My Journey into PantyLand

My Journey into PantyLand

You know when something happens and it's just meant to be? Originally, getting into the fetish industry was a means to an end. I had no expectations about this journey. It was just something to try out to make some extra cash. But man, I didn’t expect this world to help me grow, laugh, have fun, get creative, and become a better person to myself.

I have to tell it from the beginning though. It all started when I met this dude. At first he was a really rad guy. We had a lot of common interests (most of my friends and clients in panty land know that I was raised by hippies) and he had this obsession with all things natural. At this time in my life, whenever I was in a relationship I would shave…..Well shave the pits and keep a little bit of hair on my puss. I always hated shaving. If I didn’t have to, I didn’t. But this new dude? He prefered me in my natural state.

Fuck yeah! Goooooodbye razors!

So the other cool thing about this dude, he was a carpenter who did work-trading/WWOOFing on these eco-resorts and organic farms. Wanna come visit me on isolated beaches in Hawaii? Tropical paradises in the jungles of Mexico? Pick grapes in Sicily?

Yes please!

It was a nice exchange. Between gigs he would stay at my apartment, and while he was away I could visit. All I had to do was pay the place ticket and all the rest of my needs were met.

A year into our relationship I was visiting him in Hawaii. Another work-trader told me about an Ayurvedic doctor she studied with in India. ((Some of you already know that I’m a nurse who has some issues with the healthcare system)) She told me it sounded like something I would be interested in.

Wow! A journey to India to study with a renowned Ayurvedic doctor? To lean ancient Indian medicine? But to spend months in another country? How can I come up with that kind of cash without putting in more hours at my soul-sucking job?

One of the other female work-traders looked at me and shrugged. You know, my sister use to sell her used clothing on fetish websites, so that’s a thing.

Yes! Used panties! I could try that. During the rest of my time in Hawaii (when I was able to find wifi) I did as much research as I could and signed up to a website the moment I got home.

I told myself. If I was meant to take this journey to India, then the money would come.

And it did. In 9 months I took my first solo journey to the other side of the world.

However, when I first started selling, I had no expectations. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. My first few weeks I was so nervous. I took some low quality photos, trying to crop out my face, hide any little flaw. ((I’ve lost a 100lbs, so insecurity city!)) Some guys duped me and got freebies, I made mistakes, but I just tried to be myself. My anxiety was through the roof when I made my first real sale. Will he like it? What is the post office loses it and he thinks I’m a scammer? What if he gives me a terrible review?

After that first sale, there was a snowball effect. Now I was booked two months in advance. I pushed myself and found I was more comfortable doing things that I could never actually see myself doing in the past. Started selling pictures, then doing videos, ultimately started showing my face. I came in at a good time too. A few years ago, not a lot of women were sporting a bush. Then I come into the scene with my pussy chewbacca and hairy armpits. That big bad Italian bush ended up being my hook.

It was so much fun! I told my friends and family, even my co-workers! ((I started doing shirt wears, sometimes I stuuuuuunk. Thankfully I worked in a stinky place so nobody cared)). I became more comfortable in my own skin, more confident, and it showed in my personal life. It helped me push my boundaries but also assert them when I needed too. (( Which my old self would have problems doing.)) I also met a tribe of some badass women!

In the end, I did dump that dude, turned out he wasn’t that rad anyway.

Thank goodness! Because in hindsight I would have never gone to India if I was still with him.

I just completed my 2nd trip to India and my certification in ayurvedic medicine. This community has helped me in so many ways! I was able to further my education, explore my deepest desires and feel sexy as fuck!  I’m excited to continue my journey on Scented Pansy.

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