First month on ScentedPansy

First month on ScentedPansy

What to expect during your first month on ScentedPansy

Hi all! 

Just wanted to share my own personal experience after having signed up for SP. I've been signed up since Feb 5, so almost a month now. At first I was hesitant to sign up - I wondered if I would regret it? Have a store that folks weren't interested in? Face criticism?


The answer to all those questions is no! 
1. I am having WAY more fun than prior to signing up. I am a single gal in New York and work a full time job and am currently not dating. This platform has been perfect for me as an outlet to flirt, get hot and bothered, have fun, and be as voyeuristic as I want! It's not stressful and on my own terms/time and I absolutely have been enjoying myself to the fullest. 

2. I've made more sales in a month than I anticipated! I learned a lot along the way - like that UPS will ask you what's in the package so be ready to field questions! (I panicked and said I sold ties on Etsy and it was a tie 🙄 it was panties haha). None of the users have tried to haggle with me or ask to lower my prices which I love. I feel like, as a seller, you are valuing your own costs and it should be completely up to YOU on what price you'd like to sell for. All the buyers have been so graceful and polite☺️

3. The community on SP is SO amazing. You'll find more criticism on a site like Facebook or instagram, but everyone on SP is so nice and polite. Both the women and the men. The women especially have all been so sweet and supporting and it's not a competitive atmosphere at all, which I personally love. We all have our own style, scent, brand, vision and we all leave space to appreciate eachother, and it's so wonderful. In additions to the women, the men are so sweet, some dominant, some submissive, but all extremely sweet. I have never been hassled by anyone or treated in any unfavorable manner so far.


If you are considering signing up, you DEF should! Absolutely consider everything first but once you do, there really are no regrets☺️ I hope this article inspires you to make your account, feel free to message me if you have any q's or let me know if you'd like to see more articles on how I manage my SP profile 😊


First month on ScentedPansy2