"Let Our Powers Combine!"

"Let Our Powers Combine!"

When Sex Work and Personal Life Intertwine

Yes, I totally made a Captain Planet reference- I have no shame in admitting that. That line has been rolling around in my head for weeks now, and felt it would fit perfectly with what I want to talk about today.

What I have come to love about Scented Pansy is the fact that we’re all normal, approachable people on this site, with very real lives and challenges. We’re mothers, fathers, wives, students, business professionals...you name it, you’ll probably find it on here. We’re all here for ultimately one big reason-pleasure. Pleasuring ourselves and others as we explore our own sexuality and fetishes. It’s a pretty fantastic thing.

As a seller, I enjoy bringing pleasure and satisfaction to the buyers who approach me. We form relationships, learn about each other as people, bringing smiles to one another's faces. I enjoy it to the fullest!

However, while we are fulfilling each other’s wishes and fantasies, sometimes “real” life can step in and put a damper on the fun. Occasionally you can’t always separate the two anymore- one ends up spilling over into the other and affecting your business and vice versa. That’s where I have learned communication, honesty, and mutual respect has become so vital for both parties to keep everyone happy and content when the lines occassionally blur. We're human, it happens. Just be upfront about it. 

I’m naturally a private person, even in my personal life. I enjoy a sense of mystery and intrigue, but I'm also incredibly shy. I'm like that girl in highschool, who sat in the back of the class desperately wanting to say hello to you...and when you bumped into me and said hi, I blushed bright red, stammered, and would ultimately end up becoming your best friend for life. Highschool wasn't that long ago for me, but I haven't changed much. I'm still the hard working little perfectionist that I was...and a whole lot less innocent, that's for certain!

I haven't been involved in sex work very long. Growing up in an extremely conservative family, I never had been able to explore my sexuality, discover I had kinks and turn ons, who or what I was attracted to, let alone have cute and sexy lingerie. Panty selling and sex work in general has become so much more than making some extra cash. It has become an outlet for self exploration and expression, pleasure, creativity and fun. I love it. I learn new things every day about myself and others and I’m grateful for that experience.

I’m sure many of you will notice my new “body mod” (We’ll call it that, it makes me feel better about it!) in my arm soon. Here’s where I reveal that I’m chronically ill and have been for most of my life. I knew I couldn’t hide that fact forever, not in such a personal line of work. I also was willing to bet that I couldn't possibly be the only individual around here to struggle with such issues. Let's just consider some of the quirks of my illnesses my super powers, shall we?

My first thought when my medical team told me I needed a PICC line was, “Oh no! This is not gonna look sexy. How can I hide it? I hope I don’t scare anyone off!” That’s also when my logical mind set in. I realized that this was part of who I am, and I can’t change that. That’s when I decided I wasn’t going to hide and be ashamed of things out of my control...and I will continue smiling and doing what I love! 
I know I am not the only person here to struggle with these types of issues. When problems arise, never be ashamed of who you are, or the skin you're in. I've had people shame me for my weight loss, but I've also had people find my other little "quirks" cool or attractive. Either way, always face them head on, and rise above those challenges. Make it work.  Roll with the punches. You can do it! Haters will always be haters, and the people who truly support you will still be there for you no matter what.

I personally plan to stick around for awhile selling awesome smelling (and tasting) panties and will continue to get your orders out to you as fast as possible- whatever they may be! I've yet to let a buyer down, and I'm really grateful for the friendships that I've forged here along the way! 
I’ve tried to keep my rambling to a minimum, but If anyone has any questions or curiosities at all- please ask! Whether it be about chronic illness or anything at all- Don’t be shy. Comment below or shoot me a message. I don't bite...unless you want me to.

Stay sexy, kinky, and please always be kind!

"Let Our Powers Combine!"2