Vacuum Seal Yes Or No

Vacuum Seal Yes Or No

Just recently I sold a pair of panties to a wonderful gentleman, the purchase was to wear, wipe, seal and send... PERFECT!


Until he received the package 4 days later (even though I sent priority mail)  the panties were spoiled!


I wrapped them wet with a wonderfully strong scent, as requested, I was just appalled this could happen, after 8 years of selling this has never happened before. 


So how to decided to vacuum seal wet, dry, or just use baggies.


Some say they vacuum seal the panties dry and put in instructions to mist with water to bring forth the scent or use a mister on an iron.


Some say vacuum seal wet and put instructions to allow the panties to air out before "using." 


Some say they only use baggies, which allows the panties to breathe and not spoil.

Because of this situation, I will now be reluctant to vacuum seal again. 

And then the other obstacle which is out of our control, USPS priority mail is now taking just as long as first-class mail.


I will be happy to hear from the rest of you wonderful buyers and sellers on your thoughts!


P.S....I  will be replacing the panties ruined.


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