Nov 02, 2021
Getting to know me

Getting to know me

How a girl like me ends up in a place like this

Who am I? I am a very reserved person naturally. I dress down in public. I’m a bit of a tomboy. I never flaunt my sexuality for the world to see. 

But I have a secret…and it’s that I have a fetish so contradictory to what everyone in my life sees in me. I am a major exhibitionist. I squirm and drip at the idea of being used for someone else's pleasure. I want to please strangers in their fetishes. I want to find out what makes you tick so I can become your fantasy. I want to tease you with my words, my body, until your begging to have me. 

And this place is where I can do all of those things. I love it here. I get off from my interactions with you all just as much as you do. My boyfriend loves it too. We explore these kinks together, allowing ourselves to delve into the fantasies. He knows how tame I usually am…it’s only been until somewhat recently that we started exploring this world…and it drives him WILD. 

We started on reddit…posting some naughty pictures…testing our exhibitionist limits. We quickly found there was a world we hadn't tapped into, but we were all in. When I’d post a new dirty pic, dozens of users would fill my inbox with comments, or questions, and we would savor the dirty talk that would ensue. While I’ve mostly transitioned to this place and don’t use reddit anymore, you can still find my profile…*hint my reddit handle is similar to my kik username. 

I had never exposed so much of myself to so many people. It was extremely thrilling. My boyfriend and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I was hooked. I then sold a pair of my panties to one eager individual, and I realized I LOVED it. The thought of my panties…rubbing my pussy and ass…collecting all my juices and scents, just marinating until one man-a stranger will soon hold the very pair in his hands, put it up to his nose, having to touch his hard cock thinking about me in them, leaving all those wonderful scents for him to savor…it drove me WILD. 

I thankfully found this place. A safe haven for fetish enthusiasts. A place that feels first like a community than a marketplace. It felt like coming home, like I belonged. I am not nearly as active as others here, and that’s okay. That’s how I like it. 

From any given time, my personal life can consume me, but this place allows me to break away whenever I want. It is always here, and welcoming whenever I come back. Because this is my place to break away as much as it is everyone else’s, I play within my own boundaries. I know what I like, what brings me enjoyment, and what doesn’t. 

I know I don’t care to break into the edible market, or toilet fetishes (aside from lemonade play every now and then). And believe me, I don’t knock it for those who do! I am ALL about letting your freak flag fly, that’s why I’M here! So I’m glad so many people have found this place to express their fetishes, it’s just not mine, and so I stick with what makes me happy. I don’t have the tech to live cam, so I don’t worry about trying to offer this. And revealing my identity in any way would stress me out, and not allow me to fully unwind and enjoy what I do here. So I never show my face, and am very careful and calculated with my activities. What good would this place be if I was stressed about what I do here? 

Some may say the verification process is safe, and maybe it is. But maybe it isn’t. Maybe in this tech advanced world we live in, sending a pic of my face next to my ID can be compromised. I know not maliciously by the admin, but can we ever be too safe nowadays?  I know it might be up for debate, and I’m not commenting on anyone else’s actions but my own. It makes me feel safe and stress free to not put that information out there, so that’s why I don’t. Simple as that. 

Simple and stress free has guided me in what I do here. No, I don’t make a ton of money as if this were my business, because I don’t treat it like it is. I come here to unwind, to engage in the community, to interact with other kinks, and fulfill fantasies here and there, on my time. I come here to have fun. And by treating this as my fun play time as much as yours, I am never disappointed. I verify with every person I deal with that we are both of age, and I have 5 star reviews for my services. I have to hope that’s enough for who ever decides to work and play with me. 

Thank you all for being a part of what makes this community so special. I have found the most kind and loving people here, and am thankful to have found myself in this place.

Getting to know me