Let's Talk About Scams, Baby.

Let's Talk About Scams, Baby.

Tips for New and Experienced Buyers to Avoid Being Scammed

Unfortunately, we're in a day and age where some people feel entitled or allowed to take other's money with false promises of a delivered good or service. We call this scamming. It's hard not to be skeptical of some profiles at this point, and it's sad that we are in a society where we have to question everything and whether or not someone is good and honest... or not.  As this has become a seemingly more frequent problem over the past few months in our community, I wanted to share a few basic tips for the gentlemen on the site, in hopes that it will avoid being cheated our of your hard earned money, as well as the product or service you desire.

1. Do not buy from unverified members. Huge red flag! For far as we know, they could be: 

          -Underaged (which is a big no-no and could even potentially [worst-case scenario] lead to legal consequences).

          -A male posing as a female, or using a the photos of a female in their lives without permission.

          -Or simply, not the same person as pictured on their profile.

It only takes a moment to snap a photo and become ID verified on the site, so if a seller chooses not to take the time to do so (for whatever reason), may be cause for speculation of whether or not their services and products will be legitimate. As a seller, I choose not to work with buyers who are not age verified for the same reasons. It can risk your integrity, and if it turns out you have someone under-aged on the other end of the transaction, it can mean trouble!

2. Typically, do not buy from non-premium members, ESPECIALLY if they are not ID verified. Non-premium combined with non-verified members can mean either two things: either they joined today and haven't gotten around to it, or they don't want to risk showing their true identity or spending the money when they only have the intentions of getting "quick cash" by ripping people off. 

And I must add to this of course because not all non-premium members are evil scammers. Honestly, there may be a couple good apples out there that don’t want to pay for an account. It can be pricy in the beginning when you're unsure of whether or not you'll be successful, but more often than not, scammers don’t want to pay anything to have the ability the scam. 

3. If her photos look too good to be true, they could be. Reverse image search, anyone? Apple has an app called Image Search. You can reverse image search through numerous search engines and apps. It doesn’t always turn up results, but I’ve found multiple scammers this way. Many of these scammers will find someone sexy on Instagram or Snapchat (fitness models, up-and-coming models, etc.) and use their photos. I once found a "seller" using a famous make-up artist's photos from Instagram as her "selfies" on SP. 

4. If she has no reviews, take caution. This doesn’t mean she’s a scammer off the bat, could just be new. Check and see how long she’s been around on the site. Feel free to ask her questions about her business and if she's new to it (without sending like a full exam of questions, of course).

Even if she has reviews, READ THEM. Don’t think “Oh, she has 10 reviews so she’s probably legit” without further research. Read the reviews. Are they from legitimate buyers? Are they only from deleted users? Did the person who left them reviews only do reviews for them? Many scammers will create buyer accounts to leave themselves reviews to make them appear legitimate.

This may seem tedious and like a lot of extra work, but this is how you save yourself from losing your money. Too many good buyers that I've had the pleasure of working with have been taken advantage of by "good" scammers (meaning that they know how to scam people well and can come across as legit). If you've been scammed before, you know that it is worth the extra work to protect yourself from throwing money away on a fake profile. Take the time and extra steps towards doing research into profiles before purchasing, this will give you, as buyers, the comfort of knowing you spent your money on someone who is actually going to fulfill the service or make the product you desire.