Nov 02, 2021
Panty Selling HR : Burnout 

Panty Selling HR : Burnout 

Do you need to take a break?

Check it out : Burnout is real in anything that requires real work, whether that be a job or school or a passion project, and panty selling is no different! It happens to literally everyone, we just may experience it in different ways. Now, I know some of you may be reading this thinking fuck that, this is my only source of income, I can’t afford the luxury of “taking a break”, and I get that! But no amount of money is worth your mental health and if you’re not enjoying yourself on here, buyers will notice and it WILL hurt your sales more than a break will.  Here are some “red flags” to look out for in yourself: 


1. “Idk why but everything is just annoying tf out of me right now”


Do you find yourself getting worked up when buyers send you a DM without immediately asking about a service? Or how about when a buyer asks about tracking before you’ve even had a chance to get up for the day? We all deal with trying to discern if someone is a timewaster and catering to needy buyers, but are those reasons to get worked up and let it affect your day? Not really! It’s easy to get overwhelmed quickly when you’re pushing yourself to the limit, even if you’re doing something you enjoy. If you find yourself “all of the sudden” getting bombarded with time wasters, generally it isn’t that your inbox is now a jerk magnet. Instead, ask yourself if maybe your perspective hasn’t been jaded by how much of yourself you’ve been giving to “the job”.


2. “Seriously? There are so many new sellers who don’t even know what to charge and now I’m barely making any sales!!”


Ok, we’ve all seen it. Out of nowhere, there’s a huge influx of newbie sellers who are offering the same services for less and it seems like buyers forgot about your quality products and are running to the shiny new thing. Well, that’s just business baby! Do you think Chanel gives a fuck about what new scent Katy Perry just released? Or how about vice versa? Each seller is unique (well, each legit seller) and offers services at prices they feel comfortable with. Each buyer is unique as well! We all have our preferences and budgets that go into making purchases, and someone selling the same thing for less doesn’t cheapen their product or take away from someone else’s. If you find yourself getting frustrated or even mad about another seller’s prices or how much they’re “clogging the feed”, take a deep breath and ask yourself if you’ve always felt so negative towards competition on the site. Ask yourself if fuming over a stranger on the internet is really worth your time and energy! Spoiler: it’s not.


3. “You clicked order and didn’t pay or respond?! Oh HELL no! Guess what dummy just got blocked”


How many times have you thought this? How many times have you seen this on the site? Right now, are you thinking, “Uh yeah, if someone is going to play like that, their ass is getting BLOCKED!”. Let me ask you this, how many times do you add things to your cart when online shopping only to not buy them? How many times do you delete them out before you leave the site? “But it’s different! It’s rude to order and waste my time!” Sis, if you’re letting order ghosting get you that worked up, you’re the one wasting your own time. Literally everyone has this happen to them, I get a few a month! I send them a message, no response within 24hrs, just cancel the damn order and move on with your life. I’ve found that at least half will come back and reorder with payment. Buyers don’t owe you anything and treating someone like shit for clicking order, def isn’t gonna get you sales! And that’s the whole reason you’re on here, right?  If you find yourself burning bridges and sabotaging your own sales, take a beat and come back refreshed. 



We all bitch sometimes about petty stuff, it’s just  human nature. But when it’s starts becoming your usual mode and you find yourself responding negatively to almost every interaction, it’s a problem. Especially in sex work, mental health is everything!! You can’t do this work if your headspace isn’t right and even if you think you’re “passing”, buyers can tell when you’re not into it and as stated above, it will definitely hurt your sales. I know, I know, “But won’t taking a break hurt sales even more?” Although it may seem an obvious “yes”, it’s really not that black and white. Sometimes just spending an entire day “off site” is enough to refresh your mind and you can come right back and pick up where you left off! 

I took a 4 month break in the beginning of 2019 due to some personal shit going on and I just didn’t have the energy to do it. I found myself getting irate just getting snaps from followers and definitely wasn’t enjoying it anymore. Honestly, it got to the point where I wasn’t sure if I even would come back! But after a while, I starting wanting to jump back in, but I did it at my own pace, and that’s the biggest takeaway here! You know yourself and will know when you’re ready to jump back in, and whether that’s after 12hours or a few months, IT’S FINE.  No job is worry sacrificing your mental health - You deserve happiness!