Fuck [Hurricane] Florence!

Fuck [Hurricane] Florence!

How Pansies Raised $100s for Hurricane Relief

Featuring an interview with Elara Moon and backup from The Hurricane Girls: Hurricane Annie, Sapphiras, Delicious Alee, Penelopa, Simply Sweet,  & Creamy Cassidy

By Creamy Cassidy

Categories 1 & 2: An Ominous Forecast!

This is the story of how what started as one seller’s creative way to raise awareness and funds to benefit her community became the listing to take the site by storm!

Early this September, on what looked up north like any other late summer day, something was brewing offshore - something menacing, building, waiting to strike the southeast: Hurricane Florence! Less than 48 hours before the storm was predicted to make landfall, southern bell and SP top 10 frequent flyer, Elara Moon, created a listing called “Fuck Florence!” In preparation for the pending disaster, and with her signature witty spin, she started a donation-based raffle. Entry was simple: proof of a direct gift to The Red Cross, local blood bank, relief organization, etc.  Each donation of $10 (or a unit of blood) gave SP buyers the chance to win $50 worth of her sexy lusted-after items.

The listing drew attention fast! By the end of that day, a bunch of us sellers showcased our support and offered more items to our gal Elara’s drawing. We formed a kik group our leader dubbed The Hurricane Girls, a fun, girl-power-style all positive collaboration made up of Hurricane Annie, Sapphiras, Penelopa, Simply Sweet, Delicious Alee, and yours truly, Creamy Cassidy. Each of us added to Elara’s listing, which rapidly gained momentum expanding from a low-pressure system bearing a chance to grab a pair of wet panties and smouldering pics, into a full blown category 5-level hurricane of offerings.

In the week that followed, our generous, sexy, buyers collectively gave hundreds of dollars in direct gifts to relief organizations, and donated several life-saving pints of blood to The Red Cross. Not only did a dozens of folks from the SP community come together to help, but we Hurricane Girls had a real blast too!

Categories 3 & 4: Interview with Elara Moon and The Hurricane Girls

What follows is an interview held over kik on the eve before the grand drawing.  

Creamy Cassidy: I have start with you, Elara Moon; you live right in the path of Florence. What a crazy week it must have been for you: donating blood, prepping for Florence’s landfall, evacuating your home! It’s great to chat with you now, knowing you’re safe and out of harm’s way. Did working on this project help you get through the past week?

Elara Moon: It really did! Being able to work with such a wonderful group of women and knowing that so many members of the SP community wanted to donate to such an amazing cause was such an incredible distraction. There was a lot of damage and loss of life do to this storm but together, we were able to make a bit of an impact on helping people recover.

Creamy Cassidy: Let’s turn to The Hurricane Girls!  I decided to donate to this project because I, like all of you ladies, wanted to help in some way and to stand behind something awesome that one of us pansies was doing. Does anyone else want to share why they got involved?

Hurricane Annie: When I saw Elara post the donation listing I couldn’t help but contribute product for entries because I live in a state that gets hit hard by hurricanes every year. I have seen firsthand what natural disasters can do to businesses and families and when a state doesn’t have the infrastructure to handle hurricanes; donations and support from emergency services are instrumental!

Sapphiras: I got involved because it seemed like a good way for me to reach out and help, even though I’m over here in the west coast.

Creamy Cassidy: I was so astonished by the show of support from buyers and sellers alike… How did you gals find this experience?

Hurricane Annie: I am absolutely delighted and proud to be working with like-minded women who believe in helping others in any way that they can and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Sapphiras: I absolutely loved seeing how many of us participated, and it was fantastic to see all the ladies and gentlemen come together for a beneficial purpose. It really made me proud to be a part of the SP community!

Creamy Cassidy: Also, we need to give a shout out to Admin and SP for offering all the sellers participating a chance to win some free SP coins! Ladies, any special words for our special buyers who participated?

Delicious Alee: All contributors are winners in the eye[s] of The Hurricane Girls, and for your efforts sexy treats will Flo your way!

Hurricane Annie: The idea of treating these generous donors with something sexy melts my heart and soaks my panties!

Creamy Cassidy: I think it’s fair to say that all of The Hurricane Girls and lots of other pansies are behind this giveaway and behind you, Elara. On behalf of all of us, we wish you and everyone else in our kink community impacted by Florence the best! And we can’t wait to find out who wins some sweet prizes!