Mia’s Awakening

Mia’s Awakening

Mia had always wanted to go to southern France. It was a dream of hers. The French Riviera, the mountains, the wine, the pastries, the cuisine. It had it all. Plus, it wasn’t as pretentious and high-brow as other parts of France, mainly Paris. It was a more agricultural-based and tourism-based economy, so mostly blue collar people. Now, the tourists there…well, that was a different story. 

So, when her boyfriend Jason surprised her for her birthday two months ago with a trip to France, she was ecstatic. Starting in Nice and Monaco they would relax on the beaches before driving through the French Pyrenees to Avignon to enjoy the quaint, former Papal city, and then finishing the trip in Provence and Marseille. 

She had planned every detail of the trip, down to the restaurants they would eat at, the pastries they needed to try, and the most efficient route they should take. She was so excited for the trip itself, but to finally get away with her boyfriend after over a year stuck at home due to the pandemic. Well, that is, until she came home early from a business dinner to find her boyfriend with his cock deep inside one of her friends. They didn’t hear her come in, so when she heard the slapping of skin and the moaning, she crept down the hallway to the door that was slightly ajar. The angle of the mirror was in the perfect position for her to see all of it. She sat and stared for a while, watching him fuck her hard and deep with her legs being held up in the air. 

Mia fumed and became angrier by the second. But, she couldn’t take her eyes away. She was always very submissive, a bit reserved as well, but also loved watching! She used to make Jason put on a show for her before they fucked. Sometimes, she’d find a way to hide away to watch him masturbate. She was rather a voyeur like that. In this case, she had an ulterior motive to watching and waiting. Part of her enjoyed watching these two people she thought that cared so much about her in the height of passion. Their bodies glistened with every thrust. But, more so, she wanted to wait to prevent the passion from climaxing. She had fucked Jason enough times to know when he was about to cum. She timed it perfectly. Just as she busted through the door, he started to say, “I’m going to…” He didn’t get to finish that sentence nor did he finish inside of Mia’s friend. 

A very angry argument ensued with lots of name-calling and pathetic excuses from both parties involved. Mia kicked them both out. Jason lived with Mia, so the poor guy had nowhere to go. Mia would surely cry about this later or pop a bottle of wine. Yes, pop a bottle of wine sounds more like it. Her friend would have an equally hard time as she worked at Mia’s father’s company just outside the city. Don’t shit where you eat, as they say. 

After an evening of a whole bottle of wine, a medium margherita pizza, and a pint of stracciatella gelato, Mia forced herself to go about her daily routine and not feel sorry for herself. As angry as she was about a 3-year plus relationship going down the tubes just like that, she knew deep down she was better off. Her trip was a week away and as much as she didn’t want to go alone, having never been abroad by herself, she knew that she owed it to herself. She had luckily booked everything under her name, as Jason was too lazy to take care of anything. Also to her advantage, he had already paid for his share of the trip, money he’d certainly not be getting back. A few refunds for couples activities and museums, and she’s got spending cash for meals and drinks. 

The day finally arrived. After having a week to clear her mind, Jason cleared his things out of her apartment, she was excited to go on this adventure. She decided to just let things come to her and for the first time ever, not be so hesitant and resistant to new things. Jason was her first major relationship right out of college and having gone to an Ivy League school, she never really had time for guys in college. The occasional drunken hookup, but they were hardly memorable and were rather boring. Jason was her first of quite a few experiences, but as she matured, not all of the ones she fantasized about. The exploration into her fantasies and deepest, darkest desires never got to happen, as something always seemed to get in the way. Work trips, family obligations, and Jason’s reluctance to try certain things. She finally felt a bit of a sexual awakening in the months prior to the break-up. She felt as if she escaped this cage of repression and quite suddenly had these fantasies about herself as a woman. These desires never came to pass, though, for her and Jason.

Mia was what you’d call a natural beauty. She was average height with flowing dark brown hair to her shoulder blades. Her body curved perfectly in the right places, a chest that slinked in toward a thin waist and then gently back out to strong, athletic hips and legs. Her breasts were perky, especially for their size. A size that was larger than a man’s hand could fit around, but just barely. Her ass was tight and round. She dressed impeccably and took care of herself. Jason threw away an amazing thing and would come to regret his inability to keep his average-sized cock in his pants.

The flight was a red eye out of JFK to Paris and then a short layover before the flight to Nice. Mia never slept on planes, so was preparing herself for a long day of travel. As expected, after the first hour of the flight, the cabin lights dimmed, but sleep did not come. She had a window seat, seated next to an older woman who had ear plugs, a face mask, a pillow, and a blanket covering her and was out seemingly as soon as the lights went down. Mia put on a movie, a drama, to try to lull her to sleep. It did not work. She thought about what she’d do at home if she couldn’t sleep...masturbate. She contemplated whether she could get away with it sitting in a crowded plane. She didn’t care. She put the blanket over her, put her head on the pillow up against the window, and closed her eyes. She quietly and gently shimmied her yoga pants down slightly past her knees. The feeling of doing something so taboo and public like this turned her on. She slipped her right hand into her panties and was already wet from thinking about doing this. Mia quickly opened her eyes and scanned around to make sure no one was watching and closed them again. With her middle finger and forefinger she made slow, circular motions around the hood of her clit. The exhaustion she was feeling, the stress of the past week, the excitement for the week to come, and the exhilaration of such a public act brought on a strong feeling of euphoria. She very quickly got extremely wet, her whole hand almost at this point had her lady juices all over them. As she picked up the intensity and speed of her fingers rubbing over her clit, she had to bite her lips to fight back screams of pleasure. She had never done anything sexual in public before. The only time she ever masturbated in front of anyone was late at night in her dorm bed in college, but didn’t everyone? Mia’s legs began to tremble as she inched closer to climax. At this point, she wasn’t even cognizant of the person sitting inches away, she was concentrated only on the pleasure and release this would give her. Finally, her eyes rolled back in her head, she bit down hard on her bottom lip, and quaked as the orgasm pulsed through her whole body. Her breathing was heavy, now slowed as she came back to realize where she was and what she had just done. Mia quickly, but quietly pulled her leggings up. She secretly smiled to herself…she felt naughty, but also reeling from the release that orgasm gave her. This was going to be a great trip she said to herself as she fell asleep. 

The rest of the flight and layover were uneventful and Mia arrived into Nice mid-morning. Although she slept a bit on the plane, she was still pretty tired. She took a taxi to her hotel overseeing the beach. Her room was ready when she arrived, so she went up and immediately fell asleep. Mia awoke in the late afternoon, still groggy and suffering from jet lag. She forced herself to get up and take a shower. She felt like a zombie, but was also starving. She threw on a cute dress with some strappy heels and straightened her hair. The original plan for the evening was a restaurant on the other side of town, which she wasn’t up for traveling to. She asked the front desk for a suggestion of a nearby restaurant and headed there. The restaurant was a bistro, quaint and small. It was perfect for a solo traveler. They had a small bar that she cozied up to and ordered her dinner, something French, something from the sea. A salad nicoise with fresh tuna and a bottle of Sancerre. The Sancerre went down smooth and Mia moved to dessert. As her chocolate torte arrived, so did a gorgeous Italian man. He sauntered in the restaurant confidently and sat at the bar two seats away from him. She couldn’t help but stare. His olive skin, his perfectly coiffed hair, his illuminating smile. Mia was mesmerized. She finished her dessert as the Italian man sat chatting up the bartender and the older man seated next to him at the bar. Mia headed back to the hotel and had no problem falling asleep, dreaming to see that gorgeous man again. 

Mia woke up early. A result of having napped most of the day and her jet lag. She decided to head out and go for a run on the beach. She put on her tight, hip-hugging shorts and tank and threw a change of clothes in a small backpack and headed out. It was early, so hardly anyone was out yet. The sun was just peeking out from the horizon. After some stretching, she headed across the street and down a small path to the beach. The morning sky took on a beautiful orange hue as she started jogging down the beach. After only a half mile, she hit a sea wall that divided the beach and headed back the way she came. As she approached near where she entered, she saw him. The same Italian man she had seen the previous night at the bistro. He was laying on the beach, nearly in her path, doing sit-ups. He wore black compression shorts and the rising sun glistened the sweat on his six-pack abs. She tried not to stare as she ran toward him and past him, but she did take a few glances. She smiled ear to ear like a teenage girl as she ran past him in admiration of him. She ran another mile down the beach and headed back.

Mia found a set of four shower stalls on the beach close to the street. She decided to wash off and head to a patisserie for a pastry and a coffee before going back to her room. The showers were pretty open, only covered on two sides, but there was still hardly anyone on the beach. She found the one that was most secluded, blocked from the street and one side of the beach. She took off her tank and her shorts and showered in her thong and sports bra. She had another bra and panties in her pack she could quickly switch into. She turned the water on and zoned out, recovering from her run. She hadn’t been running as much lately because work had been so busy getting ready for her time away. She hardly noticed the water switch on in an adjacent shower. Mia finished rinsing off and turned off the water. She turned around to grab her pack and saw him standing there. He towered over her like a Greek God, a good 10 inches taller than her 5’4” frame. He was wearing only a towel. 

“Scusami, you are a beautiful. You have gorgeous bottom,” he started with, making a gesture of a round posterior.

Mia turned red immediately. She was completely shocked that he was standing there staring at her and that they were both practically naked in front of one another. “Thank you,” she said shyly. “I’m not sure I like that you were just standing here staring at me.”

“Ohh, my apologies. I thought maybe since you stare at me last night and this morning, I could return favor.”

Mia blushed. “Fair enough. Well, I’m glad you liked what you saw.”

“Oh I like very much. Do you need towel?”

“Uhh, yea, I guess I don’t have one. Thanks.”

The Italian unwrapped his towel and handed it to her, revealing his flaccid cock dangling between his legs. Even flaccid, it dropped down several inches. 

Mia quickly grabbed the towel and hurriedly dried off, wrapped the towel around her and changed into her dry bra and panties. He stepped a bit closer to her as she had nowhere to go.

“My name is a Giorgio. I live very nearby. I would a like to see you again. You’re American, no?”

“Uhh,” she stammered, “Yes, I’m here on vacation. I’m Mia.”

“Well, I come to your hotel and take you to dinner. You stay across street.”

“Yes, I’m right over there,” she pointed.

“Great, I meet you in lobby at 7 PM.”

“Yes, that sounds very nice,” Mia said excitedly.

“May I have towel back please?” 

“Ohh. Of course! I’m so sorry.” Mia awkwardly took off the towel and fumbled with it trying to hand it to him, dropping it on the floor in front of him.

“Ughh…sorry!” she said kneeling down to pick it up. As she knelt down to grab the towel she looked up and realized his cock was right in front of her face. She looked up at him quickly and he grinned at her, realizing the awkwardness of the moment.

Mia realized how weird this was, but she decided to just go with it. This man was gorgeous and she was a thousand miles away from home. She also wanted to play off how awkward she was being. She looked around to see that no one was around and grabbed his cock with her right hand and brought it up to her mouth. She used her tongue to make circles around the head of his cock while she gently jerked his cock. He let out a quiet moan and placed his hand gently on the back of her head. As his cock became erect she began jerking him more rapidly and sucking up and down his large member. His veiny cock throbbed as she began to get aroused from what she was doing. As she continued sucking and jerking hurriedly, she realized he was by far the biggest she’d ever experienced. His cock filled her whole mouth and her jaw was tiring from stretching it open. She could tell he was getting closer as he grabbed the back of her head more tightly, forcing his cock deeper into the back of her throat. She enjoyed his forcefulness. It was commanding and dominant but in a respectful way. She tasted the sweet pre-cum that was trickling onto her tongue. Moments later he tensed up, she opened her mouth wider as his cock gradually slipped deeper into her mouth, he let out a groan as he shot his sweet, warm cum into her mouth. Spurt after spurt came pulsing out of his cock. She tried her best to swallow him, but it was just too much. Some of the cum began dribbling out of her mouth down her chin as he pulled his cock away from her. He reached down and took the towel to wipe what had come out of her mouth off her chin and then wiped himself off.

“You do that very well.” Giorgio said.

Mia laughed. “Ugh, thanks.”

“I mean, thank you. You come back to my place and I return favor.”

“I appreciate the offer, but let’s just see each other at 7?” Mia asked. She was living dangerously and trying new things, but getting murdered by a man in a foreign country was hopefully not going to be one of them, if she could help it.

“Looking forward to it! I see you at 7. Thanks again”, he said, wrapping himself in his towel and walking away to grab his things.

Mia threw on her dress and sandals and put her wet clothes in her pack. She stood there for a second thinking about how slutty she’d just been, even though she hated the thought of that word. The Puritanical, prude Americans thinking women enjoying sexual activity was somehow wrong and women should be demeaned for it. She pushed the thought away, telling herself that she was a single woman making her own choices and she had nothing to be embarrassed about. She was proud of herself for putting herself out there, being forward, and was looking forward to having someone to hang out with tonight at the very least. 

Mia went and got a croissant and a latte for breakfast and headed back to her room for a real shower and to plan the rest of her day. As she stood in the shower, enjoying the feeling of the warm water trickling down her back, she thought back to the crazy events of that morning. It was completely out of character for her, but also felt so right. She began touching herself thinking about how hot and carnal her instincts were to take his huge cock in her mouth like that. The feeling of his throbbing cock pulsing his delicious tasting seed into her mouth and the volume overwhelming her mouth, seeping out and down her chin. Reliving it made her so wet and inched her closer to orgasm as she leaned against the shower stall with one hand and rubbed her clit furiously with the other. Mia was finishing what she wished Giorgio would have done earlier. Hopefully she’d have another opportunity this evening. Mia moved, leaning her back against the shower wall and started rubbing her tits, squeezing her nipples between her fingers making them rock hard. The sensation of slight pain brought her closer and closer and closer until her knees began to shake, she slid down the wall to almost a crouching position where she began climaxing. Her fingers continued on her clit, drawing out the orgasm for longer, sliding her the whole way down the wall until she landed on her ass completely spent. She spent a few minutes there catching her breath and contemplating her next moves for the day. She decided that since her dinner was likely going to be paid for, she’d head into town to do some shopping to prepare for her date. A new slinky dress, a pair of heels, some lingerie maybe? Perhaps even pamper herself a bit. 

Mia got dressed and headed out for the day. By now it was almost lunch time and she was getting hungry. She stopped in a local bar, sipped some wine and had a fish sandwich and frites. Feeling sated, she headed to the shopping district. Her first stop, she found a perfect tight, strapless pencil dress in black that accentuated her curves perfectly and landed a few inches above her knees. A nice pair of heels went along with those and she headed out. A lingerie store was next on the list. Here she got a strapless bustier corset and some sexy, lacy panties to go with them. They held her tits up perfectly, revealing just enough cleavage in the dress. Feeling excited about her purchases, but spending way more than she wanted, she thought about heading back to the pool for some sun. On her way, she passed a day spa, and decided to stop in to see if they had any walk-ins available. Luckily, they were able to take her, as it was a Tuesday and everyone was at work. She spent the next two and a half hours getting pampered: a full body wax, a mani/pedi, and she got her hair done. As she left, the work crowd was beginning to leave their jobs to head home. She headed back to the hotel to get ready. 

Right at 7, she headed to the lobby to find Giorgio dressed impeccably. A form-fitting jacket with a white and black checked button-up that revealed just enough chest, tight, European jeans, and beautiful Italian leather shoes. She smiled as she approached him.

“Hello beautiful. It so nice to see you! I was afraid you wouldn’t come.” Giorgio greeted her.

“Why do you say that?” Mia asked.

“I don’t know. I’m strange man in strange country, you are by yourself. It may be scary. But, I’m good person. You don’t have to worry.”

Mia laughed. “Thank you. That makes me feel better.”

They made it to the restaurant, a gorgeous white table cloth French brasserie. The maître di sala greeted Giorgio by name and led them to the table. It was a table in the corner of the restaurant, with windows looking out to the street on either side. Mia was mesmerized by the place. She had eaten in some nice restaurants, but not like this. Giorgio whispered in her ear, “It has three Michelin stars. My favorite restaurant.”

Mia nearly oblivious just nodded. They arrived at the table and Mia noticed another woman sitting down, she stood to greet them. “Uhhh..this is my wife” Giorgio said. 

Mia flabbergasted and unsure of what to make of the situation said, “I’m sorry, I think I need to leave.” She couldn’t believe she hadn’t seen a ring and had fooled around with a married man. And who was he to invite her out to dinner with his wife. What did he take her for? 

Mia turned to leave and she felt a gentle touch on her shoulder. It was his wife. 

“Mia it’s okay. Giorgio told me all about this morning. He should’ve told you about me, but I think things got carried away too quickly and after he didn’t know what to do. Giorgio and I have an understanding. We play occasionally with others. I’m Sarah, by the way. I’m American too. An ex-pat from Chicago.”

Something about this woman seemed so comforting, almost motherly. She was considerably older than Giorgio from the looks of it. She was easily in her early 40s, but stunning. She was slender, in amazing shape, and had dark brown hair with a pixie cut speckled with some gray. Her skin was gentle and smooth, but due to her tan, you could tell she was a bit older, a good 15 years older than Mia. She was tall, which matched with how tall Giorgio was. 

Giorgio chimed in, “Please join us. Dinner is on me. If after dinner, you never want to see us again, I’ll hail you a taxi back to your hotel.”

Mia sat, unsure what to say, so she started with, “So, are you guys like swingers?”

They both laughed at that. “We enjoy the company of others. We don’t like to put titles on it. We’re sexual beings and enjoy being sexually active and having new experiences,” Sarah started. “I’m bi, so I also enjoy the company of other women. It’s something I like to explore on my own at times, which Giorgio is okay with. Giorgio does not usually play outside of the relationship. He likes to acquaint himself with other women that he thinks I’d be attracted to and I decide if I want to share her with him or not.” 

Sarah paused. “I think this morning was an unexpected series of events. Giorgio is Italian and nudity is not a proposition here as it is in the States, usually. I think he was trying to be gentlemanly about giving you a towel, but should’ve put clothes on himself before doing so.”

Giorgio looked sullen, realizing he had embarrassed Mia.

Mia was at a loss for words. She completely misread the situation this morning and threw herself on this married man. 

“I’m a sorry for everything Mia. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s my fault. Once you started, I didn’t want to offend you and tell you to stop.”

“Such a man,” Sarah laughed. “It felt good getting your cock sucked is what happened.”

Mia smiled at that. “I’m sorry.”

“No, Mia”, Sarah quickly retorted. “You have nothing to be sorry about. I’m not upset at all. You are allowed to have desires as well. We brought you here to apologize and offer you an amazing meal. If you want to go back to your hotel after, you’re more than welcome. If you’re interested in something else, then that is on the table too.”

After the initial awkward conversation, the rest of the evening was very enjoyable. Lots of laughs, food was amazing, wine flowed heavily, and Mia was starting to like Sarah even more than Giorgio, she thought. Mia had never been with a woman, never thought she wanted to be with one, but whether it was the wine or where she was, the thought now intrigued her. She felt nervous knowing she’d have no idea what she was doing, but Sarah had a way about her. She was very calming and brought you in close in how she talked, making you feel connected in a very deep way. They talked about their lives in France, how they ended up together, but mainly they wanted to know more about Mia and acted genuinely interested in every word that Mia had to say. She learned that they met in Milan when Sarah was teaching at a fashion school there and Giorgio was modeling. Giorgio is ten years younger than Sarah, but it’s just a number to them. They moved to Nice to be by the beach, but still have an apartment in Milan, and it’s only a 4 hour drive between the two. Mia told them about Jason, about why she wanted to do this trip originally, and why she decided to go alone after what happened. They comforted Mia and made her feel like every choice she made was the best one given the circumstances. 

After they finished their meals, they sat enjoying their wine, when Sarah said, “How about we head to our condo and have some cocktails and listen to the waves crashing on the beach?”

That sounded wonderful to Mia. They got the check and headed back to the condo. It was a sprawling 3 bedroom with marble and leather everywhere. Their patio was perfectly positioned to watch the Mediterranean, looking out for miles and miles. Sarah and Mia sat in two lounge chairs as Giorgio went to make some drinks. Mia sat back, enjoying the calming sound of the waves and the view of the moon lighting the sea. She suddenly felt Sarah’s hand gently placed over hers.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Sarah said. 

“Oh my god, yes! You have a beautiful place and this view is incredible!” 

Giorgio returned with the drinks, three French 75s and the rest of the bottle of the champagne. They quietly sipped their cocktails while enjoying the ambiance. Mia relaxed on her side deep into the chaise lounge, exhausted from her eventful day. Sarah quietly got up and slid into the chair with Mia. Mia startled a bit, but Sarah gently put her hands on her face, “You don’t have to do anything. I’ll take the lead.”

Sarah began slowly kissing Mia’s lips, gently sucking on her upper lip. Mia adjusted to her back, Sarah climbing on top of her. Sarah worked her way to Mia’s neck and ears, kissing them as Mia closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of Sarah’s lips on her. Sarah’s hands found Mia’s breasts as she slid her tongue into Mia’s mouth and they began making out, intertwining their tongues. Giorgio sat on a nearby stool sipping his drink and enjoying a show he has had front row seats to many times before. As Mia became more comfortable, she relaxed her legs from a tense, straight position to open, accepting Sarah between them. Sarah obliged, positioning herself in between Mia’s thighs while still kissing Mia passionately. Sarah reached behind Mia, unzipping her dress and then down to her waist sliding it up and over her head. 

Sarah and Giorgio admired the sexy and surprisingly naughty lingerie that Mia was wearing. “You surprise me,” Giorgio said.

“You’re absolutely gorgeous,” Sarah added. “Let’s move this inside so you’re more comfortable.”

They made it to the bedroom which included a massive California King and mirrors tastefully placed around the room for good views of all angles. Mia, feeling much looser now, helped Sarah out of her dress, revealing a matching black lace bra and panty set. Giorgio patiently waited for Sarah to instruct him when he could join in. Sarah led Mia to the bed where she laid down on her side, Sarah joining her as their hands and mouths began exploring each other’s bodies. Sarah unsnapped the hooks on Mia’s corset, pulling it off. She began swirling her tongue around Mia’s nipples as she reached her hand into Mia’s panties, feeling her already wet entrance. Mia’s hands grabbed tightly onto Sarah’s back as she felt the touch of a woman on her naked body for the very first time. Sarah massaged Mia’s breasts and teased her nipples, making them harden with arousal. Her other hand explored Mia’s pussy, opening her labia, and entering her to hit her g-spot with her forefinger and middle finger with a come hither motion. This made Mia even wetter, enveloping Sarah’s whole hand with Mia’s lady juices. Mia moaned in ecstasy as Sarah pleasured a part of her that was rarely explored with the men she’d been with. Just as Mia was almost over the edge, Sarah stopped, removing her hand from Mia’s pussy and found her clit. A completely different sensation, Sarah used three fingers to rub around Mia’s clit, up and down, back and forth, around in circles. Again, the intensity of the fingers on her clit and her nipples being teased and pinched gently brought her closer and closer to the edge. Mia was begging for it to come, moving her hips with Sarah’s hand. Mia even moved her hand to her pubic mound to expose more of her clit. Mia wanted to cum so bad. She had to have this release. It was building and building. Her heart rate was increasing, she began to perspire, and moan louder, and louder, but then, Sarah stopped. 

“We’re not getting you off that easy, gorgeous,” Sarah said. 

“Uhhhhh…pllllllllleeeaasssee!!” Mia moaned.

“It will come, trust me, dear,” Sarah added. “Sweetheart, please join us.”

Mia had hardly remembered that Giorgio was still there. He stripped down revealing that beautiful cock Mia had sucked off earlier that day, which now seemed like ages ago. He walked over to join the party. From the bed, Sarah lay on her stomach taking Giorgio’s cock in her mouth, fluffing him for his role in this. He rocked slowly back and forth as his cock went in and out of Sarah’s mouth. As he became harder and harder he rocked more steadily and quickly in and out of Sarah’s mouth. She lay there arms at her side, mouth agape waiting for his rock hard cock to penetrate her mouth. After he was fully erect, his last thrust into her mouth, she closed her lips around it, seemingly swallowing him whole. She sucked for a few moments before gagging a little bit on his thick cock. 

Sarah rolled over to Mia, kissing her again. “Giorgio begged me to fuck you. Is that okay?”

Mia smiled widely, “God, yes!”

Giorgio climbed up on the bed positioning himself between Mia’s legs, which were bent outward and open. He leaned down kissing her passionately as Sarah watched adoringly. Mia wrapped her legs around the much larger Giorgio bringing herself in closer to him as they continued to kiss. Mia wanted this so bad, actually needed it after Sarah refused to let her cum. Giorgio grabbed Mia’s legs and lifted them up to his side as he angled himself down and inside of her. She let out a gasp as his thick cock entered her. He started slowly thrusting deep inside of her, unable to fit his whole cock inside of her. She was extremely wet, and getting wetter as Giorgio stretched her open, but she’d never had a cock or even a dildo this big before. She moaned and whimpered as Giorgio fucked her. She couldn’t concentrate on anything but how good he felt. Her whole head felt foggy from the alcohol, the edging, and now this cock that was testing her limits. She panted as Giorgio started thrusting more quickly. He angled his ass down and lifted her slightly, which allowed his cock to hit Mia’s g-spot perfectly. As he did this, the moans became louder and louder, and he knew he was getting her closer. He picked up the pace, fucking her hard, slamming his cock into her g-spot. She squirmed and screamed and sweat began to pour out of her. Her brow, her breasts, her stomach all glistened with dew as she was brought closer and closer to climax. Finally, she was going to get the release she needed. Her body began to tremble from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. Giorgio continued his deep, powerful motions in and against her g-spot and out again and back in, sending her nearly over the edge with every pass. At last, she tensed up, grabbed the sheets as tight as she could and tried to scream, but nothing came out. Then, it continued. The orgasm pulsed throughout her body as she trembled, before finally stopping after 30 seconds. 

Giorgio pulled out, giving Mia a chance to recover. She lay motionless, just repeating over and over, “That was incredible!” 

Sarah and Giorgio giggled at Mia’s reaction as Sarah crawled over on the bed. Sarah pushed her husband down on the bed and took his still erect cock in her mouth. She sucked his cock up and down up and down, devouring it somehow. Years of practice, no doubt. She paused and turned to Mia, “Your pussy is delicious babe. I love tasting you on his cock.” 

Mia smiled, “Suck that huge fucking cock babe! Let me share that cum with you”

Sarah winked at Mia and continued sucking her husband, jerking him with both hands. Mia slid closer to Sarah, watching her bob up and down like a pro on his cock. Giorgio groaned as he got closer to climax. “Ughhh…yessss… I’m going to cummm”, he grunted. 

“Give her that cum Giorgio! Shoot another huge load down her throat!” Mia said excitedly. 

Giorgio tensed up, grabbing the covers as Sarah held squeezed her lips around his cock, preparing for his cum. Sarah swallowed most of it, but saved a bit to share with Mia. She turned to Mia and let the cum drip off of her tongue into Mia’s mouth. They kissed passionately, sharing the flavor of Giorgio. 

The kissing continued as Sarah guided Mia’s hand down to her pussy. Mia began rubbing her clit, pretending she was pleasuring herself. Sarah teased and played with her own tits, making her nipples aroused and practically able to cut glass. Sarah’s pussy was soaked after all of the erotic events of the evening and Mia’s focused concentration right on her clit. Mia paused, “Can I taste you?”

“Of course, baby,” Sarah smiled. 

Giorgio stepped out of the room to let the two ladies enjoy one another. 

Mia slid her body down in between Sarah’s legs.

“I’ve never done this before.” Mia said. “Let me know if I’m hitting the right spot.”

“I’ll help you baby,” Sarah assured her. 

Mia slid two fingers inside of Sarah, finding the g-spot she had played with in her pussy many, many times before. She began slowly. Rubbing her fingers against the bumpy surface with slow, methodical motions, instantly getting a reaction from Sarah who guided Mia’s head down to her clit. Mia’s mouth found Sarah’s protruding clit, a much more pronounced clit than her own. She moved her left hand to the pubic mound applying light pressure and began softly sucking on Sarah’s clit. The combination of all the sensations made Sarah moan with delight. “God…yesss!! That’s it baby!” Sarah exclaimed

Mia began moving her tongue up and down on Sarah’s clit, pushing the hood of the clit back, hitting it directly. This caused Sarah to jerk and gyrate her lower body, the feeling so intense. Mia slid another finger into Sarah’s soaked pussy, increasing the speed with which she massaged her g-spot. The swishing of Sarah’s cum intensified lightly squirting out into Mia’s palm as the speed with which she moved her fingers hastened and the pressure her tongue was placing on Sarah’s clit. Sarah screamed in ecstasy with Mia’s expert control of her pleasure. 

“DON’T FUCKING STOP!! YOU’RE FUCKING AMAZING! OHHH MY GODD!” Sarah could barely control herself, gyrating and twitching. 

Sarah arched her lower back and ass up toward Mia, angling herself for more direct stimulation. This allowed Mia to dive her face deeper into Sarah and hit her tongue at just the right spot on Sarah’s clit. It also increased the pressure on Sarah’s g-spot, causing even more squirt to come out. 

“YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM!! MAKE ME CUM BABY!” Sarah screamed again and again. 

Mia continued at her rapid pace, obeying Sarah. Finally, Sarah’s body was overcome by orgasm causing her to tremble and moan so loud you could hear it on the floor below. Giorgio reentered the room to view the intense pleasure occurring. Sarah’s body continued to shake as she had to pull Mia off of her and landed on top of her panting, completely overwhelmed by the orgasm Mia had just given her. They both lay there, unable to speak, holding one another for several minutes. Eventually, Sarah rolled off and they both fell asleep, completely spent from the intensity of the evening. 

The next morning Mia awoke alone in bed. She checked her phone, 10:36 AM. Not that she had anywhere to be, but she surely slept quite late and felt bad considering she was in another person’s home. She rolled over to find a note on the pillow next to her. She read it.


Sleep as long as you like. We ran to get some coffee and breakfast and a few, quick errands. We’ll be back soon. Take a shower, if you like. Towels are in the closet in the bathroom.


Gio and Sarah 

Mia got herself out of bed and walked to the bathroom to find several bottles of water. She downed one in seconds and got through half of another. She relieved herself of a night of drinking and then grabbed a towel. The shower was a tile walk-in, with shower heads everywhere! It was easily 8’x10’, a seating area the length of it with a window high up that you could see out to the Mediterranean if you stood up on the seating area. Mia enjoyed a long, hot shower, steaming up the entire bathroom. It felt amazing, allowing her to recover from the drinking and the late night. 

She finished up, stepped out and grabbed her towel. She dried off and headed back into the bedroom where she could hear the faint sound of Giorgio and Sarah chatting. There was a floral sundress laid out on the bed, she assumed for her to put on, since she didn’t have a change of clothes. She threw it over her shoulders and headed out of the bedroom, wearing just that. 

As she left the bedroom, she could see Giorgio and Sarah on the balcony chatting and sipping their coffee. She went out to the balcony to greet them and they beamed ear to ear when they saw her. 

“Good morning, beautiful,” they both said simultaneously. 

“Good morning,” Mia replied bashfully. “Thank you for everything,” she said, eyeing the spread of pastries and fruit as she grabbed a coffee from Giorgio.

They sat and talked about what Mia’s plans were for the remainder of her trip, where she was going to go, what she was going to see. Giorgio gave her suggestions of places to see and those to avoid and gave her some contacts of people to reach out to in each town to help her out. Nothing was said of the night before, as if it were such a natural occurrence, and something that happened all the time for the couple. It surely wasn’t for Mia. She was still reeling from the thought of it all. So much had happened in one day. So many things that would’ve been so out of character just a short time before and things that she’d never even think of doing. Somehow, though, it just felt very natural and awakening for her and her sexuality. It’s cliché to say, but a light went on, and she suddenly saw herself in a different way. She was no longer just this intelligent, by the book, follow societal norms young lady; she was becoming an adventurous, explorative woman. 

The three finished their breakfast and sat, enjoying the noon-day sun. They sat back down in the chaise lounges that they were in the previous night. Sarah removed her top and her shorts, wearing only a thong. She invited Mia to do the same. “Only the birds can see us from up here,” she said reassuring Mia.

Mia took off the sundress she had borrowed, wearing nothing underneath. Giorgio stripped down to his briefs, pulled up his chair, putting Mia in between the two of them. 

“You really are gorgeous, Mia.” Sarah said.

“Thank you. I’m not sure I’ve really been told that too many times.” Mia replied.

“Well, it’s unfortunate no one has noticed, because you are stunning. Last night was incredible for the both of us. We’ve not had a lover that was so perfect and natural in a long, long time. It was like you’d been doing that forever. Most of the lovers we’ve had either just want to be with Giorgio and ignore me or just want to be with me and ignore Giorgio. It becomes awkward when it’s like that. You were very free and went with the flow.” 

Mia shyly said, “Thank you. I’m glad it was fun for you. I was worried I didn’t do a good job.”

Sarah quickly stepped in, “God, no! You were incredible.”

Mia smiled broadly and sipped her coffee. They finished their coffee and sat as their skin glistened with perspiration. 

Giorgio interrupted the silence, “If you’re willing, we’d love to have you one more time before you have to go?”

Mia had the day to herself, but tomorrow she had a full day planned with a day trip to Monaco and the following morning she had to get up early to retrieve her rental car and head for the mountains. 

“Yes, I think I’d really enjoy that,” Mia said to Giorgio. 

Giorgio stood and held out his hand for Mia. Mia took it as she was led back to the bedroom. Sarah followed closely behind. Being as they were all pretty much naked, disrobing did not take very long. Sarah took control and sat her husband at the edge of the bed. She invited Mia to her knees next to her. They began sharing Giorgio’s cock together. Mia stroked while Sarah swirled her tongue around his head. Giorgio let out a large sigh and fell backwards onto his forearms. Sarah switched sucking on the head of his cock and Mia began licking and sucking up and down the shaft of his cock. 


As Sarah could taste pre-cum seeping out, she took her mouth off his cock, lifted his legs and began licking his ass. This left no room for Mia to go, so she climbed on top of Giorgio as he laid the whole way down. Mia straddled Giorgio, dropped her pussy to his mouth and lowered herself down to his cock. Giorgio swirled his tongue around Mia’s clit while she took his cock into the side of her mouth while stroking his shaft and Sarah swirled her tongue around the rim of his asshole. The whole scene was as erotic as even Giorgio and Sarah had ever experienced. The muffled sounds of moans and tongues sucking and lapping around added to the eroticism of the moment. 

Sarah massaged Giorgio’s ass, lubricating his hole. She stood, having aroused his rosebud considerably. She leaned forward to share Giorgio’s cock with Mia, starting with placing her mouth around his balls. She then slid two fingers into his ass, aiming them up to find his p-spot. Giorgio was overcome by it all, as he let up the swirling of his tongue around her clit. Giorgio lay back in sheer ecstasy as the two women concentrated on his pleasure. Mia now bobbed her head up and down on his cock while Sarah sucked the bottom of his shaft and balls and continued vigorously massaging his prostate. The intensity of it all caused Giorgio to go stiff, eyes rolled back in his head as he screamed, “I’M CUMMING!!”

This time Mia took most of his cum, but as she wasn’t prepared it all came out of her mouth, Sarah quickly licked it up and kissed Mia with it. The two women continued their play as Sarah climbed up into the bed, leaving Giorgio where he lay. They continued to kiss passionately and quickly moved their hands to each other’s pussies, entering one another. They lay side by side like this, Mia closest to Giorgio, in passionate embrace. Their tongues and fingers in sync with one another, using the come hither motion, drawing each other in closer. Minute after minute of two lovers entangled, bringing each other closer and closer to each other and climax.

Giorgio, recovered now, lifted Mia’s top leg, placing his head underneath it, he began swirling his tongue around the rim of her ass. Mia was not expecting this, as no one had ever played with her ass before, except her. Giorgio was gentle and his tongue felt amazing as it tickled her there. The nerve endings stood at attention as he circled around and in slightly. Giorgio continued, as his tongue sunk deeper and deeper and the women moaned louder and louder in between their passionate kisses. 

Moments later, Giorgio took a finger and gently slid it inside of Mia, continuing to lick around her hole. The arousal she was feeling and natural relaxation allowed him to slide another finger in rather easily. He gently and slowly moved the fingers back and forth inside of her. 

At this point, Mia could not even concentrate on kissing Sarah. She moaned loudly, “FUCK YES! YOU BOTH FEEL SO GOOD INSIDE OF ME! FASTER! FASTER!”

Not knowing who she was talking to, they both picked up the intensity. Mia began to squirt some cum out of her pussy as the intensity picked up. Finally, she couldn’t take it any longer.


Giorgio quickly rolled over and grabbed lube from his bedside stand. He lubed his cock and the fingers that had been inside of Mia. He returned to her, fingering her ass, using the lubricant to gently stretch her open to ready her for his cock. After he fit the fourth finger inside of her, he rest of the lube on his cock, and began to guide himself into her. Sarah at this point switched positions, still on her side, but now they were in the 69 position as her husband slowly entered Mia. Sarah’s pussy was in Mia’s face, but she didn’t know how she’d be able to suck on her clit or eat her pussy considering this was the first cock she’d ever taken in her ass before. 

Mia winced slightly and grabbed on tightly to Giorgio as he continued to slide his cock deep inside of her. Centimeter by centimeter her ass accepted his throbbing cock until finally he was fully in. Sarah sucked on Mia’s clit to keep her aroused and to keep focused on the pleasure. Giorgio started to slowly pump little thrusts to allow her to loosen up. Each thrust from Giorgio she felt more and more relaxed, eventually letting go of her vice grip. He picked up his pace as he brought his cock out slightly and back in. He continued this generous pace, Mia’s ass gripping his cock like a latex glove. She moaned and groaned with pleasure as her ass was stretched for the first time by something other than a dildo. 

Mia finally became comfortable and able to realize the ecstasy of it all became more and more vocal. “FUCK ME HARDER GIORGIO!” She screamed. 

Giorgio thrusted in and out of her, feeling the tightness of her asshole loosen slightly with each pump. 

‘’FUCK MY ASS BABY!” She continued.

“YOUR ASS IS SOO TIGHT. I FUCKING LOVE IT! YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM AGAIN '' Giorgio replied, getting into the dirty talk.

“OHH YESSSSS!!! I WANT YOUR CUM IN MY ASS SOO BAD! SHOOT YOUR CUM DEEP INSIDE!” Mia was in a whole new world of pleasure that she’d never experienced. Sarah ate her pussy better than anyone had ever before and on top of that, she was getting her ass fucked for the very first time. The sensations were almost overwhelming as every thrust she rocked back onto Giorgio’s cock and forward onto Sarah’s mouth. Sweat was pouring out of her at this point, the sheets saturated below her. 

Sarah’s tongue swirled around Mia’s clit, causing her legs to tremble and shake. The intensity was overwhelming and finally brought Mia to the edge. 

“I’M GONNA CUM, I’M GONNA CUM, I’M GONNA CUM” Mia said in rapid succession as she felt a pulse travel through her entire body.

As she trembled through the seconds-long orgasm, Giorgio tensed up, pulled her in close and tight, and grunted, “UHHHHH…I’M CUMMING!!”, as he shot his cum deep inside of her ass.

They both lay there like that, breathing heavily, as Sarah moved up to Mia’s face, kissing her gently on the lips. The three lay holding one another until they were all recovered and felt alive again.

Mia got up and excused herself to the bathroom to clean up. When she returned, Giorgio and Sarah had gotten their clothes back on. 

“Mia, please take the dress. It’s yours. Something to remember us by, I suppose!”

Mia thanked Sarah for the dress. “This has been something else. I really can’t believe it happened and probably still won’t believe it when I get back. But, thank you. Thank you for everything.”

Mia put her clothes on, grabbed her things, and walked to the front door. She hugged and kissed Giorgio and Sarah and they said their goodbyes and offered to stay in touch. Mia left and headed back to her hotel. She wondered if the rest of her trip would be this exciting. It couldn’t be, could it?