Night Train

Night Train

A Short Story Involving Bisexual Lust and Domination

It had been a good night out. It was a real laugh seeing the guys again, and catching up with what everyone had been doing since they had all worked together. John thought about the good old days. Working in London, wandering around Oxford Street and

Tottenham Court Road during your lunch break. Working locally to where you lived had some real drawback's. He shivered in the cold air. Travel wasn't one of them though, he thought to himself. He should never have had that last double JD and coke, it cost him
the earlier train, and now he had to wait for next one. Still only a couple of minutes to go.

Suddenly he hear voices and laughter coming from the footbridge leading to his platform. The voices were feminine but husky, sexy
in a way, and the clicking footsteps indicated heels. John repositioned himself so he could get a good look at the newcomers as they descended the stairs. There were six of them all told. A short dark haired Chinese looking girl lead the way, wearing dark 3 inch heels and a very short red skirt with a denim jacket
wrapped around her to protect her from the cold. She was followed by three fairly tall women one with very long blonde hair in a
ponytail, a red head, with her hair in a short spikey style and a woman with very sharp facial features and medium length black
hair. Behind them shrieking with laughter was a curvy black woman, who seemed to be having the time of her life.

I watched the gaggle of girls as they milled around the indicator board and chatted amongst themselves. All of them had fantastic legs, even the curvy black girl, and the hem lines were enjoyably high. I felt a bulge starting to grew in my jeans, and I wondered if we'd be sharing a carriage, and how far they would go. Little did I know just what the answer would be to that last question.

After a while the giggling stopped and I noticed that the girls had taken to whispering and looking in my direction. I tried to look like I hadn't noticed them, but I was sure they knew I'd been eyeing them up. They started to walk slowly towards me and my mouth went dry. Were they going to give me a hard time for staring at them? I was dreading what they were going to say when the little Chinese girl sat next to me and crossed her shapely legs. The others stood around me surrounding me totally. The Chinese girl introduced herself as Miko and asked if I'd mind helping them out. I looked around me at the wall of femininity and decided that I didn't really have much choice anyway.

Miko explained that they had been out clubbing and had a thoroughly good time, but now they were cold and tired and needed warming up until the train came. She said that her skirt being so short, meant that thighs tended to get cold. She asked me if I'd
mind warming them with my hands. I couldn't believe my luck. Of course I agreed and started stroking her thighs with my hands. The silky nylon felt so good under my fingers as I rubbed her thighs slowly. "Mmmmmm" she moaned "That feels good. But I'm sure
the rest have parts that they need warming too". The redhead, who was called Nikki, stepped up to me and pushed me back into my seat. She wore a black pencil skirt and white blouse. she had slipped her foot out from her 4 inch heels and placed it in my lap. I cupped her dainty foot in my hands and started to massage the toes through the dark nylon, but she pulled it away and lifted it up in front of my face instead. I was mesmerised by this gorgeous creature before me. Her foot was inches from my lips, and I found myself opening my mouth as if in a trance. Her toes slid between my lips and I could taste the sweat and nylon. My cock was harder than it had ever been and I sucked and licked her sweaty foot for what seemed like hours, until she removed her foot and I looked up to see the tall blonde woman. I had only just realised that she was there with her blouse open and two huge breasts invitingly within my reach, when I felt hands on the
back of my head and I was held forcefully against that warm flesh. I struggle to breath, as they held me tight against those
breasts, and I could here them laughing "go on Cheri, take his breath away". Finally they let me go and I fell back onto the
bench and lay there panting, weak as a kitten. "My turn baby" was all I heard before the curvy black girl lifted her skirt and lowered her ample arse straight on my face. Her arse covered my face completely, her black tights and fullback panties cut off my air once again. "Let Rusty give you a little something for warming her rear darlin" she squealed and I felt the warm gases from deep inside her enter my nose and mouth as they all laughed.

I started to feel lightheaded and I was sure that they meant to smother me there and then, when the sound of the approaching
train made Rusty jump off and I could once again breathe. They lifted me quite easily and dragged me onto the train. It was warm
and bright and though weak, I was beginning to return to my senses when the severe looking Cheryl introduced herself. With a smile that was anything but friendly she stood in front of me while the other girls held me in my seat. Slowly she lifted her short grey skirt. Revealing barely black tights over a red thong. But the thong could not conceal the 7 inch cock between her legs. She moved towards my horrified face lifting a 6 inch heel and placing it on my ball sac. "Open" she ordered and she slowly slid her nylon covered cock into my mouth.

She slid her hard, hot, dripping cock across my tongue slowly rubbing it with her hand, wiping the sticky precum from the nylon
onto my tongue. It was warm and sticky and slightly salty, and my treacherous cock reacted to this abuse my getting harder still.
Suddenly without warning, she leaned her hips forward and her cock slid deep into my mouth. I gagged and felt myself heave.
"Spew on me and you'll regret it" she growled as she pulled her cock back and I relaxed. Then the girls holding me pushed my head
forward and down, straight onto her nylon covered cock. I felt it slide down my thought and I couldn't breathe. I tried to pull away, to indicate to them that I needed to breathe, but they held me firmly on this monster member and I passed out with their laughter ringing in my ears.

I awoke some time later, naked and handcuffed to the toilet on the train. Where we where I had no idea. A gag had been placed in my mouth to hold it open and a bar had been placed between my ankles to keep my legs well apart. I was alone and I wondered what would happen next, had they abandoned me in this state as some sort of prank. I was soon to find out that I wasn't to be that lucky.

The door to the toilet opened and Miko walked in, closing and locking the door behind her. She leaned against the door for a
while smiling a wicked smile as she looked at me, cuffed to the toilet, with my mouth held open and my legs held wide apart. My
cock began to grow despite my fear, and I tried to plead for her to let me go as she walked slowly towards me. She lifted her
short skirt up to her waist to reveal, yellow Targa style panties beneath light tan tights, but it was the large bulge beneath the
nylon that transfixed my gaze. Miko stopped inches from my face and pulled her erect cock from its nylon prison. I tried desperately to avoid this hot throbbing monster, but she rubbed it over my cheek and lips as I turned my head sobbing with fear. All the time she kept rubbing her shaft slowly, getting more and more aroused. Precum covered my cheek and nose, she even managed to
trickle some of the salty goo onto my tongue, and laughed as I gagged on it. Finally Miko leaned against me, her hot sticky cock
hard against my cheek, as she rubbed faster and faster. Her load of sperm pumped over my hair and down my cheek. Once, twice,
three times she spurted her hot cream barely missing my eye, and she massaged every drop from her member dripping the last over my lips. Finally Miko composed herself, and after rearranging her hair, she blew me a kiss and left without a backward glance.

I sat with Miko's cum drying on my face wondering what would happen too me next, when the door opened and Nikki marched in,
slamming the door behind her. Her eyes blared with lust and she wasted no time crossing the floor to where I was manacled. She looked down at me and placed her Black Leather heel on my shaft, roughly rubbing it until it was hard. I whimpered wondering what to expect as she too removed her cock from her black panties. It was large but not erect as she took it in her hand and pointed it
straight at my face. Her skirt was tucked into her waistband to keep it out of the way, and she grabbed my head with her free
hand, holding it firmly in place. I looked at the head of her cock, inches away from my face, and saw with horror the yellow flood that erupted from it, before it struck my open mouth. Nikki pulled my head back and filled my mouth with her hot strong piss. I tried to spit it out but with my mouth wedged open all I could do was make gargling noises. I had to swallow or drown. As the first mouthful entered my stomach she emptied another stream into my mouth and repeated the process again and again, until finally
she lifted my head up and I thought that maybe my ordeal was over. I gasped for air and opened my eyes. I hadn't realised
that I'd closed them. There in front of my left eye, so close that it was blurred in my vision was Nikki's cock head. Then a short squirt of piss shot from the eye straight into mine. The
searing stinging was unbearable and I heard her laughing as she started to rub her cock faster and faster, while I writhed in agony at her feet. Finally, she held my head steady, pulling my raw lefty eye open with her thumb as she pumped her load straight into my eye, and over my cheek.

I was once again left to ponder my fate. Covered in drying sperm and piss. I sat huddled next to the toilet as the tall blonde
woman, whose name I had never heard, entered the toilet along with Rusty, the black woman who seemed to enjoy smothering the life out of me so much. I started to sob as they both undressed and Rusty pulled me up to lay face down across the toilet seat.

I was trembling with fear as I felt something cold and wet being rubbed all over my ass and a probing finger entered me. Rusty
laughed as I flinched, and said "You ain't felt nuttin yet". My eye were wide and fixed on her massive black cock, just inches from my face. The head glistened as she slowly stroked it and the a bead of clear precum rolled down the shaft onto her hand.
Suddenly I felt something push against my arse, and slide deep inside me. I gasped and at the same time Rusty forced her hard
cock into my mouth,.

The cock in my ass felt massive. I could feel it going deeper and deeper. It didn't seem like it would ever end. I screamed out in fear, but Rusty had her hot stiff cock deep in my mouth, pounding across my tongue, and no noise came out. Rusty's balls bounced against my chin, as I felt the anal intruder start to slide in and out. The feeling was intense and I gave myself totally to it. My cock became rock hard, harder than I'd ever been as these two vixens pounded both ends remorselessly. The sensations sweeping through me in waves were like nothing I had ever experienced. I could feel the cock in my ass growing harder and harder until it
unleashed its hot load deep inside me. Gushes of hot spunk flooded my insides and I didn't even notice when Rusty pulled her
cock from my mouth in time to plaster my face and mouth with thick wads of her cream.

I lay drained across the toilet seat as they dressed and left. I new that the evening wouldn't be over though. Not until Cheryl
had visited me. I didn't have long to wait, the clicking of heels stopped in font of me, and I raised my head to see Cheryls
gorgeous legs. She stood before me, as Rusty had done, with her cock in her hand, slowly stroking the shaft before feeding it
into my mouth. I was spend, resigned to my fate. As her cock slid into my mouth I sucked for all I was worth. She worked her cock
back and forth, back and forth, reaching near climax again and again, but pulling out to deny her own release each time. Eventually though I could tell she was as excited as she could get. She held her cock with the hot throbbing head against my tongue and rubbed and rubbed. I could feel the pressure building and I sucked hard as the first hot sticky gouts of spunk filled my mouth. I swallows again and again, tasting her cream, and not spilling a drop.

I slumped on the floor as the other girls crowded into the small cubicle. Miko smiled and said "Well, thank you for an enjoyable
evening. Our stop is coming up, so we'll be getting off now, but before we go, we want to give you a parting gift" And with that all 5 of them aimed their cocks at me and hot yellow streams splashed across every inch of my face and body. I sat in a puddle of their pee as they retrieved their spreader bar and gag and left. I sat in my cooling puddle wondering how I would explain my state when the train reached the end of the line, or if someone
else wanted the toilet. When the door opened to reveal a middle aged female ticket inspector. She was a big woman who glared at me for some time without listening to what I was trying to say. She removed her tights and panties in front of me and grabbing my
head, stuffed her dirty panties into my mouth and tying them in place with her tights. I tried to cry out by it was no use, and I watched mesmerised as she placed an out of order sign on the toilet door before smiling a wicked smile and locking me in. Somehow I knew that My night had only just begun ....