My first foursome☺️

My first foursome☺️

Technically a threesome🙄☺️

So obviously just by the headline of this article this is going to be story time...grab your popcorn (or lube) and get comfy. 

When I was younger, my 3 friends and I all decided to have drinks by a pool at an apartment complex that had a decent pool. It was my best friend, C, our friend A (a girl) and another friend, J (who is a guy). We hopped the fence and started drinking and swimming. We were having a great time and getting pretty buzzed.  

At some point in the evening, we decide to all hop in the sauna. Naturally we got even more buzzed when we went into the sauna becuase we had drinks and the heat increases your reaction. 

I have no clue how it happened but at some point I was kissing A while C and J we're watching. J started kissing C and then everyone ended up getting naked. We all swapped make out partners (except for C and I since we were friend and I wasn't really into her like that). I remember one scene where I was licking A's soft nipple while she was fingering me and J was eating her out. We were all wet and hot and slippery from both the sauna and being so turned on. 

Then it was TOO hot so we decided to take our little party outside. I remember being right next to the water while licking A's clit and feeling J come up behind me and slide his cock into me. Omg guys it was SO hot being fucked and eating pussy at the same time. Then, If things couldn't get hotter, C sat on A's face and was riding her face. So ultimately J was fucking a pile of women all fucking each other. I cummed within like 3 min and held onto A's hips while I shoved my tongue inside her pussy when I knew I was about to orgasm. I'm just J felt me pulsating in his hard cock 😏☺️

We all had a great time but never discussed it again after🤐☺️🐱♥️

Who else has a super steamy sex story they want to share? 😏

My first foursome☺️2