own tips for making VIP content work for all of us!