Panty Selling HR : The Review

Panty Selling HR : The Review

Scented Pansy is a review driven site not very different from similarly genred sites in that every opinion has a voice. If you chose to use it, that is. The review provides insight as to how well you play with others in different ways for sellers and buyers.

Here’s why it so important to leave a review on every transaction: For sellers, the review is everything. This is our verification to other buyers! But it isn’t just what others write about us on our reviews, it’s also what we write in our reviews of buyers. It’s easy define small things frustrating during transactions, but, The tone and overalls but the overall tone and content of seller written reviews to provide insight for buyers as to what kind of seller you are, what it’s like to work with you, and what you’re willing to allow buyers, good or bad.

But as sellers, we still have to be cognizant of the tone and content of the reviews we leave buyers. Is this fair? Not necessarily, but in an online setting, mindfulness is a must in leaving buyer reviews. Think of the bottom line and stick to the facts! Most of your transactions on SP will be smooth and easy, and some may even be fun! But as an entrepreneur in a platform where appearance and perception is everything, you must be ready and able to keep your cool when the transactions hit a few snags.

When a less than stellar review is required, tastefulness isn’t only recommended. Yes, we’ve all seen the disclaimer, of course, but what exactly does that mean? Does it mean simply no bullying or curse words? No, it also means think before you “speak”.  Does this mean to just suck it up and not include specifically why you’re leaving a less than 5 star review? Hell no! It just means take a best and include whatever issue you had as clearly and concisely as possible.

Lower star reviews are just as important as rave reviews in that they give other sellers insight into that buyer’s characteristics. Lower star reviews don’t necessarily mean lower quality buyers or time wasters! Something that another seller doesn’t like or allow may be perfectly acceptable to another buyer, and your honest review may help create future successful transactions between better paired buyers and sellers!

Let’s talk about those 5 star reviews tho! Leaving a 5 star review is always appreciated on both sides of the site, but specifics are also a must in rave reviews! Did you buy a video? Say so in the review! Did you get a bundle or service package? Tell the readers what you got and why you loved it! It’s a great confidence boost to the seller to know they have another satisfied customer and by being detailed in your review, you’re helping provide even more incentive to like-minded buyers!

So buyers and sellers alike, we all have to work together to lift each other up and leave reviews for products and services that we like! And be mindful and open in the less than 5 star reviews. We’re all just people working together here and deserve each other’s honesty! 

What are your thoughts on SP Reviews?