Rebecca's Dream

Rebecca's Dream

     Snug and warm under the covers of her bed, Rebecca suddenly awoke, rubbing her eyes as she glared at the alarm clock perched on the night stand beside her. Just after 6:30 in the morning, Rebecca sighed out loud as she buried herself under the blankets again, but thoughts of what awaited flooded her mind, bringing a smile to her face. With her husband out of town, their child with her In-Laws, Rebecca had the day to herself, as excitement filled her with the thought of spending time with her panty lover. As a married woman, it was a thought that shouldn't be allowed, an act that ought to be forbidden, but Rebecca couldn't deny the thrill of wearing panties for another man, especially knowing he enjoyed them the way she desired.

     Throwing the covers aside, Rebecca grabbed her laptop, turned it on and quickly pulled up her email account, breathlessly waiting to see if she had a message from her lover. Laying on her back, Rebecca spread her shapely legs slightly, smiling as she felt the dampness between her thighs, already soaking the pair of black lace panties she wore for him. For just a moment, she closed her eyes as the warm, musky scent of her pussy filled her senses, reminding her just how turned on she had already become. Sitting up long enough to pull off her sleep shirt and tossing it aside, Rebecca rolled her head back, and luxuriated in the feeling of her fingers tenderly caressing her own exposed nipples, automatically sending impulses to her wet pussy. 

     Feeling as if butterflies were fluttering deep inside her, Rebecca's body tingled all over and felt flush as she glanced at her email and found several messages from the man she had been waiting for, known only to her as Sir Jack. She loved the way he made her feel, telling her how much he enjoyed her scent, and just the way she felt seeing him with the very panties she wore for him caressing his face, her essence enveloping him. Although their feelings for one another were wrong, it was just as if the intimacy they shared together was even more powerful and more meaningful than the act of making love. Best of all, even though they were married to other people, neither one intended to end their relationship with each other any time soon.

     Pouring over her lover's words, Rebecca rolled over and lay there on her tummy, pressing her thighs together. With her eyes closed, she felt her magnificent breasts press into the warm blankets beneath, her nipples engorged from the excitement. Brushing her black hair over one shoulder, exposing her lovely back, she felt his warm lips on the back of her neck, his hands gently following the hour glass shape of her figure. Ever so slowly, Jack's fingers caressed her warm flesh, moving in one continuous motion from the base of her neck, all the way down to the swell of her hips. Moans and sighs of ecstasy escaped her lips, as Rebecca could feel the heat of Jack's body right next to her.

     Feeling her move beneath his touch, Jack's fingers circled ever so slowly over her shoulders, down the middle of her back and back up her body, only to linger momentarily over the sides of her exposed breasts. Rebecca rolled over onto her back, the moisture between her legs growing, the musky scent of her excitement filling the air. Moaning out loud, she felt his tongue swirl around and tenderly lick each of her exposed nipples, taking them hungrily into his mouth. Biting down on each tender bud, Jack could feel Rebecca's body tense, only to relax again as he warmly suckled her breasts again and again. Playing her body as only he could, Jack's hands followed the delicious curves of her body, fingers hooking into the waistband of her panties, pulling them down over her hips. Rebecca could only sigh as Jack slowly pulled her panties off, tossing them aside and smiled as he locked eyes with her.

     Spreading her thighs further, Rebecca welcomed her lover, inviting him into her hungry arms. She could feel his kiss on her lips, their mouths opening simultaneously, their tongues slipping and sliding into one another's mouth, tasting and moaning. Slowly, she felt his shaved cock press into her, his hand guiding his swollen cock between the wet, fragrant folds of her pussy lips. Gasping, Rebecca felt her lover enter her slowly, filling her, moving ever so slowly from side to side, back and forth. With her arms wrapped around Jack, Rebecca dug her nails in to his back as he pumped in and out of her pussy slowly, yet deliberately. Over and over, again and again, she felt her lover pressing himself into her, pushing her closer and closer to orgasm.

     Kissing him deeply again, Rebecca slid one hand between her legs, finding her swollen clit and teasing it with the tips of her fingers. The sensation of Jack filling her with his cock, his body on top of hers, being sheltered by his arms, and teasing her pulsating clit was almost too much to handle. Whispering she was ready to cum, she pressed herself against him, urging him to pump her faster as her fingers teased her wet, throbbing clit. Jack's mouth found Rebecca's again, exploring her mouth, their breathing becoming one. Feeling her muscles tighten, Rebecca gave in to the orgasm that had built up within her, moaning out loud as she felt Jack push himself as deep into her body as he could, her body trembling beneath him.

     Just moments later, Jack pressed his mouth into her ear, whispering he was about to cum just as his body tensed, pushing himself into his lover. With his cock shoved as deep into Rebecca as he could, his cock spasmed deep within her, filling her with his seed. Completely spent, the two bodies melted into one another, tenderly holding on to each other, their bodies slowly coming down from orgasm.

     Rebecca could only smile as she looked into Jack's eyes, knowing her scent would be with him, and the promise they would be lovers again...

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