Melina's Desire

Melina's Desire

     Worn out from another long day at work, Melina closed her bedroom door behind her and quickly disrobed down to her panties and camisole top, tossing the remaining clothes over the nearest chair. Letting out a sigh of relief, Melina jumped under the warm, inviting covers of her bed and reached for her laptop, ready to look over her e-mail before drifting off for a much needed night's sleep.

     Pulling the covers up around her, Melina's pulse quickened as she saw a new message from a man known only to her as Sir Jack. So far, she had only spoken to him online and through e-mail, but she loved the way he talked to her and made her feel. In his presence. she could tell him her fantasies and desires, submitting herself to him even though she dominated other men. In her professional career, Melina always prided herself on being in control, and personally, she took pleasure with sissy boys, cuckolds and submissive men, but with Sir Jack, she found herself longing to submit to his will. It was a welcome switch and Melina wanted only to grow in her relationship with him.

     Slowly, Melina began to push the blankets off of her as she read the words Sir Jack had written only to her. Already, the musky scent of her arousal began to fill Melina's senses as she felt the dampness between her legs, her shaved pussy tingling in excitement. Instinctively, her hands caressed her tummy as they slid up her body, pulling her cami top off, and tossing it aside. Moaning, she could feel his hungry mouth on her lips, their tongues exploring one another's mouth, tasting each other. Melina felt her nipples twitch and ache under her own touch, as her fingers tweaked and teased her tender buds, her head rolling back and into the pillows stacked behind her. Melina felt her back arch as his expert hands caressed and followed the curves of her figure, sighs and moans escaping from her open mouth.

     Closing her eyes, Melina felt Sir Jack take her trembling hands in his and lift her until she found herself kneeling on top of her bed, with her shapely ass sticking out seductively and leaning over, her tender breasts pressed into the blankets that once covered her. His hands slowly caressed the curves of her ass, tracing along her hips, drawing sighs from Melina as he let his hands wander. Ever so slowly, she felt his fingers slide along the waistband of her panties, pulling them down until her firm, smooth cheeks were revealed. Barely a whisper, she could hear him reach for the black riding crop on the nightstand next to her bed, sticking her plump cheeks out further to meet his touch as Sir Jack traced over the flesh of her bum in tiny circles with only the tip of the crop. Knowing what was to come, Melina could only moan in nervous desire. It excited her beyond words to be receiving the same punishment she had given out so many times before, and was more than ready with her Sir Jack.

     Without a word, Melina could hear Sir Jack breath in deeply as he gently began to tap the riding crop across her cheeks, toying with her, letting her feel the supple leather. Suddenly, the crop whished through the air, landing sharply across Melina's ass. Whack, whack, whack! Melina felt herself tense up, clenching her ass, air escaping from her pursed lips. Instantly, she could feel the wetness between her legs, her musky, pungent scent filling the air. Ever so slowly, Sir Jack traced small circles again over Melina's reddening cheeks, followed again by another swat. The crop sang through the air again, a pleasing, sharp crack ensued, followed by another grunt. Melina closed her eyes again, feeling the welts angrily rising across her bum, her flesh already gleaming in an erotic sheen of sweat.

     At the same moment, Melina could feel her Sir Jack reaching for her breasts, his fingers pinching and twisting her tender nipples. Lost in her lust, Melina suddenly cried out as the crop sharply came down across her shoulders, followed by another across her left hip, and then her right. Grasping the blanket beneath her in her hands, Melina moaned out loud again and again as her body was expertly played by her Sir, pain and pleasure washing over her in waves. 

     Melina's hips widened as Sir Jack took her dildo and began pushing the head inside her wet, puffy pussy. Slowly, he began to push the toy deeper inside her, twisting the dildo, pulling it in and out of her, Melina's mouth gaping as she moaned and panted. Never before had she known such pain, never before had she experienced such pleasure at the same moment, her body used at her Sir's whim. Once again she had always given out the punishment and pleasure, now she was hungrily receiving what she deserved, and she loved it.

     Sensing Melina's needs, Sir Jack leaned in and kissed her on the mouth again, opening her lips, letting his tongue swirl around hers, dancing together just like their bodies. Moaning into one another's mouth, his hand moving the dildo deep inside her, letting Melina moan out loud again and again. Pushing her to the edge. Sir Jack moved the dildo faster, his hands squeezing her nipples, followed by smacking her firmly on the ass, her cheeks red and pulsating from the welts that accentuated her curves. 

     Deep inside her, Melina began to feel the orgasm building up in her body, begging to be released. Sir Jack pumped the dildo in and out faster and faster now. Melina's wet lips smacked as the toy slid back and forth, in and out, twisting, always moving, driving her faster and harder toward release. His hands grasped her nipples again, twisting them harder, making her moan out again, almost screaming from the pain. Again, his hand moved to her ass and smacked it harder, and harder. Both grunting, panting, so close to cumming, so close to release.

     Taking the crop again in his hand, Sir Jack whipped Melina's shoulders once more, one across the left side, another across the right, and then delivered swift, hard blows to Melina's quivering ass. Both gasping, Melina barely whispered out she was cumming, her body jolting and stiffening, the orgasm ripping through her. At the same moment, Sir Jack pumped his cock with his free hand and spasmed, crying out as his seed spewed from his cock, dripping himself all over Melina's ass, taking a moment to rub his cum into the red welts that crossed her flesh.

     Spent, Melina collapsed onto her bed again, feeling the covers as they gently pulled up around her, tucking her in. Smiling, Melina could only sigh as she thought longingly of her Sir, knowing they would share the events of the evening together, along with many more, her eyes closing dreamily, drifting off to sleep. As she did, she could feel the most tender of kisses on her lips, sending her off to her dreams....

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