“Listen Up, I’m Gonna Speak My Mind”

“Listen Up, I’m Gonna Speak My Mind”

     I honestly should really stop using music, TV shows, and other references as titles and intros to my articles- but honestly, it’s all part of my “master plan” to get your attention and give you a chuckle. Hopefully, it works! 

You’ve all heard my story plenty of times by now- little oddball who tapped into her freaky side and has been shaking her ass and selling her panties for over a year now. I’m pretty chill, got no filter, and clearly don’t have an issue speaking my mind when something needs to be said.

I often get asked by buyers, “Why do you do this? Do you enjoy it? What do you get out of it?”

Buyers, I’m gonna spill some truth tea today. Some of you may appreciate it, while others may not. I dunno. Sometimes it is useful to get another perspective, hear the other side. I don’t intend to offend, just be honest. 

Yes, I do enjoy selling my panties and doing fetish work. It’s fun, a great way to express my sexuality, while also providing some financial support. I am sure many women here will agree with me on that and tell you the same. While it is fun, it is in NO way easy work- our hard work and time should never be taken for granted. Just like any other job, there’s some really shitty moments (pun may or may not be intended), and people don’t always treat you with respect unfortunately. 

So if you’re coveting “favorite buyer” status in our books, here’s some tips that might help you out around here. (Fellow sellers, feel free to expand on this in the comments please!)

  • Read, read, read.  Guys, please read our bios before contacting us! We put a lot of time and effort into those, and they usually have all the information you need to know about what we offer, payment forms we accept, and more.
  • Look at our shop. Guys. GUYS. Please don’t contact us saying, “What do you offer?” 99% of the time our shops are overflowing, and our bios or statuses says everything you need to know. Use those sexy eyeballs of yours along with that cock. You’ll thank me later.
  • Don’t waste our time. If you’re not serious about buying, don’t hit her up. We have lives too, and can’t spend all day chatting. It is rude, inconsiderate, and if you wouldn’t want it done to you...well, just don’t do it. You’ll probably end up blocked and end up with the label “time waster” invisibly stamped on your forehead. 
  • Be Honest. If you need to back out of a sale for whatever reason, or something else has come up- PLEASE tell us. Don’t drag us along for days just because you want to talk, or ghost. Just like you expect us to be honest with you, be honest with us. We’ll understand. Please, communicate and don’t just disappear. That’s really stressful.
  • No means No. This is a big one, that’s an extremely important one. If a girl says no- don’t haggle with her, don’t pressure her, don’t insult her to try to get what you want. If she says she is not comfortable sticking a big dildo in her ass, or she cannot do something- that’s that. Don’t make her feel bad about it. 
  • This is not a dating site. I find this has become more of an issue and I feel sad that I have to say it. This site is not Tinder, where you get to swipe right or left and you got a plethora of potential girlfriends or hook ups at your fingertips. If you’re paying for that experience, amazing. But to harass a girl because she’s your “dream girl” that won’t meet up, or to become obsessed with figuring out personal details about the person? Not okay. Never okay. 
  • Feedback, please.  Now guys. This may seem like beating a dead horse and may not seem important to you, but it is actually really helpful to a seller. If you look forward to us leaving you some feedback, leave us some! Let us know what you thought of your items. Did you love it? What could we have done better? Help us not only improve, but also give your girl a bit of a confidence and morale boost. A simple review and message of “That *blank* was hot af I loved it” instead of not saying anything at all speaks a thousand words- it really makes us feel SO good and like all our hard work is worth it. Trust me. So click that review link in your email, boys- your lady will thank you!

So buyers, I hope that you have fun quenching your thirst with us in this oasis of sexy goodness! Let the games begin...

Until next time!

Peace and love always. 

Cherry 🍒 

“Listen Up, I’m Gonna Speak My Mind”2