I wanted to take some time and talk about scammers. 

I have a regular client that is very sweet and more than patient. He had placed an order through another seller. This seller was very sweet to start. He placed an order with her and waited patiently to receive the precious cargo😉. It seemed like it was taking longer than it should, so he reached out to her to see how the order was progressing. No response was given. He had received a notification from SP to see if the item had shipped then another notification saying the transaction had expired. The sellers' review of my client had become available it had simply said: “order sent.”  Still no order however she was paid.

I wish this was the only story like this that I have been told, but there are many more, unfortunately. It doesn’t make sense to me why these women do this. You may get away with it for a moment however you will get called out and removed from these platforms. It makes hard-working real sellers look bad and simply makes it harder because the legitimate sellers must prove themselves. We should be supporting and help lift each other up not making it a struggle. There are plenty of buyers out there to go around. Team up, build a bond among the seller communities so that these scammers can be exposed for the shit they are putting everyone through. 

A helpful tip to help prevent being scammed and to safeguard you are not a scammer. It's super easy... 

Buyers🤑 – only deal with sellers who offer a tracking number.

Sellers – make sure to always provide a tracking number.

Things do get lost in the mail however some things don’t even make it to the mail😡 Scammers don’t just scam buyers it affects us sellers, as well. This is an amazing community and, for the most part, it has been amazing. There is always that 1 or 2 here and there that ruin it or make it harder for the rest of us. So, band together sellers and buyers. Have an open line of communication! Keep in touch with your buyer’s ladies. Not just wham bam thanks for the 💲💲 and run. This is key to returning clients and a stronger community. Good luck to all you amazing buyers and sellers!