To A Seller By A Seller

To A Seller By A Seller

A Used Panty Sellers GuideLine

I have seen many used panties sellers come and go while being on this site. Some sellers may have decided that being an adult worker isn't really their "cup of tea" and some may have had a poor experience whether it may be from other sellers, buyers or just not making any sales while being a member of the Scented Pansy community. As a top seller here in Scented pansy I hate seeing sellers leave because they aren't successful. That being said I felt the need to write an article about my perspective as a seller and create a "guideline" for other used panties sellers who are new to the community. In no way, shape or form is this article about what a seller must do in order to be successful but rather what has worked best for me as a seller. Of course what may work for me may fail with others I just want to give a few tips and tricks.

Before you truly commit yourself into the business keep in mind that you are here to please the buyers not sellers as well as to gain experience in the adult industry and build your brand! Focus on the buyers wants, needs and opinions everything else is irrelevant! Unless a seller is paying for your $10 membership or buying your products the only opinion you should focus on is your customers!

Creating Yourself: Let's talk about building your profile! First is to go premium. I promise this is the only way you will make sales and gain clientele while making a reputation for yourself. Try to keep your profile clean and inviting. The more variety of products you have the better! Keep in mind that you are in a business where all kinds of fetishes exist so stay open minded and try to cater to most needs.

Creativity is key: When creating listings don't be afraid of giving your description some sexiness. Go big or go home! A couple of sentences can really make a mans pants tight. Try to be creative and unique as well. Try and toy around with some of your own ideas as to what kind of products and offers you would want in your shop! Try and refrain from creating the exact same listing as another seller. Now with what I just said I do know that a lot of sellers go to the same place for panties, bras ect so its a bit difficult to avoid but it can be done.

Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching? Kindness is very important whether it may be to a buyer or a seller. Catiness is a HUGE turn off and buyers do notice stuff like this! Buyers come to the site to get away from any drama, negative and rough circumstances in life so seeing it here on here drives them away! Be inviting with your words not disowning!

More bang for your buck baby: When it comes to pricing your products I think that its all a personal decision not what other folks think you should sell it for! Like I said in the beginning, you are here for buyers not sellers! Obviously it wouldn't be wise to sell your panties for $5 because its just a waste if product and time! Always keep in mind that you want to make more than what you spend. This includes the price of the product alone as well as shipping! For example: If you spend $7 on the panty and it cost $3 to ship it out, you have spent $10 on that product alone so you want to make that back plus more! What should the price be? For me I would say $35-$40 but its all up to YOU! Just make sure that you are getting more out than what you put in!

R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Respect yourself while also respecting your buyers even if you butt heads with them! The reason why I say this is because I have had to many buyers come to me because they are disrespected by sellers and being called names, cussed out and slammed by other sellers! This WILL cause a bad rap against you and that's the last thing you want while being here! Don't subject yourself to things that make you uncomfortable with a buyers needs. If you can't give him what he wants politely decline and don't allow a buyer to push you into doing something you don't want to do. Also if a buyer decides not to purchase from you, keep it moving. Don't bombard him with messages asking why or throw nasty remarks. There are plenty of fish in the sea!

Last but never the least stay active! You want buyers to see you and your items on the wall! If you don't post they won't know you're available! Don't be afraid to message buyers first either. Some buyers really like that!

I wish nothing but great success and fun to both buyers and sellers! I hope you enjoy your time here!

Yours truly,


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