The Submission Of Sarah

The Submission Of Sarah

     Nervously looking around her, Sarah rounded the hotel hallway and glanced once again at the key card gripped tightly in her hand. Moving quickly, Sarah finally stopped in front of the door matching the key card, Suite 1004. Out of instinct, Sarah quickly adjusted her dress, ran her fingers through her long blonde hair and placed the key card in the lock, watching as the light turned green until she heard the familiar metallic click, indicating the door was unlatched. Tightly closing her eyes, Sarah pushed the door open and stepped into the suite, letting the door close behind her.

     Once inside, Sarah welcomed the rush of relief that enveloped her, sprinkled with the nervous excitement for what was yet to come. Still feeling the butterflies deep within her, Sarah placed a hand over her stomach, now sure those butterflies had turned to knots of nerves. For the longest time, Sarah had mulled over what she knew was safe and comfortable, instead of venturing into the unknown, and she was finally at peace with her decision. Months earlier, she had met the man on line who had become her Sir, originally exploring the panty fetish they shared together, but had grown into a Dominant/submissive relationship. Sarah had submitted herself to Jack and knew she was safe and secure with him, unlike anything she had ever felt before. Over time, Jack had more than proven himself to her, and together, they had built a solid relationship. Now he was attending a business conference at a hotel not far from Sarah's apartment. 

     Now was the time for Sarah to allow Sir Jack to test her boundaries, explore her submissiveness, letting her Sir dominate and control her. The rules for the test were simple, and they had both agreed long before they decided to meet. Meeting at his hotel, Sarah was expected to kneel before him, sitting on the backs of her heels, wearing only panties they had selected together, her hands behind her. No matter what Sir Jack did, no matter what pain or pleasure he administered, Sarah was not to move. He would respectfully test her boundaries for pain, but if she moved, the test would end and they would keep trying, but if she succeeded, then they would move on in their relationship. Both parties knew what to expect, but Sarah still felt nervous, and knew she could not have been in better company than her Sir. Sarah bit her lip as she looked at herself in the mirror, and knew she was ready for him.

     Knowing Sir Jack could arrive any moment, Sarah rushed to the bathroom, quickly looked at herself in the mirror, satisfied with how she looked, knowing her Sir found her desirable. As instructed, Sarah wore a simple black dress, high heel shoes, no bra, along with the panties Sir Jack had picked out for her to wear, and had been wearing the last 5 days. As Sarah pulled her dress off and neatly folded it, her musky, intimate scent filled her senses, bringing a smile to her face. She loved how the black lace panties her Sir had bought for to wear framed and accentuated her curves, standing out in stark contrast to her silky, white flesh. Taking only a moment to admire herself in the mirror, Sarah quickly turned out the light and took her place, kneeling on the floor directly in front of the chair by the king size bed.

     Once kneeling, Sarah couldn't help but stare at the implements that were left at the foot of the bed, easily within her reach. Swallowing hard, Sarah noticed the black bullwhip coiled neatly on the bed, along with a black riding crop, nipple clamps, clothes pins, and an egg shaped vibrator, all intended for her pain and pleasure, she was certain. Fighting the urge to reach out and pick up the items, Sarah could only shudder at the thought of her Sir using these instruments on her, eliciting screams and moans from her. Was she really ready for this, was she truly prepared to become his toy? Bowing her head, and letting her long blonde hair cascade down her shapely shoulders, Sarah reminded herself she was submitting to the desires and needs of her heart, and she and her Sir were beginning what would prove to be a lasting, wonderful relationship.

     Lost in thought, Sarah hardly heard the sound of the hotel room clicking open, and her Sir waltzing into the room. Part of her wanted to jump up, wrap her arms around Jack and greet him with a deep, wet kiss, but she was reminded of her submission and she forced herself to stay put. Instantly, she locked her wrists behind her back, thrust out her magnificent breasts and kept her head bowed, waiting for her Sir to take action. Without so much as acknowledging Sarah's presence, Jack took his seat in front of her, glanced at the day's newspaper, and slowly began removing his shoes. Sarah wanted so much to look upward at her Sir, but dutifully, she kept her head bowed and stayed in position as Jack made himself comfortable. Slowly, he removed his shorts and shirt, before sliding his boxers down his legs, and stepping out of them, only to stand completely naked in front of Sarah. Smiling at last, he stared at the beautiful submissive kneeling before him, his eyes following every curve of her exposed body. It pleased him to see Sarah dressed only the black lace panties he picked out for only her, and closed his eyes as he could already detect her heady, erotic aroma.

     Silently, Jack stood and approached the end of the bed and picked up the egg shaped vibrator, moving to Sarah's side. In one motion, he knelt down, placed the vibrator inside Sarah's panties and ensured it snuggled against her already swollen, wet pussy. Then , he picked up his riding crop, tucking it under his arm, and began to walk slowly around his submissive. Pleased with Sarah's beauty, he looked down at her 40 D cup breasts and smiled as he took in the sight of her plump, swollen nipples, the natural curves of her hour glass shape, and the swell of her shapely hips, further accented by the black lace panties that adorned her body. Jack took in a deep, long breath, satisfied not only with Sarah's beauty, but the lovely gift of her submission to only him. Truly grateful, he closed eyes for a moment before beginning the test he devised for Sarah.

     Taking his riding crop, Jack slowly circled around Sarah, letting the only the very tip caress her tender flesh as he walked. Reaching down, he turned the vibrator on it's lowest setting, reminding Sarah she was not allowed to cum. or move, no matter what. Smiling, Jack took his crop an brought it sharply across Sarah's right shoulder, followed quickly by another across the tops of her thighs. Sarah's moans filled Jack's ears, bringing a smile to his face as he moved again, taking his place behind his submissive. Picking up the nipple clamps, Jack slowly moved in front of Sarah, first placing a clamp on her left nipple, followed quickly by the right, smiling as moan escaped her lips at the sudden attention given to her swollen nipples. With a cruel smile on his face, Jack slowly walked around again, and used the tip of his crop to wiggle each clamp back forth teasingly, making Sarah's head twist back and forth in silent protest, her moans becoming louder.

     As if on queue, Jack reached down and turned the vibrator up another setting and slowly picked up his black bullwhip, standing in front of Sarah so she could only watch him uncoil the cruel instrument. Walking ever so slowly behind Sarah, Jack brought the lash of his whip to her lips, silently urging her to kiss the leather tenderly over and over, replacing the lash with his whip. Hungrily, he kissed her deeply, passionately, their tongues sliding back and forth, exploring one another's mouth. Quickly, Jack pulled away, breaking the intimate moment. Sarah readjusted herself as Jack took his place behind her, and to her left measuring his distance. As hard as she tried, Sarah struggled to keep her wrists locked behind her, wincing at the pain her nipples were enduring.

     Taking aim, Jack let his whip crack in the air, the leather singing and whistle as it sliced through the air, ending in a loud, pleasing crack. Instantly, Sarah jumped, reminding herself not to move as her tormentor smiled. Then, much to Sarah's surprise, he brought his whip to gently wrap itself around her taut body, the lash kissing and licking at her breasts. Sarah closed her eyes as this new sensation gripped her, moaning out loud as Jack's whip wrapped itself around her waist, the lash almost tickling the sides of her body. The next lash wrapped just a little harder, the leather teasing just under Sarah's clamped nipples, causing her to scream a little louder, followed by another. Sir Jack was expertly using his whip on his submissive, inching closer to the whip caressing Sarah's nipples. Throwing her head back, Sarah licked her lips as her moans increased and grew, her panties becoming more and more wet as the vibrator nearly brought her to orgasm. Such delicious torture!

     Once again, Jack reached down and turned the vibrator up as high as it would go and watched in amusement as Sarah struggled to stay still. Continuing his onslaught, Jack brought his whip to gently wrap around Sarah again and again, the leather touching and caressing her so gently. The whip began to tease Sarah's nipples again and again, tugging harder at the clamps as they squeezed her aching nipples. Seeing the agony in Sarah's face, Jack, stepped in front of her and taking his crop in hand, he could almost see her beg not to do what was written on his face. Smiling cruelly, Jack brought his crop down Sarah's left nipple first, twisting and pulling the clamp off of her nearly purple, swollen bud, followed by the right. Almost screaming out, as blood quickly filled her nipples with feeling again, Jack reached down and bit each nipple between his teeth, causing Sarah to jerk and twist, only to gently suckle each, tasting the sheen of sweat now covering Sarah's body,

     Sensing Sarah's impending orgasm, he began using his whip faster, still bringing the lash to gently kiss and caress her, watching her twist and squirm in delight. Finally, he brought his whip down and across Sarah's nipples, ticking them with the leather, knowing how sensitive Sarah had become. Bringing his whip down again and again, Sarah felt the orgasm building within her, somehow whispering that she was about to cum. Nodding in response, Jack whispered his command to cum and Sarah's body rocked in orgasm, her head rolling back, and wave after wave of pleasure washed over her, making her body go limp for a moment. Lovingly, Jack removed the vibrator and helped his submissive lean against his body, letting her rest and catch her breath.

     Within moments, Sarah's eyes opened, her body still glowing in orgasm. With his cock fully erect, Jack stood in front of Sarah and smiled as she licked her wet lips. Jack looked down at her and commanded that she remove her panties slowly and show them to him before offering them as a gift. Watching Sarah obey, Jack took her wet panties and closed his eyes as he buried his face in them, overtaken by her musky aroma. Sarah's wetness and cum touched Jack's lips as he tasted and smelled his slut, relishing in her essence. With his crock throbbing, Jack fed it into Sarah's wet, waiting mouth. Like a hungry whore, she took him in lovingly and licked and sucked his swollen cock again and again, as he caressed his face with her dirty panties. Only moans escaped their mouths as Sarah pleasured her Sir with her mouth. Looking down into her blue eyes, Jack grasped Sarah's head and groaned as his cock erupted in her wet mouth, throwing his head back as she swallowed the gift of his seed.

     Spent physically, Dominant and submissive leaned into one another for a long moment, both enjoying the waves of pleasure spilling over them. Tenderly, Jack picked Sarah up in his arms and carried her to the waiting bathroom where he filled the tub with water and gently bathed Sarah, both knowing they would happily explore further with only one another....

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