Top 5 “Mistakes” Most New Used Panties Sellers Make

Top 5 “Mistakes” Most New Used Panties Sellers Make

My Tips & Opinions for Newbies

When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed by how many different options there are for used panties sellers. Should I sell other items besides panties? Should I make bathroom vids? Should I do vids that show my face? These are all questions we’ve asked ourselves at some point in our selling careers along with many others. Here is a short list of my own advice and opinions for new sellers looking for a starting point of what not to do!

  1. Letting Buyers Dictate Pricing

We’ve all heard it: “I can get [insert service or item here] cheaper from someone else”. My response? Then go to them! As a new seller, it’s easy to be indirectly manipulated by buyers looking for freebies or significantly reduced inventory items. When you’re just starting out and don’t necessarily know the general market price points, the prospect of losing one of your potential first customers over “just a couple bucks” seems trivial - so you do it. You give that buyer a discount or a free add on. And at first you’re thinking, yay! First sale! But when you start putting in the work, you’ll generally find that making that sale wasn’t worth what they paid and that can leave you, the seller, feeling discouraged or even inadequate. This is YOUR shop, you’re running the show. Your prices are your prices and whether someone thinks they’re high or low doesn’t have to impact your business at all.

  1. Offering Something You’re Not Totally Comfortable With

When entering the selling market, it’s overwhelming how many different fetishes there are and the services offered therein! But kink isn’t the only thing a seller may not want to do. When I first got started, one of the main services that (it seems like) almost everyone does that I eventually removed from my services offered is live vid sessions. At first, I didn’t want to be passed over for any potential sales and live Skype seemed like the big seller, so I kept it on my services list. But here’s the thing, I feel so awkward camming and just plain don’t like being live! Does this mean I’m a scammer or fake? Fuck no! It just means I don’t feel comfortable and don’t offer that! There’s plenty of sellers who do and I’m not going to be “talked into” doing anything I’m not 100% on board with, whether it’s something “too risqué” or not. You make your rules and don’t owe anyone an explanation!

  1. Not being “you”

So not all, but I think it’s fair to say most sellers have a selling “alter ego”.  This is generally a requirement for keeping selling separate and maintaining privacy within our vanilla lives. I personally do have an online persona that I’ve developed over the years for my own work-life balance and for me it works great. However, when I was getting my feet wet in the online sex work scene, I found that trying to create an entirely separate person was not sustainable. While I don’t give many personal details or insight into my vanilla life, I’ve found still being “me” even when I’m in my alt persona helps keep the experience fun for both me and the buyer. And who wants to do this if you’re not having fun!?

  1. Forgetting to Have Fun!!

To answer the last points question, no one! When you’re not enjoying yourself taking photos or in vids, it shows. We’re all on here for the same reason: to buy and/or sell fetish items & services! It can be just as difficult for buyers to approach sellers about items and services as it is for sellers to put themselves out there. The same way sellers can feel nervous or self conscious, buyers do too! Maybe one buyer isn’t a good fit for a seller and that’s ok. Maybe a lot of buyers aren’t a good fit for a seller, and that’s ok too! We’re all in this together, so let’s have fun together!!

  1. Forgetting About Self Care

As with anything sales related, there is going to be competition. And in this niche sales market, the content and sales have a more personal nature and therefore breeds tension in a different way. It is hard sometimes to separate ourselves from the online persona who runs an online sex shop and it’s often easy to get caught up in resentful and petty drama with both buyers and sellers. And while leaving your “work” online may be easy to do in a literal sense, that negativity stays with you and can overflow into your everyday life. Practicing mindfulness and self care is a MUST!! Taking care of yourself as a seller and paying attention to your own mental health has to be a priority over everything. Coming back after taking a break can require hard work, but it’s nothing compared to the damage you do to yourself when you don’t take time for yourself.

So my advice to all you baby sellers out there is this: have fun, be yourself, don’t put too much weight on negative comments or experiences. Your niche is out there and there are buyers looking for your products and services! Stick with it, do what you feel comfortable with, and fuck the rest! You got this!!