Leave a review!

Leave a review!

Why it’s so important to leave feedback

Man, is it a mediocre feeling when you’ve put your heart into something special for a buyer, and when it comes time to the package’s delivery...the buyer has full on ~g h o s t e d~ me! No feedback at all! Boys, let me tell you why leaving those reviews, is really crucial to our business. 

The reviewing process keeps things moving 

Scented Pansy can be comparable to Google Reviews. Sellers must create a solid reputation, and that is almost impossible to accomplish, without the reviewing process. Buyers, this also helps you be able to weed out the scammers! Seeing those 5 star reviews light up your profile, also feels amazing, too! I feel extremely accomplished, knowing my clients enjoyed my smell, and rubbed my panties all over their cock until climax! But a simple “thank you, great product overall” would also suffice! 

Details, details!!

I’m sure after waiting for, and receiving a custom video, you’d study the woman & be elated to have someone beautiful moving along to your script. Let us know how we did, and DON’T forget those details!! Those details are what pull this business together, those details encourage me, and sometimes even do more, hearing constructive feedback & helping me improve in areas. This helps us know what you enjoyed, and if there was anything needing work! 

*I understand some buyers would like to uphold anonymity (thanks to our wonderful admin team at SP) you can now leave anonymous reviews! Please let these lovely ladies know that you enjoyed their panties, and overall experience. 

Thank you for reading, xo CP 👑