Nov 02, 2021
The Room

The Room

I don't know how I got here. I am somehow naked and  all tied up on a bed. I have no memeory of what happened to me to get to this point. I try to take a few calming deep breaths but nothing can stop the nausea I feel in the back of my throat. I wrack my brain as for who could have done this to me. There is not a person in my life that I can think about who is capable of doing this to me.  I look around the room to see if I can identify who did this to me. I see not a thing out of place. Everything is so neat and tidy. Everything has a place in this room. And apparently so do I. The rope is starting to get tighter around my skin. It scratches and claws threatening to dig even harder against my skin.

I can hear thing happening down stairs. I hear chairs slide and squeak against the wood floor. There is a low hum of a tv and a voice that is just loud enough that I can make out a few words. It sounds like an old western, like the shows my dad would watch when I was little. All of a sudden I hear everything go silent. About a minute later I hear someone's foot falls up stairs. 

the door swings open only to reveal a person dressed in all black. He even has clean black leather steel toed boots on. He is wearing a ski mask but I can see his brilliant blue eyes. They look me up and down like a piece of meat. I know that I will not be getting my way. He enters the room and shuts the door behind him. He leans over my body. He smells of smoke and leather and after shave. He starts to undo his pants. Only pulling them down just enough to get his cock out. What a big cock it is. I don't know how I am going to be able to handle it. He forces his way into my pussy. It is hard and at first it hurts. I know making a sound will upset him. He is thrusting so hard forcing his way deeper and deeper into my pussy. I can feel tension in my stomach start to rise. It feels so good to be loved by him. He is going faster and harder now. His grunts go to a higher pitch. I am getting close too. It is starting to drive me crazy. Then he pulls out quite quickly. He walks around to face me. He yells at me to open my mouth. I do. He pumps his cock a few times and cums all over my face. Then he paints his cum all over my cheeks. He tells me to lick it off. I clean my mouth of his cum and put his cock in my mouth. I suck on it until he tells me to stop. He picks up his pants and then leaves the room. I guess I now know what my place is in this room.