Over The Age of Innocence

Over The Age of Innocence

The Importance of Age Verifying

Today I’m going to share some thoughts… they aren’t super sexy or steamy, but they’re important. Please, humor me, read on, and take away a valuable lesson: the importance of age verifying!

As you all know, this is a kink community. SP is a carefree place for fun, for personal exploration, and most important, for ADULTS ONLY! It doesn’t matter what country you live in, here in the US that means over 18. That said, there’s something unsexy, yet important, that all of us sellers need to do to keep this place legitimate and to protect ourselves: age verify!

So you buyers know, when a seller joins this community, she has to verify she’s over 18 with admin. We’ve gone through it to make sure we’re protecting you and the site from engaging in child porn. We ask you do the same.

I know, I know. It’s a drag. No one wants to go through that extra step of sending a blocked out ID and silly specific up close face pic just to buy a naughty video. Believe me, for us ladies, when all we’re selling is $10 worth of nudes, it seems like a hassle. However, if we as sellers don’t ensure that we’re selling to buyers who are over 18, we put ourselves at risk. When we put ourselves at risk of selling to minors, we put our whole community at risk too.

Ladies, if you don’t age verify, especially for buyers who are new to the site and those you haven’t worked with before, you’re gambling with crazy high stakes, and all for what? $10? It’s not worth it! So do yourself a favor, take some precaution, check that age. It keeps us all safe so we can play!

Finally, There’s a reason you get IDed when you go to a bar, a club, a sex shop… because those places are for adults only. So, buyers, next time you go to work with a new lady and she asks you to age verify, think of it as nothing more than showing a bouncer, a check out clerk, or a waiter your ID. Ladies who are new to this, it’s simple: we check it, we delete it, we move on so we can all have some fun.



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