Sex Education Lesson 2

Sex Education Lesson 2

Foreplay me baby💕

Oh foreplay. A method often talked about but rarely used. Let's explore types of foreplay and it's benefits in your sex life!

Firstly, foreplay can come in a variety of flavors and functions. Foreplay can consist of dirty talk, sensual play, love languages, touch, and so much more. Play that arouses a person can be considered foreplay, even if it is not something that would arouse everyone.

For example, my person foreplay consists of play wrestling, emotional attention, and talking about my future pregnancies and babies. These might seem strange to some, but they serve different purposes. Play wrestling serves as a power play between me and my chosen partner. Who will win? Who will end up on top? Emotional attention serves as a safe place for me to have overwhelming emotions and express them boldly to my chosen partner in the heat of the moment. Talking about pregnancy and babies make me feel sexy and wanted. The idea that my partner is excited to see me with a round belly and plump breasts is exciting, while also giving me positive feelings of creating a family and being a mother, which is my personal desire.

Now, how do you find out what foreplay is right for you and your partner? Communication, sweetie. Its a necessary ingredient to a successful relationship whether you are FWB or in a fully committed relationship. Ever see something or do something that give you those tingles in your lower back? Or suddenly need to go pee after someone brushes your ear. Yeah, you may find simple acts like this arousing. Explore those moments. What about them make you feel this way? Maybe its proximity to someone you like or the simple act itself. These things will lead you into a sexual session longer, harder, and more pleasurable than a one and done deal.

Okay, you understand there are lots of forms of foreplay. But what are the benefits? Foreplay is truly a gift for ladies who need a little extra time naturally lubing. Never rub a dry clit without synthetic, water-based lube or slowly dunking into the watery cavern. That shit hurts. Please take your time to arouse you and your partner emotionally and physically. The effects of proper foreplay can result in harder orgasms, longer sessions, happier cumdowns, and a more fulfilled sexual experience.

Fun fact! Women often have sex more often than men because they are consistently edging from a lack of orgasm when having sex with their partners. This makes their sex life feel less fulfilling as though they need to have more sex to be happy. 

So foreplay it up, babes!

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