Let’s Talk About Running a Business

Let’s Talk About Running a Business

Have you ever gone to a small business restaurant or shop and wondered how they stay in business when their prices are so low? Or even a Taco Bell who still has the same dollar menu as they did 10 years ago? 

Supply & Demand is such a common concept that most people think they understand it at face value. And generally, it isn’t very complex and most do have a fairly good grip on what it means. But for those who don’t, let’s use the diamond example. Why are diamonds so expensive when in reality, they aren’t scarce at all?? The diamond industry understands that if people believe the supply is low, the demand will increase, and there are only a few major companies with their fist closed so tightly, the market is easily manipulated.  The flow of diamonds into the market is choked and the supply stays low, which drives up the price people are willing to pay something so high in demand. 

Basic economic principles not only can but must be applied to making any type business decisions, sex work is no exception. Is there a demand for used panties? Yup! Is there a supply for used panties? A seemingly endless one! So what does that mean for you as a seller? Let’s break it down for a site like Scented Pansy.

So how do we know how much to price our products & services?

Here’s where social norms introduce a dilemma unique to this field. For most of our lives, that one of a persons most valuable assets is their sex. You’re taught to save yourself, that virgin is synonymous with virtue. And because of this, so many sellers get caught up in the idea that you’re selling more than a video of your O face or that you’re not pricing panties, but rather, your self worth. 

But this idea, that so many of us find ourselves hyper-focused on, that eats away at us when we’re at our lowest and wondering why we even do this, that keeps so many sellers in arrested development and unable to advance our business, is complete bullshit. 

I’m here to make money - plain and simple. So I’m going to do what I know will help me achieve that goal. I am going to price products & services based on the market. I am going to be flexible to stay relevant within market price points. I am going to play to my strengths.  With the over saturation of sellers right now, doing what I do best is all I can do to rise up out of the rest. A seller’s prices and services offered don’t have any correlation to that seller’s character or worth. Because I don’t know about you, but my value as a human isn’t proportionate to how many people have seen my pussy. 

Disclaimer: I am born & raised in the United States and write with said cultural biases. Have a different opinion from your country? I’d love to hear different perspectives in the comments!